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Club Revolution - Rhytm Is Dancer Remix EDM 2018
22 Sep 2018
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playing basketball
2 Dec 2007
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A drummer TRIES to get some practise in. Drummer: Neil Curran Created circa 1985
21 Jan 2007
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now baby Dani plays realy hard metal. maybe shi will be another famous musician in the world? ;)
7 Nov 2008
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RhytmOfRhytmes DAN Show Ssler.
25 Nov 2008
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enjoy nice music.. and relax..
16 Jul 2009
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*******JoelSalsaOnline**** *******JoelSalsa**** How to Dance Salsa On Timing? How to know the instruments that make the Salsa rhythm? In this videos I want to share a software that you can use to practice your timing when you dance Salsa.
28 Apr 2010
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solo djembe
29 Jul 2010
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hi this is the super mega djembe i make HAND MADE i do make everything .metal skin design wood .you have to lisen de bass.i do have super mega bass .i do thing this is the most big djembe in the world i dint find one more big no where. Then i bilt one other percussion theMOST BIG IN THE WORLDi was 2.25 meter F.OR CONTACT 0035799189645
1 Aug 2010
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This is the first lesson in many serious to come in DAZZ DanceFitness Style .Dazz is Afrro-Rhytms mixed with modern dance,and all the elements of street dance.Dazz was very big in the 70's in Montreal, featuring the Shakka Dancers, who's funk was infleunce by the great LOCKERS of street dance group.
28 Apr 2007
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Bossanova: Marcos Valle's song as the background and all the videos of my trip around Europe follow the rhytm. Germany: Koln's Carnaval, Kiel's Kielerwoche. Spain: Barcelina Spain, Barcelona and New York's Brooklyn Bridge.
3 Feb 2008
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Crazy mix of some of my videos from my trip around Europe and NY follow the rhytm. Germany: Koln's Carnaval, Kiel's Kielerwoche. Spain: Barcelina Spain, Barcelona and New York's Brooklyn Bridge. I initialy was only gonna change the music of this video so metacafe can accept it but I change it completely and I like this new version! The original video is from: So nice (summer samba) and the music is the same that I create for: Lots of weird cool effects (CHECK THEM BOTH, THEY ARE ALSO ON METACAFE. Enjoy!
7 Feb 2008
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There are many ways to strum an ukulele but Aaron from Hawaii Music Supply shows you a very basic strum technique with rhytm and fingering. Free online ukulele lessons brought to you by Hawaii Music Supply.
26 Oct 2008
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BONGO BONGO The latin rhytm GUAGUANCO omly by the conga and bongo master an multi percussionist DANIEL "PATATO" SALGADO... just see ... and LEARN to play bongo drums and CONGAS ¡¡¡
8 Aug 2008
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When I watched the trailer of LASKAR PELANGI the movie, I am surprised to know that NIDJI will contribute for the soundtracks The result is AMAZING, TRULY AMAZING. To me, it's just the best NIDJI's single ever. The lyrics is touching enough. Although the song rhytm can be considered as joyful, but somehow it can emotionally build you up ... For those who havent seen LASKAR PELANGI. Be prepare, the MOVIE is gonna be MASSIVE-HIT this year (almost the same level as AYAT-AYAT CINTA). THe movie (and also this MUSIC VIDEO) was filmed in Desa Gantong, BElitong. FOr the trailer, check the link below : those who doesnt know, what the heck LASKAR PELANGI is, shame on you ... hehehe, LASKAR PELANGI is Indonesian Best Seller Novel in 2007-2008 :)... Okey, enjoy the SONG. :) (and enjoy the video) MV Released : September 2008 MV director : Edwin
22 Oct 2008
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