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31 Aug 2010
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9 Sep 2010
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BOOK REVIEW PIT OF SHAME THE REAL BALLARD OF READING GAOL By Anthony Stokes ISBN: 978-1-90438021-4 Waterside Press www.watersidepress****** AN AMAZING BOOK ON READING GAOL… AND ITS MOST FAMOUS INMATE An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers You may or may not have thought of a jail – even a famous one—as anything worth writing a book about, but fortunately and perhaps predictably, the author, Anthony Stokes does not agree with this view. He is a prison officer at the once infamous Reading Gaol immortalized by its most famous inmate, Oscar Wilde – and now a Prison and Young Offender Institution. ‘Pit of Shame’ is the product of ten years of archival research into the gaol’s 500 year history and if that’s not fascinating enough, check out the thought provoking foreword by Theodore Dalrymple, contributor to “the Spectator” and a former hospital and prison doctor. Reading’s current Governing Governor, Pauline Bryant – the first woman to be in overall charge at Reading – also adds a note of appreciation for the ‘initiative and hard work’ which resulted in the publication of ‘this great book’. Here is a book which will be of interest not only to criminologists and penal reformers - who should all read and note Dalrymple’s remarks in the Appendix - but to students of English literature. ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’ was the last literary work written by Wilde, who might have been somewhat gratified to learn that, after his death, some two years after his release, the poem occasioned many a re-think about prison reform. To those in the know, however, the poem speaks the truth about the prison although not necessarily the prisoners. Wilde, it seems, was selective in his choice of anecdote and comment regarding, for example, the murderer he cites as CTW, who, killed his wife ‘the thing he loved…murdered in her bed.’ Either deliberately, or because he was not familiar with all the facts, Wilde excites our compassion for CTW by omitting to add that he actually lay in wait for his wife with a razor, cutting her throat three times. Due to what was noted at the time as ‘an unforgiveable degree of premeditation’, CTW’s plea for clemency was turned down and he was subsequently hanged. What we find particularly apposite and insightful in this intriguing volume is the insight Dalrymple offers into Wilde’s mind-set. Months before he went to jail Wilde penned a few maxims proclaiming his cherished beliefs in an Oxford undergraduate magazine called ‘Chameleon’, writing that ‘any preoccupation with ideas of what is right or wrong in conduct shows an arrested intellectual development.’ Well -- whatever your attitude is to an attitude like that, Dalrymple -- and presumably author Anthony Stokes – doesn’t like it. He condemns ’the sheer callow, shallow, ‘spoilt-child’ silliness of all this…upon…which the brilliantly gifted Wilde wasted so much of his life and energy….’ ‘Wilde was never a wicked man’, adds Dalrymple. ‘It was nevertheless only in prison that he learned the value of truth, sincerity and goodness, and by then it was too late.’ If you want to read more, including the research and bibliography at the back of this very readable book, (which makes it a boon to scholars) buy it. You will be really quite amazed.
1 Sep 2010
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This video will illustrate how to increase the signal strength of any wireless device using only about 25 cents worth of aluminum foil! You can boost your wireless internet signal by several bars and increase your download speed. Learn how you can make your own wifi antenna from household supplies! Supplies Needed: Any aluminum can Scissors/Razor Blade Duct-Tape
18 Sep 2010
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9 Oct 2010
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Thousands of Thai "Red Shirts" turned out Tuesday for the cremation of a rogue general shot during opposition protests, staging their biggest gathering since the army quashed their rally last month. Over 800 police officers were deployed to oversee the ceremony for Major General Khattiya Sawasdipol, an unofficial security adviser to the Red Shirts who was shot in the head while being interviewed by a foreign reporter. It remains unclear who killed the outspoken general. His supporters say he was targeted by a sniper, but the army has denied any involvement. Thousands of mourners massed at a temple close to the heart of Bangkok's government district ahead of the cremation, some wearing T-shirts bearing the image of the slain general, better known by his nom-de-guerre Seh Daeng. Saowaros Songcharoen, a 58-year-old housewife from Ayutthaya Province in central Thailand, said she could not forgive the government for the bloodshed. "They have stamped on democracy," she said, proudly showing a picture of herself and the general on her mobile telephone. "If our generation cannot win, our children will carry on fighting." Police said up to 10,000 Red Shirts were expected for the evening ceremony, but they were hopeful it would pass peacefully. Most of the top Red Shirt leaders are in jail or wanted on terrorism charges for their roles in the two-month-long mass rally that ended with a deadly army crackdown on the demonstrators' encampment in central Bangkok on May 19. The Red Shirts were campaigning for elections they hoped would oust the government, which they view as undemocratic because it came to power