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Wat doe je als de kiezer je vorige keer afgestemd heeft over Europa. gewoon geen referendum meer houden over Europa.Ondanks de polls buiten spel zetten. de kiezer, dat is blijkbaar democratie
22 Sep 2007
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More at *******therealnews**** Mark Weisbrot: The constitutional referendum and the media's 'anti-Chavez' slant Friday November 30th, 2007 Mark Weisbrot is co-director and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. An economist, Weisbrot is a frequent guest on U.S. television and radio news programs and writes a regular column for the McClatchy-Tribune chain of over 550 newspapers.
4 Dec 2007
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More at *******therealnews**** Gregory Wilpert on the Venezuelan referendum Wednesday December 5th, 2007
6 Dec 2007
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Juicio contra Jimenez Losantos por acusar a Gallardón de no tener interés en la investigación del 11M. Ibarretexe ya tiene preguntas para su referendum ilegal. Nadal pasa a la segunda ronda de Roland Garros
29 May 2008
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Doug Allen on the SAG Referendum; the Screen Actors Guild's national exec director and chief negotiator mentions that residuals are at risk. More acting news at: *******laacting.blogspot****/ *******www.sag****/sag-tv *******www.viciousconcepts****/
11 Dec 2008
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Islandia convocara a un referendum para evitar pagar 5 mil millones de dolares durante el colapso económico del 2009. El presidente asegura que esta medida pone en peligro la entrada de su país a la UE. TeleSUR
7 Jan 2010
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Voters will head to the polls tomorrow, June 15th, to vote on the town's budget. The referendum comes after members of the West Hartford Taxpayers Association collected signatures to force the vote. Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Jun 2010
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Transcript by Newsy BY AUSTIN ALONZO You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Sudan is five weeks away from the scheduled start of a referendum to determine the independence of its oil-producing, resource-rich south. The decision could split the country in two and -- if mishandled, spark another period of violence. Southern Sudanese living in the north are headed back home en mass to vote in the referendum, but as the BBC reports, fear for the future is rising. “…people here are worried, and already they are starting to pack up their belongings, pack up everything in their house and prepare to move back down to the south. Some of them just so they can vote in the referendum, some of them are moving for good because they say they’re scared of what could happen in this country if they split in two.” The referendum comes at a time of high political tensions in Sudan. So far, groups in the north and south have failed to reach an agreement on sharing oil revenues and natural resources including millions of acres of fertile land, reserves of gold and Nile River Water. (Video from Al Jazeera) As Al Jazeera reports, southern Sudanese are well aware of the potential for conflict, but those seeking secession say, they aren’t going to back down. “The north has been benefiting from our oil for too long, if they try to steal it from us after we separate, we will fight them. We will even cut the pipelines.” The potential for conflict is very real in the ethnically diverse and resource-rich border region of Abyei (AH-BEE-AY) which lies along the 1956 colonial north-south border. The south claims rights to the region, but the north doesn’t want to concede any more territory to the south. The Christian Science Monitor reports that militants from both sides are pouring into the region - along with southern Sudanese returning home for the referendum. “The effect of these movements, and the increase in population in and around the militarized border area is unpredictable. Africa Confidential reported that Abyei youth returning from Khartoum were beaten at a SAF checkpoint along the way, even citing one incident of rape.” The Voice of America reports, in two weeks -- more than two million voters have registered in the south. It reports, the military build up and roving militants could interfere with voting, but plenty of other problems could keep the election from starting on time. VOA reports with less than 40 days till the election, the government has not found a company to design and print the ballot. January’s referendum could be just the first attempt to divide Sudan. Cairo’s Al Ahram Weekly predicts the volatile Darfur region could be the next to secede. “Darfur remains a hot spot where talk of using arms to topple the regime remains current. Observers also say that Darfur residents may also demand self-determination if a solution for the area is not found.” The referendum vote is scheduled for January 9th, but many close to the situation say violence could break out before then. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
4 Dec 2010
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BY ADNAN S. KHAN You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy One of the top three gun-owning nations strongly voted against a massive gun control referendum. Apparently, the people of Switzerland value their firearms as much as their neutrality. France 24 has the story. REPORTER: “On Sunday, voting closed on a referendum that challenged a long held tradition that Swiss men keep army weapons at home, during and after military service. Doctors, churches and women’s group were amongst those pushing for firearms to be stored in secured army depots.” CITIZEN: “I voted in favor of banning firearms at households. Because I think it’s an out-of-date practice today – in Swiss society and in Europe.” There are around two to three million firearms in Switzerland, which puts the Alpine Nation right behind the U.S. and Yemen in civilian gun ownership. No one knows the exact number because Switzerland doesn’t have a national firearms registry. The Wall Street Journal reports- supporters of the referendum argued it would reduce the unusually high number of gun-related suicides. “The referendum’s supporters used a teddy bear with blood dripping from a hole in its chest, brandishing the motto, ‘Protect your family.’” Switzerland barely has a standing army and so is dependent on its vast militia to answer the call of duty. A BBC reporter writes- changing anything about the Swiss Army is controversial. “Opponents of the proposals say taking soldiers’ guns away would undermine the military and could open the door to abolishing Switzerland’s citizen army all together.” But it’s not like the referendum required the militia to bury its guns twenty feet underground. World Radio Switzerland says it simply wanted to remove them from homes. “Aside from requiring rifles to stay at armories, the initiative text called for any person owning a weapon to prove...a need and an ability to use it, as well as a national firearms registry.” Euronews reports for one gun owner it is more than a matter of national security- it’s a matter of pride in a national tradition. “I think guns represent our whole identity - our democratic system, our freedom. Since Switzerland exist thanks to a militia system resulting from civilians serving in the army, its always been the case that firearms have been kept at home.” Finally- a writer for Swiss community online news publication GenevaLunch says she would hate to see this debate butchered by foreign media through comparison with U.S. gun-control issues. “…the Swiss debate is not over the right to bear arms, but the responsibility that goes with bearing them. The Swiss militia obligation for citizens to have firearms is accompanied by the legal obligation to practice shooting regularly.” CNN points out- Switzerland outlawed keeping ammunition at home in 2007. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
15 Feb 2011
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Il video che non vedrai mai in televisione: sensibilizzazione alla partecipazione del Referendum del 12 e 13 giugno. Grazie al Comitato Referendario di Boscotrecase (na)
27 May 2011
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Il 20 e 21 settembre 2020 si voterà il referendum sul taglio dei parlamentari ecco tutte le informazioni
2 Sep 2020
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Watch all the european news on
19 Jun 2007
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Toutes les infos européennes sur
19 Jun 2007
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Thompson: New Bolivian constitution marks first recognition of indigenous autonomy in 500 years
30 Jan 2009
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Turkey's passage of constitutional reform is being billed a major victory for Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.
17 Sep 2010
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12 Jan 2011
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