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Hindi video I am showing today's show updates highlights and characters. Big Boss reality show is very good so please watch this is a very very good so I think this is world best Store.
30 Aug 2019
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Panther Studio Private Limited is the leading Augmented Reality Company in India, also provide solutions for Virtual reality, 3D Animation, 3D rendering, and Corporate Film production. We provide services to different domains including Education Content Development, Industrial, Medical, Architectural, Advertising Media, Game industry and many more.
31 Aug 2019
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"I had no idea how I would achieve some of my more audacious goals. But over the years, through many unexpected synchronicities, many of these goals slowly became reality and I reveal how it happened in this video." IMPORTANT TIMESTAMPS: 01:12 Creation of Lifebook by Jon Butcher 02:02 Health & Fitness 03:51 Environments 05:54 How Lifebook changes your life
11 Sep 2019
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Panther Studio Private Limited provide the best and customized Augmented Reality solution in Education Industry and also is a leading Virtual reality, 3D Animation, 3D rendering, and Corporate Film production company in India. We provide services to different domains including Education Content Development, Industrial, Medical, Architectural, Advertising Media, Game industry and many more.
11 Sep 2019
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Gameplay of the virtual reality with hmd mirage lenovo solo, its a campaing in the second war in the coast and i have defend the coast of the invantion. Its a vr game the bandit six salvo available in all platform rv
13 Sep 2019
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In a world where reality is what you make of it, there is a select few who strive to make of it whatever they wish. They, are the Sex Symbols. God’s vanity in the flesh...genetically superior...aesthetically revered...these elite women single-handedly influence the world wide entertainment marketplace, solely by the sheer prowess of their beauty and assets. Sex appeal is their job and they work it 24-7 for as long as the laws of gravity will allow. Absent the traditional skills akin to contemporary artists, their talent lies in their prolific ability to transform their coveted assets into a spectacular display of performing arts, thrilling the hearts and minds of millions. To some they are idols, yet and still to others, they are idiots. Whatever the case may be one thing is certain, Sex Symbols are icons of pop culture...women we love to hate...hate to to hate to love. They have an innate ability to capture our attention, our imagination, and satisfy our insatiable appetite for the absurd. They overcome the insurmountable obstacles of an un-accomplished practitioner of the arts by infesting the byways of entertainment in a parody of theatrics and in doing so they accomplish the unfathomable, fame and fortune. They manage to succeed at the expense of all that is good and wholesome about entertainment, all the while enduring the public outcry “enough is enough.” Where do they come from? What possess them? What can we do to stop them...perhaps, nothing. In this audaciously revealing web comedy we’re going to get behind these women as we grab the bosom for an up-close and personal look into the scintillating lives of Sex Symbols. We hope you enjoy the climax as we journey through their lives to unveil, the “Busted Reality.”
Psychic wins reality TV series role and quickly finds out about the paranormal world and regrets her involvement.
18 Sep 2019
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From Album - 1972 - 43 Minuten ...By STUDIO DELTA ...Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use."
4 Sep 2019
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My bf and I tried to follow a partner yoga position and it turned out like this :P hahah
15 Sep 2019
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RED CHIMPZ is an innovative, creative and technology driven organization that believes in making heart-made offerings that will always be Refreshing in Spirit, Entertaining in Value and Dazzling in Form.
6 Sep 2019
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Who has created this world? How long will it be there and how will it end?
8 Sep 2019
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life in Austria
13 Sep 2019
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Letra simplificada: "Mírame, mírame bien a la cara y dime. Mírame, mira bien todo mi cuerpo y dime. Mírame, quiero que hoy me digas toda la verdad. Cuéntame, dicen que tú estás enamorado, cuéntame, pero que ese amor es un pecado. Suéltate, abre bien las alas, lánzate a volar. Deja de fingir, sé un poco valiente, sé un hombre hoy aquí. No puedes vivir lleno de sospechas sin parar de fingir, sal fuera de ti. Veneno pa' tu piel, veneno pa' tu piel. Yo vivo la madrugada, soy los besos, soy la dama, y tú vives escondido y solo hablas con tu almohada. Pa' tu piel, veneno pa' tu piel. Soy la magia, soy el hada que se clava en tu mirada, soy la tentación prohibida, que te va quemando el alma. Mírame, me enloquece ver que estás temblando. Siénteme, quiero que me roces con tus manos. Tócame, como yo no hay nadie que te haga gozar. Mírame, me enloqueces cuando estás tocándome. Siénteme y rózame. Soy veneno pa' tu piel". En 1996 La Veneno publica dos singles: "Veneno Pa Tu Piel" y "Rap de La Veneno". El primero tuvo éxito y se incluyó en varios recopilatorios, siendo el más mítico "Rumba Total 3" (1996), cuya portada protagonizaba con gran orgullo la propia Veneno a lo "Instinto Básico" (1992) dando como resultado una de mis máximas imágenes favoritas de ella. También protagonizaba varias fotos del libreto. Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez, alias La Veneno (Adra, Almería, 19 de marzo de 1964 - Madrid, 9 de noviembre de 2016), fue una vedette transgénero, cantante, colaboradora, prostituta e icono española. Desde muy pequeña vio que era diferente a los demás y en la adolescencia descubre que era transgénero, sufriendo agresiones y malos tratos de familiares y vecinos. Aún como hombre fue galardonada como Míster Andalucía en 1989 con 24 años. En 1990 comenzó a vestirse de mujer a escondidas de su familia y en 1991 se marcha a Madrid.
17 Sep 2019
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