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Fitness Queen Kiana Tom flexes her muscle with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER. The trusted health authority with the #1 show on ESPN starts off the highly energetic video with a smile, "Aloha everybody. Kiana Tom here from Kiana's Flex Appeal." Kiana continues her powerful routine with another compliment, "So, I wanted to give a special shout out to the Costa Rica's Call Center." This spoken from an original cast members of the syndicated program Bodyshaping that had a solid run from 1990-1998. "I understand that it is your tenth year anniversary of doing business. Congratulations!" Her show Flex Appeal on ESPN was a huge hit touching 80 million homes in 100 countries for over a decade. Naturally, Kiana can appreciate and acknowledge how hard work, discipline and structure can fulfill an outsourcing industry milestone. The toughness of Kiana is apparent as she pumps out another strength of CCC, "I understand that you have a beautiful facility out there." This firm statement made from a Hollywood actress that starred in Universal Soldier: The Return with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Kiana, whose name means "island princess" in Hawaiian has good taste and style and can relate to how CCC presents itself internationally. Kiana was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders for two seasons and knows how an environment can produce a division 1 competitor. She follows up her observations by mentioning our unique call center environment that produces the best telemarketers, "Complete with a 50's cafe, art deco building with neon marquees" A recipient of the prestigious United States Sports Academy award knows how to balance hard work in the gym and a fun time to relax. Kiana shows her excitement for the office perks, "A juke box and 11 pinball machines in your arcade" "A vintage Mercedes Limousine for VIPS. Sounds really awesome." As a former playboy model in May 2002, she knows that style and class are important when traveling
14 Aug 2019
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What better way to start off the weekend than with this compilation of awesome pong shots. Really inspiring. It makes me want to go out and drink and throw ping pong balls into various objects.
1 Sep 2008
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Best Pet Videos in 2018 | Dog are Really Awesome
2 Aug 2018
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Everyone thinks this is really awesome
1 Nov 2018
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Not bad ha....Do you believe a 5-year-old kid can do that?
28 Jun 2009
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Awesome street magic performer!! this video is his trailer movie!! I`m looking for his show!!
14 Jan 2009
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the awesome chick can play the piano upside down
17 Dec 2009
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hey if you like it so please subscribe
23 Dec 2017
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awesome. to good to describe watch now,
11 Oct 2007
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Watch these not really good magic but still good..Sound by Soundsnap****..
16 Dec 2007
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a clip with a few dog moments! the animal's best friend can be hilaryous some times! 3njoy!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 Nov 2008
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un film de cacat ai de pula me pe coprsheu tatacah!sugi muie!sugarela e o tarfa penala care suge pula la tzarani ea e intretzinuta de mafia tzaranilor din breaza!e coparsheu filmu ai de pula me!
11 Sep 2009
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