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As a safeguard for managing your career effectively, watch for signs that your organization’s reputation is getting tarnished and begin a job search before the situation gets out of control and renders you unemployable.
18 Aug 2008
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The game was written by me, unfinished. As you see, this is the slow-motion replay. This game used a 2D Physics-engine called Box2D, and render via OpenGL. I'm not good at Photoshop, so if you're good at it and you're interesting in this game, maybe you could help me, just take a little time ;) email me: amanjiang{at}gmail{dot}com
7 Oct 2008
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This 3d Max Animated scene was completely built with splines. The splines were given materials and made renderable and a fly-around was done.
13 Nov 2008
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On the sleazier side of Sunset, teenage beauty APRIL has humble ambitions. She’s searching for a way to get by without taking off her clothes—any more than she already has. But the going is tough. SALLY ST. CLAIR is a realtor whose business has been built upon her sex appeal and secret past. Success has hardened Sally and rendered her disconnected, but it has given her a great eye for spotting lost souls in need of direction. One such soul is her assistant, NATHAN, who has moved to Los Angeles from Nebraska in search of fame as a dancer. Lacking drive and conf * Genre:Comedy * Director:Jason Freeland * Cast:Vinessa Shaw, Willa Holland, Richard Gunn, Patrick Fischler, Fiona Dourif
23 Jun 2009
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This is animation I have made for presentation of sports hall in Varazdin, Croatia. Purpose of hall is to give professional sportsman place for training and relaxation. Therefore hall doesn't have spectators seats. For presentation I have made 3d model of hall, interior, and rough sketch of surrounding area. I have also edited video clip and audio. For this project i have spend 1 month of work, and 2 weeks of rendering. I have use 3d studio max for 3d modeling, animating and rendering, and Adobe After Effects for video editing. Pleas contact me for additional details, and please rate my video. Thank you.
1 Sep 2008
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~*~ keep tha SLene alive ~*~ This demo features a lot of awesome things in the cyberspace of Second Life, including: - Dynamic realtime shadows & per-pixel lighting (3xp3r1m3ntl in Aug-08) - Havok 4 physics - WindLight atmospheric rendering - Sculpted prims I HAIL THE LINDENS WHO MADE THEM POSSIBLE! ~*~ Pr0ps (literally) ~*~ * Achamo Paine - rockass cat head, so many in the pile * Starax Statosky - magic wand which rezzeth schtuff (buffalo, penguins, balloons, bastard Santa, etc.) * Detox Watanabe - Facelight 3000 (by way of BigPapi Linden, y0) * Perefim Cao - Slop Chopper aka big sword * Vooner Voom - giant fried eggs, lots of 'em ~*~ FiLMeD ~*~ *******slurl****/secondlife/Apollo/128/128/41 *******slurl****/secondlife/Lasiocampa/167/196/30 *******slurl****/secondlife/Leykis/76/166/33 *******slurl****/secondlife/Geektopia/124/111/90 *******slurl****/secondlife/Fame/120/180/18 *******slurl****/secondlife/Here/44/123/25 *******slurl****/secondlife/Linden%20Estate%20Services/128/128/2 *******slurl****/secondlife/Marni/218/210/23 ... and a couple other places. Praise/credits be to each & all magnificentz creator! IS GOOD TO EXPLORE SECONDLIFE. ~*~ mUsics ~*~ Under Creative Commons frum Newgrounds & Jamendo, respektively. * ParagonX9 - "ChaoZ Fantasy" * Topology - "Knee Play IV" (originally bai Philip Glass) ~*~ w3rdd ~*~ "Tru 8-bit wonders! Glory be to the couriers. Distro this to yer mates, N you shalt amplify thy awesome." Assembled lovingly circa 2008 AD by Torley, feat. Ravenelle as dancing-kitty. PLURR. VISIT TORLEY.COM FOR MORE GREATNESS Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 Aug 2008
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Leah D'Emilio drops by Santa Monica-based Image Metrics, a motion-capture company on the cutting edge of rendering realistic faces, used on feature films ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix") and video games ("Grand Theft Auto 4"). Leah dons on the headcam used in performance based facial animation and discusses the Uncanny Valley.
26 Aug 2008
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(First seconds are rubbish! I had problems with rendering!) Das ist mein erster Clip von meinem Kurzfilm den ich gerade drehe! Ist nicht perfekt. Ist der erste Schnitt. ---------------------------------------- This is my first Clip for my Short Film that i filming this weekend. It isn't perfekt, because it is the first over Cut (edit)(Vision of the Result).
27 Aug 2008
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The long lost Shadowrun Duels mini-clix get a mention with New Batman Legos including Batman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr Freeze, Penguin, little Penguin Helpers WITH GUNS, and generic Henchman! All this and more, if the price is right! Another great NRFB Toy Review (ok, it's the first REAL one), hopefully you enjoy. First time EVER editing/rendering a video. I know my bottom logo is abit off, will fix in future but for now, it'll do! Coming Soon...THEME MUSIC! *snickers* Check out all the Details and Links at for short :)!
30 Aug 2008
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New England Patriots Star Randy Moss Leads New Pony Campaign Fear is an overwhelming emotion that debilitates its victims, rendering them helpless. Fear is a common emotion when you line up against Randy Moss number 81 of the Patriots. Your tongue grows heavy, you break into cold sweats, your legs feel like you're running in sand. Fear is what every NFL cornerback experiences trying to stop Randy Moss on Sundays. Getting "Mossed" is a phenomenon that happened with frequent regularity to unsuspecting defensive backs in the NFL last season as Randy Moss went out and grabbed a league record 23 touchdown passes. To view more Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/pony/34789/
5 Sep 2008
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Make logging on at Starbucks as fast as ordering a coffee. [ *******www.chinavasion****/wfiN ]. WiFi connections are all well and good but they aren't the fastest things on the block. And, if you've got an older computer and you want a wireless internet connection forget about it... you're pretty much looking at a complete overhaul. Thankfully Chinavasion's WiFi 802.11N USB dongle [ *******www.chinavasion****/wfiN ] has you covered. This dongle will keep you connected at 150Mbps. That's more than fast enough to handle emails... you can download faster, and make web pages render faster than the blink of an eye. WiFi 802.11N also comes with an extra layer of security. Check it out now at [*******www.chinavasion****/wfiN ] or visit [ *******www.chinavasion****/index.php/cName/computer-accessories-wifi/ ] for more great WiFi products from Chinavasion.
25 Dec 2008
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Stunning ease of FREE Truespace 7.6. Total scene including real time display rendering less than 1/2 hour. email growthwebyahoo**** for tutorials or to chat.
13 Sep 2008
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Truespace 7.6 is now free. Total scene including real time display rendering less than 1/2 hour. email growthwebyahoo**** for tutorials or to chat.
14 Sep 2008
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Quick test with the FREE Truespace 7.6. Real time display rendered 1000 frames in 3 minutes. Easy character animation and physics. email growthwebyahoo**** for tutorials or to chat. Thanks for looking
16 Sep 2008
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A quick test render of a polluting factory.
16 Sep 2008
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A rendering of a poem in Filipino by E. San Juan, Jr. The poem in Filipino and a German translation are found in BALIKBAYANG MAHAL: PASSAGES FROM EXILE (LuLu****, 2007). The epigraph to the poem is a quote from Walter Benjamin: "not to mention the worst drug of all--our selves--that we suck on when we are alone."
17 Sep 2008
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