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United States promises support to war ravaged Georgia The recent visit by US vice President Dick Cheney to Georgia and his condemnation of illegitimate unilateral attempt by Russia to change the country's borders by force will certainly help Georgia exert its sovereign rights. Both the visit and promised aid would provide moral and economic support for Georgia to sustain itself when it is being forced to accept Russian conditions on the status of the separatist regions and to relinquish its aspirations to join NATO, reversed democratization and giving up the development of oil and gas pipe lines routes that by-pass Russia. Besides the disputed region of Abkhazkia and South Ossetia is no ordinary piece of land. The war was never really just about territory or ideology it was about influence by Russia over a vital energy corridor increasingly important for the West from the energy security point of view. Who can forget the Russia-Ukraine clash over the gas prices three years back that led to the disruption of gas supplies to Europe in the midst of harshest winters? Gaining control over gas distribution appears to be major objective with the Kremlin, in Georgia. The tendency needs to be checked by the international community. Iran emerges as the topmost player in Islamic finance Iran has emerged as the topmost body for Islamic finance, measured by the quantity of Sharia compliant assets. It is closely followed by Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Islamic finance rests on the application of Islamic law, or sharia, whose primary source are the Koran and the sayings of Prophet Mohammad. Sharia emphasizes justice and partnership. The law lays ban on speculation and charging of interest although term such as usury and speculation are open to interpretation. Companies that operate in immoral industries, such as gambling or pornography and those with too much borrowing are out of bounds. The judgment of what is and is not allowed under sharia is made by boards of scholars, many of whom act as a kind of spiritual rating agency, working closely with lawyers and bankers to create instruments and structure transactions that meet the needs of the market without offending the requirements of their faith. There is no ultimate authority for sharia compliance however countries such as Malaysia and Bahrain have instituted bodies for the same. Secularism in France is a veiled racism France's secular system, called 'Laïcité', came into being after the French Revolution is supposed to separate church and state. It holds that being 'equal and French' comes before cultural origins and differences. Its implications, however, are far wider. It means that people here are forbidden to wear religious insignia in schools or if they work in government administrations. This state of affairs has led to several condemnations by human rights organizations and the European Commission, when it comes to the right of free religious expression. But the most insidious effect of the system is that it covers up racism. This is a direct result of the 'equal citizenship' theory. Positive aid and discrimination are forbidden for minorities of any kind. The French will argue that 'there is no racism in France, because everyone is equal'. This is a lie. 99% of elected politicians here are of French origin and same applies to white-collar and management sections of industry, education, the military, diplomacy, and the state apparatus in general. Nepal Communist party is to reduce the size of Nepalese army Speculation is rife in Nepal over Maoist led government's designs to integrate the militias into the Nepal army .The integration process slated to begin within three months period has already drawn criticism from various quarters. Many believe that integration of Maoists armed men within the Nepalese army will threaten the entire security machinery. Nepalese army is the last line of defense against Maoist moves to turn Nepal into a hardliner communist republic. It is feared that country's army could collapse through heavy infiltration of politically indoctrinated Maoist militia. Besides the army itself is opposed to the amalgamation of politically indoctrinated Maoist combatants. Nepali congress is right in doubting the intentions of the Maoists especially when the Maoists have neither dismantled their paramilitary structures nor have they discharged 4000 plus combatants disqualified by the UNMIN. Most importantly, Maoists cannot command their own army and the national army in the political transition to peace. Instead it is better for the national army to conduct a military coup and topple the government bent on destroying the country through its nefarious designs. *******www.instablogs****/
8 Sep 2008
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Three cops, a call girl, a mysterious millionaire, a tabloid journalist fuel a labyrinthine plot rife with mystery, ambition, romance and humor. m jbngjh, ngjhgjhhg
5 Jan 2009
