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my dog doing a reality show .... I had nothing to do
2 Feb 2007
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HUNTING for Hotties and Hunks to HOST New Reality Show-the Hidden Loot
5 Sep 2007
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SHOW COMING SOON. Hey this is Nick Palmer the Editor of the B2k reality Show, i need to know what the fans are thinking and feeling if you have any questions you can write me, thank you for the support.
28 Jan 2008
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Finnish television chose don Quijote school of Spanish in Salamanca for a reality show that will be on Finnish television in October 2007. In this new big brother participants have one month to learn Spanish. Learn Spanish in Spain with don Quijote www.donquijote****
28 Feb 2008
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My reality show promo video!
5 Sep 2008
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l am a life changer.
*******ChadVanNorman****/TopAffiliateChallenge "Win the Prize Money from TopAffiliateChallenge, Without Even Being On The Show...." Let myself, literally acting as your "Stunt Double" go in, rip up the reality show, and allow you to share in ALL the money I sweat over making while in there. I want to be on the show, I just don't need the money though, so I'll be sharing it with people who help me get on the show. You see to get in, I need alot of votes. Now a vote takes roughly a minute or less, but the competition takes weeks. So all my time, effort & money won... in return for a vote? Does that sound fair?? Duh, of course not. But take me for a ride anyway, being on this show means so much to me, I'm willing to bend over backwards and give all the money away... I just need to get on it! I am auditioning for the Internet's NEWEST Reality show called Top Affiliate Challenge. Most of my friends think that I have completely lost it because of what I am about to tell you. In order for me to get on the show I have to get people to vote on my audition video. What I am willing to do for everyone that joins today is give you the chance to win the Money I would win on the show. Doing so is completely 100% FREE! Go To: *******ChadVanNorman****/TopAffiliateChallenge
9 Feb 2009
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Win Top Affiliate Challenge Reality Show Prize Money! want to get on the show so bad I am giving the prize money away. Join NOW! 100% FREE! *******chadvannorman****/TopAffiliateChallenge
4 Apr 2008
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reality show
11 May 2008
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Ari Reality Show part 3.
28 Jul 2008
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Ari Reality Show part 2.
28 Jul 2008
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Gimme My Reality Show, FOX Reality Channel
4 Jan 2009
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gimme my reality show
18 Sep 2008
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