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125g reef aquarium with lots of nice coral
14 Jan 2007
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Footage Taken of the bream in the Reef Science Tank at Metung. Check out the split tailed perch at the end!
10 Apr 2007
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A very short clip of me diving down and filming 5 reef sharks sleeping under a reef and hopefully not disturbing their peace
24 Sep 2007
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Great Barrier Reef and a Huge Fish, I think it is a grouper fish, I hugged whilst scuba diving!
28 Sep 2007
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Coral Reefs- Threats and Values- A Concise & Complete Geographical Gudie
3 Oct 2007
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A coral reef video that's been remixed with amazing and authentic halo music
31 Oct 2007
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We've been looking deep into space with "The Beauty of Space" series, and now it's time to look under the ocean. These images come from coral reefs found in the worlds oceans...sometimes only a few feet below the surface. Notice the similarities in the structures found in these images with those found in space!
23 Nov 2007
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The Reef In the Florida Keys
7 Dec 2007
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What is a reef knot, and how do I tie it?
28 Jan 2008
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In order to fish a reef or wreck, locating the best structure is critical. If you are not exactly on the piece, you are wasting you time. A good selection of electronic gear will greatly improve your fishing success. Using navigational equipment properly can put you on the mother-load of fish. In this video, an in-depth discussion of navigation devices and their use is covered. GPS is a hot issue and this video puts the questions to rest. The functioning of sonar devices is explained in relation to the whole package of electronics and fishing success. This video really focuses upon this topic. Anchoring properly and "fishing the piece" to its greatest potential is the most critical part of reef and wreck fishing. This video covers essential boat handling and maneuvering strategies that allow this type of structure to be fished most effectively. The use of buoy markers, depth-recorders, figuring wind, tide and drift, anchor setting, wreck anchors and anchor lifting systems are all discussed and demonstrated.
23 Feb 2008
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To listen or download mini-video, go to Report for Andaman News TV11 (VHF dial) at 8.30am & local Cable TV channel 1 + maybe FM90.5 Radio Thailand 6pm, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces, & possibly FM108 Mazz Radio 7.30pm in Phuket, Monday 11 February 2008 & Being well known for rich underworld resources, the Andaman Sea in south Thailand is a diver's dream destination but some are apparently or unavoidably harming some coral reefs. Related agencies are now working on creating artificial reefs to reduce affects on natural reefs. Our special report today takes a good look at the operation to place artificial reefs in Kata Bay. These 150 concrete blocks were dropped into the sea near Koh Poo or Poo Island in Kata Bay off Phuket as part of the Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Centre under the Marine and Coastal Resources Department in reviving marine resources. When over 100 concrete blocks are placed on top of one another at the sea ground, they can become new homes for marine life. To humans they are expected to become interesting new artificial coral reefs. The project is initiated to alleviate the natural resources exploitation in the Andaman region. Being famous for its spectacular diving sites, the Andaman Sea and Phang-Nga Bay which cover the ocean in Phuket, Phang-Nga and Krabi are sources of income earned from the fishing industry and tourism like diving. According to the department's data, as many as over 100 diving companies and tourist operators take their clients to different diving spots in the Andaman including Phi Phi, Koh Khai or Egg islands, Racha, Koh Poo or Poo island and other islands or bays around Phuket including Patong, Karon and Kata. These marine resources are however all affected or damaged in one way or another by various factors including over-fishing, pollution, soil erosion from land, climate change, and natural as well as human activity. The department then came up with the operation aiming to reduce the number of boats with visiting divers to the coral reefs, while the region still needs to attract tourists so the artificial reefs can create new diving spots as well. Projects with artificial reefs or using old ship or plane wrecks have been carried out successfully in Japan and many states in the US. When time passes the concrete blocks or artificial reefs are proved to be perfect homes for marine lives and favorite spots for divers which in turn help spread out divers from congested areas. "We then expect the artificial reefs will be beneficial in the long term. We have experimented and proved that the reefs have soft corals, sea fans, and have become very fertile to be perfect diving spots in the future." - Paitoon Panchaiphum, Director, Marine & Coastal Resources Conservation Centre, Phuket. In Kata and Karon beaches attract many holiday makers, and many love to also take long tail boats out to appreciate coral reefs. That's why the local government like the Karon Municipality stepped in to support the project. Fertile oceans mean local income. The Karon Deputy Mayor Sompong Dap-petch explained that the municipality put the budgeting in support of the project in its 3 year plan. In Phuket the concrete blocks were placed in six locations, two around Racha Island, and two at BangTao bay, which began in 2005 and now two more in Kata Karon bays, while two more are to be placed near Koh Yao Yai and Shark Point in Phang-Nga Bay.
7 Feb 2011
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Dedalus reef Egypt,photo compilation
27 Mar 2008
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