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The Galaxy is leading Reactor Pressure Vessel Manufacturer In India
16 Jun 2017
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South Korea has been growing significantly as a nuclear power from past few decades. Not only the growth of South Korea nuclear energy development and deployment continued throughout the time when North America and Western Europe did not grow, but the country continue to gain its position in global nuclear industry on the back of technology advancement and government commitment to export, challenging rivals in several countries. Today, there are 24 operational reactors which provide about one-third of South Korea's electricity from 23 GWe of plant. However, new government tends to steer away the nuclear energy development from South Korea and to increase the portion of renewable energy to 20% by 2030, which is expected to hinder the growth of nuclear reactor coolant pumps market over the forecast period.
9 Jul 2018
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This is an upgraded version I made of a user named Just A Robot when he made a commentary on TMossBoss's video about defending reactors. If you don't know who Just a Robot is, he's basically a robot who does commentaries on reaction channels, political videos, feminist videos, etc. He makes some excellent points and even has a great sense of satire. As for TMossBoss, he's a reactor. But his videos are awful and the way he makes arguments............UGH!
20 Oct 2018
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A Hero made out of Plutonium, what else could you ask for
3 Sep 2007
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animation work
24 Jan 2008
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This is done in 3Ds Max using Vray
20 Mar 2008
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pub pour zaoza en mode chtis
22 Apr 2008
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15 Kg de empuje, duracion de valvulas 2 minutos, Frecuencia 188 Hz Esta es la primera vez utilizando movie maker
5 Feb 2009
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*******www.studiovarna**** presents another great 3dsmax tutorial this time helping you to create an ugly windmill =) the same technic can be used for making an animated propeller
16 Sep 2009
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RedCat Racings Newest 1/10 scale Nitro powered 4WD, 2 speed monster truck with an awesome remote start system is here. RedCat just removed the pull start from it for ever and gave you a vehicle that starts with a touch of a button on your radio no matter if the vehicle is 200 meters away. If its properly tuned, and its in Radio range.
18 Mar 2010
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This is just a demonstration video i did for a project at University. This video is also capable of being shown stereoscopically (3D) as per the project requirement (might upload later)
19 Jul 2010
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The end result of a nuclear reactor meltdown. Chernobyl is still the most radioactive place on Earth!
5 Sep 2006
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Atomic Power at Shippingport is a fascinating short documentary about the world’s first large scale nuclear power facility dedicated to peaceful applications. Not only is the film an example of peacetime nuclear power, but a detailed look at the technological and scientific details of nuclear reactors. A walk through documentation of actual 1950’s large scale power plant equipment is interspersed amongst scientists hard at work. This well assembled collection amounts to a fantastic piece of scientific and technological history. Atomic Power at Shippingport is a wonderful historic educational resource and just plain interesting.
21 Nov 2009
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How to make a nuclear reactor using materials that you have at home. From "The Nuclear Boy Scout" Copyright Eagle & Eagle Ltd - www.eagletv******
29 Apr 2009
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Video-aula ensinando a mexer no Plug-in Reactor, no comando Rigid Body no 3D Max 8.Produzida pela Empalamado 3D. www.empalamado****
6 Jul 2009
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Video-aula ensinando a mexer no Plug-in Reactor, no comando Cloth no 3D Max 8.Produzida pela Empalamado 3D. www.empalamado****
6 Jul 2009
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