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RFID Reader Technology
24 May 2009
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Fun thing to do with a RFID-reader. You don't have to worry about passwords anymore! Visit! :)
20 Dec 2009
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AsReader is an advanced RFID reader/writer or Barcode scanner for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As well, there are many supported applications, such as POS, stock control and so forth.
23 Jun 2017
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Keeping track of livestock can be a daunting task. Especially if you have a big farm with lots of animals. Luckily there are technology which is great to use just for this purpose. Radio-frequency identification or RFID is a small tracking unit that is implanted in each animal. With a RFID reader and RFID inventory system you can then keep track of your livestock.
6 Jul 2017
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How RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology works has been explained. So, in this video, what is RFID, how RFID works, What are tags, What are the Different types of tags and its frequencies have been explained. What is RFID? RFID is technology which works on radio frequency and it is used for the auto-identification to track different objects. An RFID system primarily consists of two parts from a hardware perspective. 1) RFID Readers/ RFID Antennas 2) RFID Tags RFID tags: Now, three different kinds of RFID tags are commercially available. 1) Passive tags 2) Active tags 3) Semi-passive tags Operating Frequency: This RFID system is mainly operated in three frequency bands (Although others do exist) 1) LF: Low-Frequency band 2) HF: High-Frequency band 3) UHF: Ultra High-Frequency band
28 Jan 2019
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There are various components you may choose to leverage for any RFID solution including RFID tags, RFID Readers, RFID Antennas, RFID printers and RFID software. This video will cover those various components. View various options for RFID hardware including RFID tags, RFID readers and others
19 Aug 2019
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The Violet Nabaztag RFID Mirror makes your everyday objects interactive, smart and interactive. Simply stick an RFID Ztamp:s to them and show them to Mir:ror. Everyday objects like keys can send an email to tell someone youre home, when to take your pills, play video clips and much more. Thousands of uses can be easily programmed through the easy to use interface.For more information, please visit:*******Www.Robotshop.Com
26 Aug 2009
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Click here to get up 60% OFF: ******* Motorola MC3090-Z RFID HandHeld Reader Intel Xscale PXA270 520MHz 128MB Win Mobile 6.1 Classic 520MHz Black MC3090Z-LC48HBAQE1 Motorola MC3090-Z RFID HandHeld Reader Intel Xscale PXA270 520MHz 128MB Win Mobile 6.1 Classic 520MHz Black MC3090Z-LC48HBAQE1. Product may differ from image shown.
23 Sep 2011
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The largest UHF RFID Antenna supplier China
4 Jun 2019
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ID Tech Solutions being the prominent RFID products and solution provider with its HQ in India, Gurgaon (Delhi-ncr), has the CBIC (CBEC earlier) approved rfid container seals which are also known as Rfid tamperproof one time bolt seals for containers. We are the manufacturer of CBIC approved RFID container seals, and we provide the highly reliable premium quality RFID container seal, and the container security solution for the authentication and security of the containers used for exports (Customs). We are the proud provider of RFID custom seals, and have a long list of satisfied clients across the length and breadth of India to whom we have delivered the same within the referred time. These RFID seals also known as RFID E-Seals for containers which improve the accuracy of reading and reduce workloads along with the minimum human error of tracking and identification. As reading and writing identification numbers of container RFID seals are not feasible if done manually and time consuming also, these seals are the best solution for identification and security of containers. With in- depth understanding of the Indian markets we emerge as leaders through quality and product innovation. This industry leading comprehensive approach gives us the ability to respond quickly to customer needs and design innovative solutions that meet those needs efficiently and cost effectively. We take pride in building strategic long-term client relations.
27 Aug 2019
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I saw this at Maker Faire 2008. John Park created a neat conveyor belt with an RFID reader under it. When you place one of the wooden tiles (with an RFID chip) stamped with the icon of a website or application on the moving belt, the reader sends the ID to a computer, which loads the corresponding website or application. John's how-to project will be in a future issue of MAKE magazine.
9 May 2008
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The Omni-ID Ultra RFID Tag achieves a remarkable 135 foot read range. Quote from this review "We were able to read the Ultra RFID tag from 90 feet away using our hand-held reader, and in our stationary RFID reader tests the Ultra was read 135 feet away"
18 Nov 2009
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