with the backing of the army after a court ruling threw out the previous administration. Ninety people died and nearly 1,900 were injured in clashes between security forces and protesters in Bangkok, which has been calm for the past month. Rekindling jitters in the city, however, a blast occurred Tuesday outside the headquarters of a political party that belongs to the ruling coalition. Police were waiting to question an injured man who was suspected of being behind the explosion, which was apparently caused by a makeshift bomb inside a gas canister. No one else was hurt. Bangkok is still under emergency laws banning public gatherings of more than five people but police did not try to stop Red Shirts paying their last respects to Khattiya. Despite his difficult relationship with the state, he was to be given a royal cremation in recognition of his senior army rank. The 58-year-old was suspended from duty in January and faced dismissal from the Thai army after a panel found him guilty of military crimes. But he rose to prominence during the street protests and was often surrounded by autograph-seeking fans during his walks through the rally site, where vendors displayed his best-selling books about his jungle adventures. He antagonised the authorities by expressing loyalty to the Red Shirts' hero, fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, and was accused of having a hand in dozens of unsolved grenade attacks in Bangkok. Khattiya denied involvement in the violence, saying he concentrated on inspecting the barricades of fuel-soaked tyres, bamboo poles and razor wire that he helped to erect around the perimeter of the rally site. After the Red Shirt leaders surrendered and asked their supporters to go home, enraged hardcore demonstrators went on a rampage of arson, setting fire to dozens of buildings around the capital.
27 Oct 2010
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3 Nov 2010
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4 Nov 2010
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10 Nov 2010
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30 Nov 2010
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20 Dec 2010
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10 Feb 2011
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11 Jan 2011
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Based on the 1938 British noir classic by Graham Greene, Rowan Joffe’s BRIGHTON ROCK is set in the mods and rockers era of the 60s. It charts the the headlong fall of Pinkie (Sam Riley CONTROL), a razor-wielding disadvantaged teenager hell bent on clawing his way up through the ranks of organised crime. At the heart of the story is Pinkie's relationship with Rose (Andrea Riseborough NEVER LET ME GO), an apparently innocent young waitress who stumbles on evidence linking Pinkie and his gang to a revenge killing.
4 Feb 2011
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24 Feb 2011
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Freebie marketing, also known as the razor and blades business model, is a business model where one item is sold at a low price (or free) in order to increase sales of a complementary good, such as supplies (inkjet printers and ink cartridges) or software (game consoles and games). It is distinct from loss leader marketing and free sample marketing, which do not depend on complementarity. Though the concept is widely credited to King Camp Gillette, the inventor of the disposable safety razor and founder of Gillette Safety Razor Company, in fact Gillette did not originate this model The iPod is a range of portable music players made by the company Apple Inc. The iPod comes with computer cables so that the user can put music from their computer onto the iPod, and play music from it using headphones. Newer iPods allow a user to play games, view pictures, watch videos and use the internet, too. The first iPod was simply named the iPod. This was released in 2001. Apple still makes iPods like this today, but they are now called "iPod classic". Apple makes a smaller iPod called the iPod nano. It is much smaller than the iPod, but does not hold as many songs. It uses flash memory, a special kind of memory for very small electronics, instead of a hard drive. It replaced a version of the iPod called the iPod mini. Another type of iPod, called the iPod shuffle, is very small, and it uses flash memory, like the iPod nano but it has no screen. It is the least expensive iPod. The most expensive iPod is called the iPod touch. It has a touch screen, like the iPhone. The first iPod touch was released in 2007. iPods often contain songs downloaded from an online music store, using a program called iTunes. (The name of Apple's music and video store is the iTunes Store.) Songs are sold in AAC file format, not MP3 or WMA. These are popular formats for compressing (making smaller) music until it does not take up much space and can easily be put on a media player such as the iPod. The App Store is an online shop that is run by Apple Inc. where people can buy software for their iPhone or iPod Touch. It opened on July 11, 2008. Over 100,000 applications (or apps for short) are available for people to buy. Some apps are available for free. A game is something that people do for fun. It is different from work. In many games, people play against other people. Cash is a form of liquid currency, such as banknotes or coins. There is usually different sorts in every country. Crack the secret. To get the required tools, go to the blog and the required tools.
10 Feb 2011
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