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*******www.etrailer****/tv-wiring-install-2007-lexus-RX350.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today on this 2007 Lexus RX350 we are going to be installing the 4-pole harness part number 18002. The Lexus that we are going to show you today has a unique situation to it. On our website we indicate the wiring for the Lexus is going to be modulite part number 119176. This particular Lexus does have a factory installed tow package that we are going to be able to tap into so we are going to show you how to locate that. The port is located in the rear cargo area of the vehicle underneath the flooring over on the driver side. We are going to need to remove most of this interior section. There is a particular order of operations that we need to abide by to get all of the components out. 00:38 We are going to start by removing the forward most cargo door. We need to pull back the facing at the front section first. There are push rivets that are holding that in place so just pull it up. We need to unscrew the hinges that are holding the flooring into place. There is one screw per side for these hinges. We next remove the forward most cargo storage area. There are two push rivets holding this into position. One on the driver side and one on the passenger side. We are going to be using a rivet removal tool. We need to slide it underneath and just pry it up. 01:11 Next we are going to remove the front storage compartment. To access it we need to release the two coverings and there are buttons at the rear threshold to do that. Again, we have got two push rivets holding it in place. One on the driver side and one on the passenger side. Next we will remove the driver side floor covering and there are actually four bolts holding it into position, two here at the rear side and two at the forward side. Next we will remove the rear threshold piece. There are two push pins that are holding this into position. One on the driver and one on the passenger side. When removing the threshold piece you need to watch the releases for the cargo buttons. Make sure you clear the releases for the cargo doors. When you get the threshold piece to release you need to press these in. Finally we want to remove the driver side storage compartment. We have got two fasteners holding it in position. One push pin here and one here at the inside of the cargo area. 02:22 With all of those components removed, if we look at the main wiring harness feeding the tail light assembly on the driver side, there is a port located right here and that is our tow package port that we are going to be tapping into. Unfortunately this time the manufacturers do not offer an after market plug-in for this port. So what we are going to do is cut this end off and we are going to wire our wiring harness directly into it. Before cutting the end off I am going to remove the fuses activating our tow package so that we do not shorten anything when we cut the wires. You can locate this fuse underneath the hood in our accessory fuse box. If you remove the lid and look at the top side, it is labeled towing 30 amp fuse. We will put that back in when we are finished wiring in our 4-pole. Then back at the port we will cut the wires. The 4-pole harness comes with scotch locks to make our connections with. However I am going to use some standard butt connectors. We tested previously to find out which wires carry which function. The green is our right turn, right brake signal. Yellow is our left turn, left brake signal. The blue wire is our running light lead and the white is the ground. It is pretty similar to the wires that we have got on our 4-pole harness. The white is our ground, the yellow is our left turn, left brake. Green right turn, right brake, and the brown is our running light lead. 03:52 We want to strip back some of the jacketing on each one of the wires. With our wiring stripped back we just want to apply the butt connector. We will the wire into one end and then we will crimp that down. Take the adjoining wire and slide it in and crimp it down as well. Then we just want to tape up those connections. Then for storage of the 4-pole we have two options. We recommend that you leave it inside the vehicle. Store it in the storage compartment over here and then just pull it out the rear cargo door whenever you want to use it. However if you do need it underneath the vehicle permanently there is a grommet there right below the connector. You can just put a splice in that, route the 4-pole through there and then you can leave it underneath the vehicle permanently. From there we just want to put our fuse back into position and reinstall our flooring and then our installation will be complete. With the interior reinstalled we will show you how you can store your 4-pole. When you want to use it again just pull it out the rear door and you can close the door on it. You do not have to worry about it being pinched. The weather stripping at the rear will prevent that from happening. You can see I can still move it side to side freely. With that, that will conclude the installation of 4-pole part number 18002 on a 2007 Lexus RX350.
