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Some guys made 1500 replays with a purple car in the game TrackMania Nations and put them all into one, amazing movie.
15 Aug 2007
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First replay, goals should get better with time.
25 Oct 2007
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this is some of my best peggle replay.... and also the cheats trainer... enjoy....:P
7 Jun 2008
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Another 3D vid this time showing ingame replay. I actually won 1ST! =o) Apologies for the "scanlines", my video cable sux. =o/
6 Jul 2008
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Scoop! Nog niet op TV te zien, maar al wel online. De TV commercial van de nieuwe Replay geurlijn, Replay for Him & for Her. *******www.replayfragrances****
5 Oct 2008
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Behind the scenes compilatie. Kijkje achter de schermen bij productie van de nieuwe Replay TV commercial ter introductie van de geurlijn, Replay for Him & for Her. *******www.replayfragrances****
16 Nov 2010
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Instant Replay for Texas Tech
21 Oct 2008
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Instant Replay - Iowa State
24 Oct 2008
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Instant Replay - Baylor
29 Oct 2008
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Instant Replay - Kansas
12 Nov 2008
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Instant Replay for Kansas State
19 Nov 2008
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THANK YOU to all of you people, for your support and your comments. I really appreciate. You may download the original wmv if you want to enjoy the fullscreen show: you'll get it at and HAVE FUN! I guess this is a world record. I drove the same car thousands of times; every time I could make it until the end, I recorded the replay. I superposed 300 replays on 5 tracks, whitch gives a grand total of 1500 replays. What a show!!! Some of the animation si hand-made, frame-by-frame. HOW-TO: You must begin by making some replays on a same track. Then go to the "editor" of the game. Choose "Replays". Then, select all the replays of ONE SINGLE track. You can edit, view, or even play against yourself! More: you can actually save the race you've just done! If you choose "shoot a video", you got it all. A video will be realised with all the replays you selected. Have fun! TIPS : Although you might have the "big picture" in mind, don't forget that the realisation takes a huge amount of time (depending on the number of cars you want or the difficulty of the tracks). Spread the work on a reasonable amount of daily time: like 5 to 10 short replays a day. If you're not lucky one day (just can't make it 'til the finish line) forget it 'til tomorrow. In some weeks, you will be stunned by the effect of your vid!!! All the rest of the montage and synchronisation is done with Windows Movie Maker. Good luck! FOR THE NO-LIFE CRITICS: Try it yourself or forget criticising things you know nothing about. FOR THE LONG INTRO: I KNOW!!! Actually I made an enhanced intro, but there is no possibility to swap videos. Now I made this vid BEFORE I got a Youtube account. I made it for FUN, and for FRIENDS. Take it as is, or go watching something else, thanks. MUSIC IS "THE ROCK" MUSIC THEME FROM HANS ZIMMER. You can record it directly from the video with the "Freecorder toolbar", which is great for this, and is totally free. Thank you!
27 Nov 2008
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