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How to register for the NowhereIndustries**** forums
2 Feb 2007
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i'll show you how to bypass the site's that make you register before you can download there item.
5 Sep 2007
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Key phrases: Customer service To register a complaint Example conversation: A. Hello? “Widgets Are Us”, how may I help you? B. Hi. This is Mrs. Jones. I have a complaint. I need to register a complaint. A. You need to register a complaint. OK, how can we help you? What seems to be the problem? B. I have purchased a fan. When I got home, the fan did not work. I am angry. A. Oh, don’t be angry. We’re here to help you. Customer service is our top priority. So, what is the specific problem with the fan? B. I plugged the fan in and it did not work. I need a new fan … or I want my money back. A. Understood. Can you bring the fan down to one of our stores? B. Yes. What day? And where do I bring the fan? A. You can bring it to any one of our outlet stores. Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm. When you come into the store ask for the Customer Service desk which is usually in the back. B. So at the back of the store there is a Customer Service desk and they can help with my problem? A. That’s correct. And please do remember to bring your receipt. B. Yes. I will bring my receipt and the broken fan. And I will come to the store and go to the customer service desk which is usually in the back of the store. A. That’s correct. We’re sorry to cause you this extra trouble and we hope you’ll continue to be a loyal customer of “Widgets Are Us”. B. Yes, I am very disappointed but I will bring the fan and hopefully you will fix the fan or give me my money back. A. Yes, we will solve your problem. B. Thank you. A. Talk soon. Bye. B. Bye.
6 Oct 2007
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Gloria Tsang, registered dietitian of HealthCastle****, shares recent data on diabetes research and multi-lingual nutrition resources with Channel M (Mandarin / Chinese news) at the 2007 Canadian Diabetes Association Conference in Vancouver, Canada.
6 Dec 2007
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Gloria Tsang, registered dietitian, shares some tips on choosing a healthy ice cream to keep your weight at bay. Covers ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, fruit juice popsicles, frozen yogurt and more.
6 Dec 2007
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How to register a domain name on the Internet.
2 Dec 2007
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i will show you how to register on buxday**** and start making money this is the link: *******buxday****/?r=steven
4 Jan 2008
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i will show you how to register on bux and start making money this is the link: *******
4 Jan 2008
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One of twenty million reasons why you should register and vote.... We don't have to dream about the future. We can wake up and vote for it. To register to vote go to www.WVWV****
14 Jan 2008
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A quick tutorial on how you can change the registered owner information in Windows XP and Vista.
25 Apr 2008
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Are you restricted in your business…? Forced to push proprietary products from your wire house or broker dealer? Are you restricted in the ability to expand to reach your professional goals? How about restrictions to the payouts you get? Doesn’t feel right, does it?That’s where Brokerwebstation comes in. BWS provides a plethora of products for asset allocation. Brokerwebstation NEVER pushes proprietary products - and - has ZERO selling targets. YOU and only YOU control your client asset allocations to best meet their goals. As you grow and your needs change, Brokerwebstation facilitates the scalability and expansion of your practice. How? A variety of expansion models… the development of your own website and our Private Labeling, our award-winning technology. And even the creation of your “branch office” to support junior brokers and registered reps.
7 May 2008
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Registered Reps. - Brokerwebstation boasts sophisticated Order Management that lets users manage their risk. This includes “trigger orders”. They “trigger” based on the indices or parameters you set on original orders. You can enter covered call, protective puts, sell limits and sell stop orders “triggered” on the execution of the original order. There are also “index trigger orders” that let you execute orders based on target prices of specific indices. The contingent orders are stored on Wallstreet Electronica’s servers until the main order gets executed. Once that happens, the contingent orders are released. If one of the sell stop or limit orders get executed, the balance of orders are automatically cancelled. The contingent/trigger order system lets you focus less on the strategy of the order and more on their business.
7 May 2008
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