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In a world where reality is what you make of it, there is a select few who strive to make of it whatever they wish. They, are the Sex Symbols. God’s vanity in the flesh...genetically superior...aesthetically revered...these elite women single-handedly influence the world wide entertainment marketplace, solely by the sheer prowess of their beauty and assets. Sex appeal is their job and they work it 24-7 for as long as the laws of gravity will allow. Absent the traditional skills akin to contemporary artists, their talent lies in their prolific ability to transform their coveted assets into a spectacular display of performing arts, thrilling the hearts and minds of millions. To some they are idols, yet and still to others, they are idiots. Whatever the case may be one thing is certain, Sex Symbols are icons of pop culture...women we love to hate...hate to to hate to love. They have an innate ability to capture our attention, our imagination, and satisfy our insatiable appetite for the absurd. They overcome the insurmountable obstacles of an un-accomplished practitioner of the arts by infesting the byways of entertainment in a parody of theatrics and in doing so they accomplish the unfathomable, fame and fortune. They manage to succeed at the expense of all that is good and wholesome about entertainment, all the while enduring the public outcry “enough is enough.” Where do they come from? What possess them? What can we do to stop them...perhaps, nothing. In this audaciously revealing web comedy we’re going to get behind these women as we grab the bosom for an up-close and personal look into the scintillating lives of Sex Symbols. We hope you enjoy the climax as we journey through their lives to unveil, the “Busted Reality.”
JeanLuis Y Jeangell Me Provoca Febus Medina Records & Reality Show
30 Aug 2010
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nudism, RTV1 reality show faca 10.12.2010. emisija je zamisljena i kao licna promocija ucesnika njegovog stila zivota, rada, hobija,...tako je nastala i ideja za Adam&Eve underwear collection 2011. a spomenuo sam i uzivo tokom reality showa model adamovog lista! Adam & Eve's leaf as underwear, 100% handmade woodcarved *******alt-deutsch-silberholz.blogspot****/
20 Dec 2010
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*******MakeMoneyRealityShow**** - shares the Affiliate Marketing Challenge through this video. Learn here all about the Make Money Reality Show challenge about the making money with affiliate marketing.
27 Feb 2011
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uzivo o demokratiji, reality show faca RTV 15.April2011
22 Apr 2011
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We spotted Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey on the set of their new reality show.
11 Aug 2011
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*******beverlyboy**** we produced this reality show for ginuwine filmed in miami baltimore, and washington dc. it was a great experience, he has a big family, and a great story to tell. this is a reality show video production.
29 Sep 2011
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Amy Childs is stopped from filming her reality show in Beverley Hills by local police.
12 Dec 2011
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Sarah Palin is reportedly having a difficult time finding a network to purchase a new reality show about her husband's snowmobile racing career.
15 Dec 2011
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******* Singing Coaching, Vocal Reality Show Experience Singing Coaching that can make a difference. With Vocal Reality show experience get insider's tips that could help you get your big break. Get the personal help that you need...
12 Feb 2012
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Shilpa Shetty is going the Madhuri way and returning to showbiz as a judge in a popular dance reality show. Watch Shilpa shake a leg in her new role
24 Dec 2012
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Made 4 TV Gecko aka Mr.iPad Chain is back with the 5th episode of his reality show entitled "Mr.IPad Chain". Gecko takes a trip to the Texas Relays held in Austin,Texas and it go's down!!! Watch him as he brings you into his world in a way that has never been seen befor! Gecko is the first rapper in the world with a reality show all recorded hands free from his iPad necklace!
3 Apr 2013
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Lehren brings you a set of Weird, True Facts across the globe. Today's weird stories are- A reality show in Denmark shows nude contestants, Meet a girl who has worlds longest tongue, A man in China sells his kidney to buy his favourite Apple gadget and more wtf facts... For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
6 May 2013
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