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A short video about the different religions. Don't fight - pray!
20 Aug 2006
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Mother Clare speaks about different religions between partners in a marriage or relationship and how to work this out.
17 Dec 2006
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This is a clip from Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld series. In this clip you can find how Indians mix blind faith with religion
24 Nov 2006
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Christopher Hitchens, author of the new book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, debates Sean Hannity on the existence of God. Hannity gets schooled.
16 May 2007
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The history of the religion of Eckankar.
29 Jun 2007
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Religion in Punjab
17 Jul 2007
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The Final version of Religion Wars I. The first installment of the epic and retarted trilogy.
13 Aug 2007
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Je suis tres etonne que lorsqu'il est parle de Jesus-Christ beaucoup de personnes entendent "religion" ou "christianisme" : La religion et la spiritualite n'ont pas grand chose en commun.
24 Aug 2007
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Was the Catholic Church responsible for the demise of scientific research in the middle ages? Taken from the documentary: "Science and Religion: The quest for truth and the quest for power" available at Download in full from: *******
22 Oct 2007
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Mormon Door Knockings pay back - Mormonism, false religion
5 Jan 2008
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Mormon church - Mormonism, religion
5 Jan 2008
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Talk on being spiritual after leaving a religion. Dr. Acharya Yogeesh: There are many people who are tired of organized religion and have left their religion to become spiritual people. Christians are tired of believing and have finally come to realize that they have been brainwashed. Now they deal with their guilt, questions about confession and now who to confess to, and if their sins are taken away, and where to they go. It is an endless drama for the spiritual person who has left Christianity. Jewish people are tired of knowing God as a revengeful and jealous God. What applies now after leaving this religion? The New Testament isn't amended enough. Now people are trying to find themselves. Unfortunately these souls who had the courage to leave their religion are now getting trapped into fake swamis, other kinds of religious teachers, fake spiritual teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and trapped into western thinkers books, like ken Wilber, wayne dyer, neale Donald walsch, Eckhart tolle, Deepak chopra and others. These souls will never find the true spiritual guidance they seek until they truly search for the real enlightened master and realized spiritual teacher. First of all these new spiritual seekers need to realize that there are many paths, and not just one path to God. You are God. Expand your Self. And you need guidance through an enlightened master. Efforts are also need for the new journey Through the internet try to seek an enlightened master. If you realize that your new spiritual teacher is not real, is not enlightened, keeps you a follower, or subjects you to tradition, then keep looking for the enlightened master. Don't feel guilty for leaving that teacher. You had the courage to leave the church to seek truth, leave your fake guru to seek truth. Remember that a living enlightened teacher does not want to make a name for his/her self, he/she does not want your money, or praise. He/she doesn't live in palaces, has churches or temples. A true enlightened master will not support those ideologies, he/she will actually break your ideologies, and will build together a positive/good ideology with you to help you begin to blossom. Then your fragrance will spread all over and to your friends. Now because you broke away from religion, I am here to guide you through the right path for you. truth about god, truth about spirituality, spiritual truth, truth about bible, truth about jesus, truth about swamis, hindu, jain, india, us, Christian, catholic, jewish, islam, muslim, religion, pope john paul II, yoga meditation, spiritual meditation, yoga meditation, yoga poses, yoga toes, tantric yoga, yoga clothing, yoga positions for beginners, yoga positions, acharya yogeesh,bikram yoga, online yoga, benefits of yoga, kriya yoga, namaste yoga, yoga exercise, yoga techniques, pranayama, breathing, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, raja yoga, yoga journal, india, yoga postures, yoga magazine, pilates, christian yoga, vinyasa yoga, yoga nidra, spirituality, meditation, yogeeshashram, bad religion, acharya yogeesh, spirituality, freedom of religion, losing my religion, islam religion,barack obama's religion, world religions, religions, mayan religion, aztec religion, catholic religion, hindu religion, buddhist religion, jain religion, jehovah witness, protestant, greek religion, jewish religion, cherokee religion, native american religion, meditation, yoga, mormon religion, jesus christ, mohammed, krishna, wiccan religion, cults, different religions, spiritual religion, pirituality, acharya yogeesh, how to meditate meditation techniques,meditation music, transcendental meditation, guided meditation, buddhist meditation, benefits of meditation, history of meditation, meditations, cosmic meditation, communion meditations, christian meditation, daily meditations, easy meditation techniques, meditation methods, meditation instructions, meditation guru, meditation retreats hindu meditation, god, lamb of god, greek gods, communicating with god, egyptian gods, roman gods, what is god, what is soul, god bless america, hindu gods, god bless the usa, poseidon god of the sea, god tube, aztec gods, names of god, greek gods and goddesses, church of god. mayan gods, assemblies of god, christian, christian music, christian anders, christian singles, christianity, protestant, jesus, god, bible, christian art, christian songs, christian family, christian science, christian video, christian videos, christianity today, origin of christianity, history of christianity, early christianity, political christianity, christianity and faith Original Video Description Enlightened Master Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh gives suggestions to spiritual persons and truth seekers who are putting religion behind them, and wish to seek truth. Topics: Leaving Organized Religion, Spiritual, Spirituality, Church, Orthodox, Christian, Catholic, Islam, Judaism, religion, guilt, enlightenment, leaving religious life, leading a spiritual life
9 Feb 2009
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Anonymous Scientology Protest Boston 2/10/08 Crowd Chants: "Religion Should Be Free" Blog post: *******offonatangent.blogspot****/2008/02/anonymous-scientology-boston-protest.html
10 Feb 2008
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For more info see: *******www.laitman**** Kabbalah is not religion. Revelation of the spiritual world (in Kabbalah) and belief in a spiritual world (i.e. religion) are two separate issues. Rav Michael Laitman, PhD discusses the difference between Kabbalah and religion in this interview with European MTV host Eden Harel.
16 Mar 2009
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A broadcast of 60 Seconds covering: extremists using robots, Doomsday Vault opens, France may send ground troops to Afghanistan, America loosing it's religion, non American's kick butt at the Oscars.
27 Feb 2008
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This is Christian Religion Lie #2: "Christians are just sinners saved by grace" To see my comments on this video visit my website: www.GreatChristianLife**** Note: This video is copyright Steve Mcvey and Gracewalk Ministries - gracewalk****
6 Mar 2008
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