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Parody - Republicans hate black people - The more you know
24 Feb 2007
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Ron Paul Bushwhacks the Republicans
3 Jul 2007
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Governor Romney on Why Republican Are Right
28 Jul 2007
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NW FL Black Republicans Gather For Romney
24 Aug 2007
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Are these the famiy values Republicans, espouse.
22 Nov 2007
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What would compel a human to toss his feces in a monkey-like celebration? The answer lies in my intense session watching the 'CNN YouTube Republican Debate' last night.
5 Dec 2007
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Jackie and Dunlap deconstruct the CNN/YouTube Republican Debate. *******www.redstateupdate****
5 Dec 2007
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Citizen Stanley Blumberg wants to know if Republicans will defend Israel.
9 Dec 2007
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One life-long Red-Rep wants to know why he should expect Republicans currently running for office to be less arrogant and incompetent than the Republican he voted for the last two elections.
12 Dec 2007
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For more, read The Playbook: *******www.politico****/playbook A Clinton campaign official says Republicans might imply that Obama sold drugs, Alan Keyes shows up at a Republican debate, and Fred Thompson refuses to raise his hand.
13 Dec 2007
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I think this may end up being less of a problem in the Feb. 5 primary than people may think. Low-information Democrats probably think this sounds like a decent idea. Keywords: Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, cabinet member, government, Republican, climate change, global warming ABC's Sunlen Miller Reports: Barack Obama has often said he'd consider putting Repbulicans in his cabinet and even bandied about names like Sens. Dick Lugar and Chuck Hagel. He's a added a new name to the list of possible Republicans cabinet members - Arnold Schwarzenegger [...] "What (he's) doing on climate change in California is very important and significant. There are things I don't agree with him on, but he's taken leadership on a very difficult issue and we haven't seen that kind of leadership in Washington," Obama said of the California governor. Honestly, until I see a full transcript, I wouldn't say definitively that Obama actually suggested Arnold for his cabinet. It sounds like, from the story, that he said he'd likely have Republicans in his cabinet (remember, even George Bush had a Democratic Secretary of Transportation, California's own Norman Mineta), and here are a few Republicans he respects. Of course, Obama doesn't live here, and doesn't see, for example, Schwarzenegger's attempts to slow-walk the global warming law to favor business. Or his irresponsible borrow and spend policies and refusal to address the structural budget problem. Or his desire to bust unions. Or his cuts to care for mentally ill homeless people. Or... well, I could go on. [UPDATE] by Julia According to the transcript sent to me by the Obama campaign via email, so no link, cant verify, Obama did not directly suggest Arnold as a potential member of his administration, but rather gave his name as a person going good things on the environment. It's on the flip. David Dayen :: Oh, Obama: Barack Suggests Schwarzenegger For His Cabinet? Questioner: When you were mentioning the list of great Democrats in the past, Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy, by the way I hope in the future you mention Truman as well. BO: Truman was a good one. Questioner: Yes, but when you were mentioning those two, they were famous for having Republicans in their administration to help bring the country together. Are there any Republicans that you could tell us about tonight that you would like to be part of the Obama administration? BO: You know its premature for me to start announcing my cabinet. I mean I'm pretty confident, but not that confident. We've still got a long way to go. I can tell you Republicans I respect though. Dick Lugar who I worked with on issues of arms control., wonderful guy we traveled together to Russia we toured nuclear facilities there. Talked to Russian generals about how countries could cooperate in reducing nuclear threats. He is somebody who embodies a tradition of bipartisan foreign policy that is sensible that is not ideological that is based on the idea that we have to have to have some humility and restraint in terms of our ability to project power around the world and we have to use diplomacy as a tool. Chuck Hagel, Vietnam veteran similar approach. Somebody whom I respect in a similar fashion. You know I don't agree with him on much, but what Schwarzenegger is doing I think on climate change in California is very important and significant. There are things I don't agree with him on, but he's taken leadership on a very difficult issue and we haven't seen that same kind of leadership in Washington, but climate change should not be a partisan issue we're all living on the same planet and there are ways of structuring an approach to climate change like a cap and trade system I've suggested. That can be market driven and generate investment and job opportunities that can grow the economy and that would be a very pro growth agenda over the long term.
21 Dec 2007
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Politics Video blog: Did Mitt Romney live to debate another day after his Saturday night drubbing? Watch the Mittmentum return in today's Highlight Reel of last night's FOX News Republican forum.
7 Jan 2008
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