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Check out David's channel: ***********/davidchoimusic And watch us LIVE every Thursday at 9pm ET: *******www.rhettandlink****/live
5 May 2008
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This is a LIVE interview from last week's episode of our webshow, the RhettandLinKast. Subscribe to Tavin's vlog at: ***********/sweetteafilms Watch our webshow, Thursdays at 9pm EDT at: *******www.rhettandlink****/live
27 Mar 2008
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I mean, think about it. Is there anything new under the sun?
15 Aug 2008
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This is my SuperNote for Team Rhett & Link! *******www.LaneVids**** Watch These LaneVids' Videos Only Found Here: *******www.expotv****/profile/videos/l4anyrat
31 Oct 2008
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mp3, Lyrics, and Info: Get the mp3 now: *******rhettandlink****/music/ Our new CD is coming out around Thanksgiving on *******store.dftba****/ LYRICS: Back in late 2008 The thing that was all the rage... millions of you watched Shiba Inu puppies didn't you? Live, 24 hours a day they eat sleep bark poopoo and play. But now those puppies are dogs and it's just not the same at all. So what do you want?... The next time you hop online if we could only read your mind we'd crack the code to live viral video. But you don't even know what you want until you see it. So we will conceive it and convince you that you need it. Please remain seated 'til the procedure is completed. Live on the internet. And you can't get enough of it! Even though we've mapped the human genome we still can't predict the next live web phenom. We know so much, we've come so far... but when it comes to this we're still in the dark. I feel like a baby; a small helpless baby... A small helpless baby trying to make gravy... A Peruvian Llama trying to put on pajamas... a two-toed sloth trying to play golf. Live on the Internet. And you can't get enough of it! Thanks to our guests: Snoop Dogg: ******* Gary V: *******tv.winelibrary****/ iJustine: ***********/ijustine Leo Laporte: *******leoville****/ Chris Pirillo: *******chris.pirillo****/ Amber MacArthur: *******ambermac****/ Thanks to ******* for the puppy footage, the Snoop hook up, and for powering our live show for the past year and half! ******* Thanks to Noah's Landing in Coats, NC for the animals: *******www.noahslanding2x2****/ Distributed by Tubemogul.
29 Sep 2009
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Show6 Highlights: The LIVE and INTERACTIVE RhettandLinKast Internet Show. *******www.rhettandlink****/live Tune in every Thursday Night: 9pm EST (8pm CST, 6pm PST, 2am GMT) ALSO WATCH: The Rhett&Link OFFICE HOUR Every Fridays: Noon EST (5pm GMT, 9am PST)
17 Jan 2008
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One segment from the latest RhettandLinKast LIVE... Tune in every Thursday for interactive internetainment: *******www.rhettandlink****/live
17 Mar 2008
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Why are gas prices so high? A live performance from our weekly webshow--the RhettandLinkast LIVE. Tune in every Thursday! *******www.rhettandlink****/live
18 Mar 2008
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