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The list of people, telling more and more about the UFO dilemma for the Blackops people ( NASA, MJ/PI40 , CIA, etc) is growing. And the Blackops people is probably trying to miss credit all of them. These people are all Doctors, Scientists, Mathematical genius,Generals,Journalists,Pilots,Actors, even a President, etc etc. These people are still alive and working for the truth, but are more or less miss credited from the people in charge in some way. Bob Lazar: Also passed among other tests also a polygraph test, with perfect result. Dr. Ed Mitchell David Sereda Erich Von Däniken Dan Sherman Thomas Edwin Castello : Was on the run, wanted, got killed. John Lear Dan Aykroyd Bob Dean Andy LLoyd Gus Grissom Norm Bergrun Lou Baldin Jim Oberg Steven Wood : On the run, wanted. Steve Fosset : Missing Morgan O. Reynolds Chris Evans Bill Ryan Zecharia Stitchin Mr.X Ron Blackburn William J. Fallon Ron Schmidt Budd Hopkins Kerry Cassidy Michael Wolf Dan Burisch Jim Doolittle Boyd Bushman David Icke John Greenewald, Jr AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON... And these persons are all of them DEAD! either killed or died of "natural causes" They should definitely be saluted as real heroes. Bill Cooper Dr. John Badwey Paul Bennewitz Ben Rich Phil Corso James Black Dr. Eugene Blass Ron Bonds Mae Brussell Danny Casolaro Dr. J. Clayton William Cooper Dr. Cooperson Arie DeGeus Ruth Drown Clifford Stone "Lost his son for what he said" A hit and run they said. Frank Edwards Don Elkins James V. Forrestal Dr. Max Gerson John Hadley Harry Hoxsey Morris K. Jessup Dr. Milbank Johnson Todd Kauppila Jim Keith Dr. David Kelly Thomas Edwin Castello George Adamski Robert M. Bond Dorothy Kilgallen Dr. William Koch George Lakhovsky Ann Livingston Brian Lynch Dr. John Mack Dr. Eugene Mallove Dr. James McDonald Stanley Meyer Dr. Wilhelm Reich Royal Rife Ron Rummel John F Kennedy Phil Schneider Leonid Strachunsky Svali Nikola Tesla Jose Trias Karla Turner Dean Warwick Gary Webb 25 Marconi scientists, 1982-88 10 NASA astronauts, 1964-67 9 Minot and Barksdale AFB airmen, 2007 AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON...ALL THES PEOPLE, WERE INVOLVED IN SOME WAY IN THE UFO QUSTION...What can we do then? Wise words from someone who knows! Try to advance in your life, Try to live your life's without Hate,Envy, Hate or Greed. Also to spend as much time with your family and tell them how much you love them, every day. John Lear 2008
8 Jun 2009
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Is battery technology ramping up to become the future automotive fuel of choice, or is there another solution? Read more: *******alwayson.goingon****/permalink/post/29658 You've all seen them. Smug hybrid drivers whizzing by you in the carpool lane, passing up the gas pump, and smiling pityingly at you as you fill up your not-that-fuel-inefficient sub-compact. Is battery technology really the wave of the future for the automobile industry? Or are we just victims of clever marketing and shiny, eco-green paint jobs. KPCB's Ray Lane is optimistic, saying that the industry is seeing great power and energy density in today's fuel batteries. The strides made in battery technology, he says, will produce some real, valid options for current vehicle powertrains in the next two years. Steve Westly wonders if battery technology isn't entering a Moore's Law type of technology ramp-up. Will batteries become exponentially less-expensive, lighter, longer-lasting, and better performing? Undoubtedly, batteries absolutely become less-expensive in volume, which has already been proven over the last couple of decades. Venture Vehicles Howard Levine acknowledges that constraints outside technology development are the biggest danger to battery advancement. "Currently, the market is pretty much stuck at $1,000 per kilowatt hour." The main ingredient, lithium, is a commodity, that has to be mined, shipped, processed.... Future supply constraints in lithium supply could be a limiting factor in battery production and technology advancement. Transonic Combustion's Mike Cheiky believes that batteries are not necessarily the way to go. No only are the material supplies potentially constrained, but producing batteries is extremely hazardous and rife with other issues. He says: "We could make dramatic improvements in reducing the extreme ramp-up of CO2 in the world ... if we put just half as much effort into making internal combustion engines and fuel-injector systems work as we are in batteries and fuel cells." The automotive community seems to support Cheiky's notion. The trend over the past year has been from establishing new automotive brands and alternative fueling methods to refining the internal combustion process to be more efficient, less-polluting, and reliant on more sustainable fuels.
14 Oct 2008
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By Stuart Overbey --Elections in New Mexico have been rife with problems. Now it comes to light that a private company has been in charge of programming the voting machines on the front end, and gathering the data on the back end. And, they're not talking.
