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18 Jul 2010
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Cosmic Coaching Centre offers specialized services in career coaching, career planning, business mentoring, leadership, and effective resume writing. We guarantee nothing but the best results from these programs, as well as our life coaching and life management services. Contact us at *******www***smiccoachingcentre****/
9 Apr 2013
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Réalisé par "Jean-Christophe Morin - Artiste Marginal"
14 Mar 2017
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Basware introduces E-invoice email lite which is very simple to use for suppliers to send and receive an invoice. It is faster invoice processing, enhance efficiency through automation, greater accuracy, saving time and money. Watch the video to know more.
18 Jan 2018
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Air date: July 30th, 1984 Santa Barbara, July 30th, 1979. In the Capwell residence, a reception is being held in honour of Channing Jr, one of the off-spring of powerful C.C.. Accepting a note inviting him to go to the office, Channing Jr leaves the guests and enters the room when somebody fires at him. Five years later, Joe Perkins is released from prison for good behaviour. In the Capwell residence, where the engagement of Kelly Capwell and of her partner Peter Flint is being celebrated, it is disappointment that C.C. and his elder son Mason feel learning that the man imprisoned for the murder of Channing Jr was released and is getting ready to return to Santa Barbara. The announcement of this news by television on the contrary excites Marisa and Jade Perkins, the mother and sister of Joe. They get ready to welcome Joe home, in spite of little enthusiasm from John, the father. Ted, the brother of Channing Jr, avoids the celebration of his sister's engagement to find his childhood-friend, Laken Lockridge. At the same time, Minx, Laken's grandmother, asks the police to intervene at the Capwell place to turn down the sound of music, by pretending to be inconvenienced. The celebration however comes to an end when the engaged couple leave their family and friends to go aboard a helicopter. A mysterious character with long red nails seems also concerned about Joe's return and requests two henchmen to prevent him from joining the city. Manhandled in the coach station, Joe however succeeds in getting to the coach bound for Santa Barbara. Under way, he rethinks his happy years when he shared a love enthralled with the young person Kelly. He is however interrupted in his memories by both criminals who, from their car, pull the coach over to the side of the road. Fortunately, nobody is hurt and the coach arrives finally at the destination. (from "Santa Barbara: le site francais")
28 Mar 2018
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31 Mar 2018
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A Substaintial change is noticed in the "Level of Anger" that I had, before I attained the Self Realization(Gnan Vidhi). I am thankful to the Gnani for this great experience.
25 Apr 2019
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Pude notar ma mudança substancial no "nível de raiva" que eu experimentava antes de atcançarr a autorrealização (Gnan Vidhi). Eu sou grato ao Gnani por esta grande experiência.
25 Apr 2019
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26 May 2019
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26 May 2019
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17 Aug 2019
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A swimmer's dip in the ocean took a heartwarming turn as a pair of killer whales separated from their pod to greet him. Logistics marketer Steve Morris was snorkelling with some friends in the Bay of Plenty near Bowentown in New Zealand when he spotted a pod of eight orcas nearby on Sunday, April 18. Incredible underwater footage shows one of the apex predators suddenly appear in full view and stare right at the 46-year-old, before quickly slipping away.
26 Apr 2021
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In 1993, ex-Formula 1 grease monkey Gordon Murray realised his long-time vision for the ultimate supercar. Persuading BMW to make a unique engine just for his dream car, the final result is a car powered by a high-revving 627 hp V12, clothed in the sleekest and lightest of bodyworks and housing a unique driving position similar to a one-seater race car. Limited to only a 100 specimens, a quarter of which were racing versions, this million- dollar car only goes up in value.
20 Dec 2007
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Download : ******* Many said it wasn't possible, but move over Tiger... Flick Golf is the most fun you'll have on any fairway! We've added our trademark spin control, created the most beautiful hole-in-one courses around and what you have is the most addictive Golf game ever. No clubs. No rules. Just flick, spin and curve your shots to try and sink that perfect hole in one. But be careful, watch out for the usual hazards... bunkers, trees, sand... oh, and of course the wind. It's not that easy, just madly addictive! Get Flick Golf! FEATURES: Tiger • Try to shoot the perfect score in Quickshot mode. • Play World Tour, from the USA's West Coast to Japan in the Far East. • Varying wind from the lightest breeze, to full on gales! • Incredibly accurate in-flight spin control. • Stunningly realised 3D environments. • Integrated Openfient leaderboards and achievements. • Full high resolution Retina Display graphics for iPhone 4. • Listen to your own music while you play!
15 Jan 2011
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This may be the worst idea you’ve ever seen in your entire life, he was stupid enough to not realise it and go through with this idea.
28 Nov 2017
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Some drivers are too much to handle, they just create problems for the others without even realising and then later create a fuss.
11 Feb 2018
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