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6 Dec 2009
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eminem sings rap god in this video
2 May 2019
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Anthony Vincent rehash Eminem in various styles
9 Aug 2016
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my youtube channel:************/channel/UCVkjjrkdce1cnTjLt2g_9_g
6 Nov 2016
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This cat is a rap god. Watch him leisurely stalk through the way in shades as he shakes his b**ty to a Punjabi song. A-yo man, aint he the coolest rapper?
24 Dec 2018
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Testament (Rapper) "Computer-side Chat" 3:31:2013 Plus a Preview of His NEW Song. Hey guys, this is Testament. I think about every Sunday I am going to be making a personal video just to keep myself grounded and to keep fans in the loop about what is going on. In this particular "Computer-side Chat" I am talking about some recent developments as well as doing a bit of live rapping. It is to my new song "I Need A Savior (prod. by DJ Crispy)", and is the chorus and the first verse. By the time it is recorded I have a feeling it will be one of the amazing ones. Look for my full album at the end of the summer. Throughout the summer I will be posting the songs as they are finished, and will be selling copies of the full CD. Getting a physical copy as opposed to a digital one will be a permanent physical reminder that you were part of this. Of course I am partial to both.
1 Apr 2013
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Track número 15 de "Lenguaje Vivo" (2012), el primer y único disco de JesteinRitmos y Gran Rah juntos, si bien en el 2017 publicarían dos singles aparte ("Navajas" y "Estar Bien"). Plagado de colaboraciones, en este caso se cuenta con las de Portavoz y Stailok. El rapero chileno Pablo Flores Navarro, alias JesteinRitmos, empezó como beatmaker (artista que crea su propia música o alguien que es el propio productor musical de algún MC -vocalista de rap-) en el año 2000 con el grupo Rguionu formado también por Dioce, Raco, Renz, Dres y Gramma, todos amigos del barrio. Estudiante entonces para ser técnico de sonido, produjo por completo "Lenguaje Vivo". El también chileno Sergio Miranda, alias Gran Rah, es un MC chileno proveniente de Puente Alto. Comenzó a hacer rap en el año 2002 y se inició en solitario alrededor del 2006. Desde entonces y a día de hoy ha sacado un disco como miembro de la formación Éxodo, otro, el que nos ocupa, junto a JesteinRitmos y ocho discos en "solitario" (relativamente teniendo en cuenta lo frecuente de las colaboraciones en el mundo del hip-hop).
7 Sep 2019
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So decided to create a whole new genre of music called Riddim Rap!! It is basically just using riddim/dubstep beats and rapping over it in a certain way!! For my first Riddim Rap song I used the song Edge by Rezz as it is one of my favorites....Also I share a lot of similarities with MGK and Eminem so the intro is just a shoutout to them saying their both dope afff and they should focus on the whack ass rappers in the game and drop the I decided to help them out and diss Tekashi 69 hahah these are all jokes btw...but also i still am one crazy mother effer.....
11 Sep 2019
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See who won Rap Devil vs Killshot from my perspective.....Im also a rapper from the Midwest so I think my perspective is unique and have some thoughts you probably have not heard before!!! For anyone that doesnt know Rap Devil and Killshot are songs by Machinegunkelly and Eminem where they diss eachother!!!
17 Sep 2019
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See the conclusion to my persepectives of Rap Devil and Killshot!!!
17 Sep 2019
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Eminem is considered the rap God among humans for his speed and vocabulary. This fish must be the fastest rapper of its kind, it can match the Eminem’s speed.
29 Apr 2018
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