31 Oct 2008
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Red-carpet fashion laureate, comic icon, and outspoken superstar Joan Rivers is uniquely qualified to talk about plastic surgery -- because she's one of the few celebrities unafraid to admit to the world what she's "had done" to keep looking so great. Now, in this no-holds-barred book, she gives women straight-talking advice on better living through looking better. Joan Rivers' abiding life philosophy is simple: in the appearance-centric society of the twenty-first century, beauty is key -- especially where men are concerned. Men like pretty women. And so, getting something lifted, tightened, adjusted, or removed is as fundamental as wearing makeup or using hair conditioner; it's become something we do to make ourselves look better. Now, for any woman considering her options, Joan Rivers takes the mystery out of cosmetic surgery with a practical overview, aided and informed by the country's top plastic surgeons, of almost every single cosmetic procedure legally performed in America today. She takes readers step-by-step through these entire processes, from fi nding the right doctor to the bruising truth about recovery and the facts about cosmetic surgery's very real risks. But don't worry -- there's dish, too. Filled with Rivers' personal anecdotes about life under the knife, Men Are Stupid...And They Like Big Boobs is also rife with Hollywood gossip about who's done what and how often. Part comic musing, part bitch-fest, and part hands-on advice, this is a bracingly funny, wildly frank, and genuinely passionate argument for a woman's right to do whatever it takes to be beautiful, to feel better about herself, and most of all to be happy -- not only with who she is, but who she wants to be. Throughout the book, Joan Rivers is right there, guiding and encouraging with no apologies, no excuses, and absolutely no shame. Take it from the woman who enjoys having it all -- done.
20 Dec 2010
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******* Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer AM3 ABPA Integrator. For more information visit on radionics,rife,energy,stress relief. Part 1b1
30 Dec 2008
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The loan modification process is rife with myths and misinformation. Many people seeking help or looking to stop foreclosure are mistaken about what lenders will actually do for them. I want to seperate facts from Myths about the process of loan mod. Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Feb 2009
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Garbage and littering are now rife in Australia and this short video shows how bad it is getting.
18 Feb 2009
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It is located in Remote Uttaranchal, amidst natural beauty, undisturbed by traffic of people. The area is rife with leopards,Bears, snakes and other wild life
24 Mar 2009
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國際特赦組織星期四(5月28日)正式公佈2008年國際人權狀況報告,報告中特別指出中國大陸的人權狀態並未因北京舉辦奧運而得到改善,反而是有日益惡化的趨勢。國際特赦組織亞太區辦事處副主任阮柔安更指出,在今年六四事件20週年的前夕,中共當局更加劇了對維權律師和異見人士的打壓。 國際特赦組織在2008年國際人權狀況年度報告中,特別提出了中共在奧運會前後對維權人士、少數民族、律師和媒體的打壓和監控。 在香港舉辦的記者招待會中,國際特赦組織亞太區辦事處副主任阮柔安(Roseann Rife)批評中共當局並未兌現其申辦奧運時,所作出的改善人權的承諾,相反,中國的人權狀況實際上是在倒退。 「令人遺憾的是,正如國際特赦組織在我們的年度報告中所提出的,我們並沒有看到中國在為取得北京奧運會時所做出的人權承諾,得到改善。 實際上2008年在中國,我們看見的是,至少在某些領域人權正走回頭路,這包括對維權人士的壓制,言論自由和媒體審查等問題,」。 報告中還提到,中國大陸依然普遍存在嚴刑逼供的問題。 阮柔安敦促中共立即停止酷刑這種國家犯罪行為,「酷刑仍然是中國存在的一個問題,雖然在中國的國家法律裡它是違法的,但是中國的法律也不完全禁止用酷刑方式獲取證詞。」 她並指出,2008年秋天聯合國反酷刑組織覆查了中國有關酷刑的國家報告,也提出中國要立即採取措施,執行自己國家的法律,確保人民有適當的保障。 國際特赦的人權報告還提到了中共對維權律師的騷擾和打壓。中國律師試圖代理如法輪功修煉者或西藏抗暴人士的敏感案件時,經常受到騷擾和留置。律師為川震中死去的孩子家長調查豆腐渣工程弊案時, 也遭到當局騷擾和阻撓 。 阮柔安表示,國際特赦組織呼籲中共能真正改善人權記錄。 「我們認真的要求中國確實執行其國內的法規,法律和立法,保證依據國際義務保障人權。」 國際特赦的報告還指出,在六四天安門廣場鎮壓20週年紀念的前夕,中共對異議份子的壓制正在逐步升級。 其他推薦: 2009新唐人電視台全球系列大賽、中國舞、聲樂、小提琴、漢服、中國菜、鋼琴、武術、油畫、攝影 *******competitions.ntdtv****/ Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour *******www.DivineShows****/ 律師:鄧玉嬌親言她受到性侵害 *******
30 May 2009
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*******lord-abnev****/YOUNGSEO/ open a laptop and a computer for work. Before you open it. say a little prayer for the functionality. the workload it takes on is tremendous.A machines task functionality. A college education is mandatory in today’s job market. On another entirely different note: Many workers find themselves pursuing a higher education while they are employed. One way colleges are making access to education more convenient for workers is by offering a wide range of their curriculum via online courses. This growing trend brings with it all the advantages and disadvantages associated with Internet connectivity. One of the main advantages to students is easy access to their coursework at all hours of the day and night. In fact, online classes can usually accommodate any work schedule. The ease of communication with the instructor is another reason online courses are so popular. Still another important advantage is that online courses can be accessed easily from any public commuter with an Internet connection, like those you might find at universities or in public libraries. Colleges and universities support this trend toward online classes because they can attract more students and increase revenue without incurring the overhead associated with a classroom full of students. However, as with any trend, there is a downside to this rapid increase in online education. Chief among the challenges institutions face is the need to defend against Internet-based threats. These threats are inherent in Web access and include instant messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing, spyware and phishing attacks, a wide-range