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Welcome back zappers, Im Devin Curry with *******Shazap****. Your online video source for comic book news and reviews. Follow me on Twitter at *******twitter****/devincurry. This has been my favorite final crisis title so far but it has also been the most relevant to the individual titles. The whole purpose of the Secret Origin arch in the Green Lantern title has been to set this up and introduce readers to the Atrocitus and the prophesy. I was right in that the Blackest night would be involved in the crisis but I wish the connection was a little clearer. It says that the book takes place between Crisis 1 and 2, then why didn't they release it between issue 1 and 2 and at the end of the first Crisis book John Stewart was being taken to OA for the murder of Orion and there was something wrong with the Alpha Lantern that came to get him. You know, now that I’m thinking about it, that hasn't been addressed yet. This story goes right back into the Green Lantern title and the Blackest Night begins. The lanterns have been through so much in the last year or so and Geoff Johns is doing an amazing job of continually raising the bar. Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Nov 2008
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filmed in 2009 in Portland Oregon
2 Jan 2010
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⦻ Blackest Night ⦻ ⦻ 000 Miscellaneous Prologue Material ⦻ 00b Final Crisis - Rage of the Red Lanterns ⦻
22 Nov 2018
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22 May 2009
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DC Universe Online trailer. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR t-shirts and mugs! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room’s CGR Trailers presents a “Rage Powers” trailer for DC UNIVERSE ONLINE from Sony Online Entertainment. Get a glimpse at the Red Lanterns and their rage-filled powers as part of the “War of Light, Part 1” DLC pack. This add-on will be officially available on January 28, 2014, but members can play now. Enjoy!
8 Feb 2014
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