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30 Nov 2018
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In this video DVD menus, scene selections, and bloopers aren't just for the professional DVDs. With VideoStudio, transform your home videos and give them the polished packaging they deserve! Burn your projects to disc with VideoStudio or Corel MyDVD® (included with VideoStudio purchase) and quickly create high-quality, personalized DVDs with menus, chapters, and music. With dozens of templates to choose from, VideoStudio makes it simple to find the template that best fits your project. Tailor templates with custom background images, music, and titles and burn to DVD and AVCHD disc to share with family and friends.
6 Dec 2018
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3d explanation of backpain causes nd PRECAUTIONS to cure from it
5 Jun 2019
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Even though you are on a tight budget, you can still apply vintage visual effects on your selfies. There is no need to buy expensive cameras and lens. You can analog hundreds of film profiles and add special effects with low cost, or even free! It is worth to free download and have a try right now!
15 Jun 2019
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Yantram Architectural Design Studio - Get High Quality Industry Processing Vacuum FILLING Machine 3D Product Design Modeling company of MULTI-CONTAINER Machinery animation and Product Visualization services to various Business like Verticals & Industry Segments, Furniture, Electronics Product, Engineering Product, Product Animation and other product based Companies. We provide you the complete 3D Product design and detailing services to ensure a seamless visual impression of your plant.
12 Jul 2019
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This is a tutorial series is designed for modelling full vehicle right from the scratch.
28 Jul 2019
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The Live AR technology with motion tracking helps you get better and in-depth knowledge of the product you are looking for
19 Oct 2019
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At Supreme Animation our innovative team of animation creates 3D product models. If you want to advertise or market your company products in a creative way then visit our website.
23 Dec 2020
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An astonishing display of supernatural power J. Ah, the wonders of reverse rendering and excellent film editing.
18 Jul 2006
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This is just a small preview of a 3D animation I'm rendering in Terragen. This is only 20 seconds worth of it (the rest will still be rendering for a few weeks). I have not added music yet either. I will post the final version (with music) when it's done rendering...let me know what you think.
21 Sep 2006
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This is an animation test I put together for a game trailer I'm going to be submiting to some game companies. There are a few typos but all in all its a good view. It was done on a laptop with very little hardware. I used 3D Studio Max 8 and Adobe Premier to render and compile the animation. The true trailer will have alot more detail and better maping and effects, plus a custom soundtrack. Just think of this as a trial run, Enjoy
2 Nov 2006
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a pop song rendered by a symphony. simply cool...
19 Dec 2006
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This is the Halo 3 commercial that aired during Monday Night Football on December 4th, 2006. This is a pre-rendered ad (no gameplay footage) acting solely as a teaser for the game scheduled for release in Winter 2007.
5 Dec 2006
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ClearType makes the fonts on Windows smooth and print-like. This video is how to activate ClearType and compare it with Windows' default font-rendering method. It's best to compare using sites with lots of text like Wikipedia. You'll notice and want to switch to it no time. :)
21 Dec 2006
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Gillian, my darling! From the moment I heard your rendering of I will survive. I became enchanted with your heaving breasts, they look very tasty! However, I am tormented by short skirts, and when I saw what you had for breakfast, my loins were set on fire! The Christmas do, karaoke, should be a ripper this year. As I have eliminated the main contestants, the prize should be yours for the taking! Frieda the fatty, squeeled like a pig, when I tore out her throat. After I gave her one, of course! Furrt, oh, was that your little brownie? Never mind the stink! Try another little blurt, we could make a tune out of it! How about this! Once I was afraid! I was petrified! Knowing you would bite my head off if I cried! Well, what do you think of it? A massive hit, or what?
26 Dec 2006
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C4D renders not included, and also not how to create renders, but how to make a C4D sig in photoshop
7 Jan 2007
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