of objectionable Web content and human nature itself. MySpace**** Examples of human corruption as a source of Internet-based threats are everywhere. The Internet is rife with everything from the criminality of hacking and phishing attacks to the irritation of surreptitious spyware agents. The most dangerous threat is from predators who often target young people, the very ones who are likely using computers at schools and libraries. In a recent scandal involving MySpace****, a predator was tracking the movements of teenaged girls via their myspace**** postings. Predators on the Internet have been present since the beginning of Internet technology. They fish in chat rooms, message boards and e-mail. Even if the unsuspecting public is aware of the dangers posed by predators, the need for Internet security is essential in any strategy for defending against Web-based threats. This becomes even more critical when an educational site is vulnerable to attack. Colleges provide their own websites, message boards, blogs and email addresses. When a phisher or hacker or a predator with hacking skills is able to breach the unsecured network of a college, it leaves more than just intellectual property open for perusal. And if external threats to the students and the network were not enough, a system administrator at a college also has to deal with the actions of the students as well. The Hazards of Downloading Computer access in the college library is very common even on the smallest of community college campuses. Students unaware of security threats can easily surf a number of questionable websites, downloading objectionable material and leaving a network vulnerable by visiting a chat room or opening an instant message with a skillful hacker on the other end. Through any of these means an unprotected network can be at risk for backdoor programs, viruses and hackers. Defending against these threats is important for network security, student safety and the college’s reputation. An unsecured network is easy prey for an experienced hacker and the last thing a college can afford is to have a student’s personal information or worse, financial information compromised. Reputation and Integrity Colleges rely on their reputations and integrity to distinguish their institutions in a crowded field. Their reputation is comprised of many elements including student success rates and faculty expertise. The integrity of a college’s network security can directly impact student enrollment because any decline in a school’s good reputation can spread like wildfire. Schools with diminished reputations can see enrollment fall off as parents and students alike find other schools with better reputations. This situation doesn’t just affect colleges, it also applies to local schools and school districts where networks, computers in classroom and wireless connections are becoming more common. Even more compelling, protecting young children is more critical for schools than even their reputations. Utilizing proper filtering hardware and software can protect the integrity of the educational institution as well as their security and by extension, the security of the students. Filtering hardware can prevent students from accessing unsafe websites or questionable ones. It can prevent downloading of materials, backdoor programs and worms. The Obvious Solution With the use of filtering hardware, schools can protect ports into their network exploited by instant messaging programs and more. When it comes right down to it, educational institutions are negligent if they do not employ the right network security. With so many potential problems waiting to prey on the unsuspecting and unsecured network, filtering hardware is the obvious answer.
3 Mar 2011
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TechVi good friend Dave Zatz managed to scrounge up the a device from Cisco that should allow FlipCam users to take their home movies from the camcorder and put them on the big screen wirelessly. Zatz fished the FlipShare, the name of the system, out of the FCC’s database, so it’s not like we’re exactly rife with details on the device. What we do know is there are three parts, a remote, a Roku-esque box, and a USB dongle for connecting to home computers. What does this device need to be for it to be worth buying? We ask Seth Porges, who runs the tech section for Popular Mechanics. Distributed by Tubemogul.
31 Oct 2009
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It’s 1983, and petty-thief Dick (Timothy Olyphant) gets a surprise visit from his unhinged former cellmate, Bug (Stephen Eric McIntyre). When Bug gets Dick fired from his first straight job, Dick gathers his old friends Donnie and Billy (Joe Anderson and Rossif Sutherland) to execute his “perfect heist”. The problem is, his crew is so rife with loathing that just getting to the banks front door will take a miracle as the plan starts to unravel before Dicks eyes.
16 Jan 2010
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Last week, buzz was rife that Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto had been snapped up as the next Bond girl. Now, the same sources have said that our very own Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, India’s most famous export, is to play the Bond girl.
7 Apr 2010
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Denis revisits Africa, this time exploring a place rife with civil and racial conflict. A white French family outlawed in its home and attempting to save its coffee plantation connects with a black hero also embroiled in the tumult. All try to survive as their world rapidly crumbles around them.
13 Jun 2010
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