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This is the Halo 3 commercial that aired during Monday Night Football on December 4th, 2006. This is a pre-rendered ad (no gameplay footage) acting solely as a teaser for the game scheduled for release in Winter 2007.
5 Dec 2006
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ClearType makes the fonts on Windows smooth and print-like. This video is how to activate ClearType and compare it with Windows' default font-rendering method. It's best to compare using sites with lots of text like Wikipedia. You'll notice and want to switch to it no time. :)
21 Dec 2006
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Gillian, my darling! From the moment I heard your rendering of I will survive. I became enchanted with your heaving breasts, they look very tasty! However, I am tormented by short skirts, and when I saw what you had for breakfast, my loins were set on fire! The Christmas do, karaoke, should be a ripper this year. As I have eliminated the main contestants, the prize should be yours for the taking! Frieda the fatty, squeeled like a pig, when I tore out her throat. After I gave her one, of course! Furrt, oh, was that your little brownie? Never mind the stink! Try another little blurt, we could make a tune out of it! How about this! Once I was afraid! I was petrified! Knowing you would bite my head off if I cried! Well, what do you think of it? A massive hit, or what?
26 Dec 2006
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C4D renders not included, and also not how to create renders, but how to make a C4D sig in photoshop
7 Jan 2007
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Cheaper than 3DSMAX + VRAY. Better speed and good raytrace rendering
2 Jan 2007
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Built this in Terragen (awesome opensource landscape program) rendered over 400 frames, then I squeezed it to speed up the whole thing using Sony Vegas Video
10 Jan 2007
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This is my actual demoreel, modelled in Cinema 4d, rendering in Cinema 4d and Maxwellrender. Already working on a new better one.
29 Jan 2007
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This is a tutorial (my first) on how to take renders from Maxon Cinema 4D into Adobe After Effects without having to use any green screen, just using Alpha Channel in the Render Settings. 1. First, select any objects that you DON'T want to appear in the render. Now in the objects menu bar select FILE >> NEW TAG >> COMPOSITING TAG and now in the bottom right you will see the Tags' properties appear, simply uncheck Seen By Camera. Now do a quick render and you will see it dissappears. 2. Go to your Render Settings, select RENDER >> RENDER SETTINGS >> SAVE >> then choose FORMAT >> QUICKTIME MOVIE. Now with Quicktime Movie selected the option for Alpha Channel appears, check this to activate Alpha Channel. Now render the file. 3. Open After Effects and create a New Composition 4. Go to the main menu, FILE >> IMPORT >> FILE and select the rendered file. Now it will come up with Interpret Footage where it looks at the alpha settings, be default it should be Straight - Unmatted, if not, select this and then click OK. 5. Once the footage is in your file library, drag it to your timelime to be automatically centred. You can now add layers underneath it to show that only the objects you left without the Compositing Tag appear over the layer under it. Any questions feel free to ask! Any hints or suggestions to make the tutorial better will be great! Thanks.
4 Feb 2007
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Car racing animation by using lightawve 3d and realistic render engine renderman
11 Feb 2007
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This is prewiev of new discotheque in Metlika, Slovenia. Movie is made of render pictures made by design shows how will discotheque look like...Club BOLLYWOOD Metlika, Slovenia
26 Feb 2007
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This video tells you how to make a funny , yet pointless effect in Mac OS X by freezing a window in a mid-minimizing state, while still rendering everything in the window useful.
23 Feb 2007
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Aliens tuning into Polka , I was bored , only a few of you would recongnize the song :D ( models and rendering by me ;) )
10 Apr 2007
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This is a to make an easter egg in the 3D anim / render tool called Blender 3D available free from www.blender**** . I hope you enjoy my little first attempt at a Blender Video Tutorial. Happy Easter
9 Apr 2007
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This is a time lapse movie of Jeff Neugebauer, Master Painter using the Florentine Method of oil painting to render an image about evolution. Neugebauer uses traditional methods to make profound statements.
22 Apr 2007
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Devotional song rendered by young talented Shubhika Mukherji of Jaipur India aged 8 yrs.
27 Apr 2007
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The following video is an art rendering of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barak Obama.the Illustration was drawn and painted in Corel Painter.The Music in the video is by Smartsound Buyout Music.The art is Original and is the copyright of The Oramaz Website.If you enjoyed the video please mail it to a friend and pass it around.Thank you ,Robert
4 May 2007
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