25 Nov 2010
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This is a compilation of STUPID Chinese drivers being stupid, idiotic, brainless morons! In Taiwan, it is illegal to turn right on a red light. Of course Chinese people NEVER obey the law. They won't even stop and look before making a right turn on a red light. It is stupid and dangerous, but they don't care about anyone's life. MANY people have been hurt and murdered by these STUPID morons who think that as long as there are no cameras, there is no way they’re going to obey the law. I don't call them "STUPID Chinese Drivers" because there are a few bad Chinese drivers. It’s because most of them are bad drivers. These videos show how Chinese drivers act ALL THE TIME! They have absolutely no respect for the law or each other. If you get in their way, you could easily end up under their car. As many Chinese say, “My father is Li Gang! / 我爸是李刚!” It means that they do not have to be responsible for their actions. They are so arrogant in their beliefs, that they cannot understand that what they are doing is stupid and dangerous. That is why they have the highest rate of traffic accidents in the world. In most cases, they will treat foreigners with respect in China. I guess that’s because they know that foreigners are not STUPID morons when they drive. In Taiwan, they WILL blame you for any accident that happens. There was a law that is not supposed to be exercised anymore, but of course it still is. It states that if a foreigner gets into an accident in Taiwan, it MUST be the foreigners fault. The law states that if the foreigner was not in Taiwan, the accident would never have happened. Therefore, the foreigner IS guilty. I have many more videos and news articles, including many videos that I think are too horrific for a site like this, on my blog at ***********.
14 Jun 2011
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May be the world's fastest non-bolted wheel shaft, the speed can reach 1 foot per second * 5 button remote control through the manipulation and charging, to achieve forward / backward / left / right / turn / stop control * Built-in rechargeable battery, 30 minutes USB charging, can be more than 15 minutes of continuous operation Specification: Size: 11 * 7 * 17 (Color box) 7.5 * 5.5cm (Running wheel) 8.5 * 4 * 1.5cm (transmitter) Weight: 0.2kg Function: Forward / backward / left / right / turn / stop Power: Charge time: 30 minutes / use time: 15 minutes China supplier: Email : fangzhengcnhotmail**** Skype ID : chanceller819 *******chinagift.en.ecplaza****
26 Dec 2011
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When you need a lawyer who will fight for your rights, turn to Kristin Jones Law Firm! Located in Springfield, we are committed to providing exceptional criminal defense to our clients. We feature flexible appointment times, payment plans, and a free initial consultation. We'll work to put the law on your side. Kristin Jones Law Firm, contact us today! Kristin Jones Law Firm (417) 283-4020 601 S Grant Ave. Springfield, MO 65806 www.kristinjonesattorneyatlaw****
11 Feb 2012
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******* Can anything new be said in a romantic comedy? Do Jason Segel and Emily Blunt make a believable couple? I’m Keith Kelly. Find out next in my review of “The Five-Year Engagement”. When a movie is promoted by the tagline “from the producers of Bridesmaids”-you know you’re probably in for a good, sometimes raunchy ride. You get a bit of that, plus some unexpected surprises, twists and turns in “The Five-Year Engagement”. The title gives you a fair idea of what to expect-even if you haven’t seen the trailers. Starring the big puppy dog of a man Jason Segel, and the beautiful Emily Blunt, we meet a couple that seems perfect for each other-even though Violet is enormously attractive and Tom is, well, Jason Segel . Most romantic comedies take their sweet time getting couples together. It’s not a spoiler to reveal that Tom and Violet get engaged within the first five minutes of the film. But what helps make this movie enjoyable is how they shake up the “boy meets girl” formula. Just when you think you’ve got the plot figured out-it takes a delightful right turn-just like real life sometimes does. And that’s the point of this film. If you ever think you’ve got a handle on life, you’re eventually going to be surprised, sometimes disappointed, and find that relationships are always a “work in progress”. Marriage, and life in general, is more about the journey than the destination. Sometimes you’ve got to grab hold of things right now, instead of waiting for the right moment. The solid chemistry between the two leads goes a long way in carrying this film. You’ve got to like and care for the couple in a romantic comedy for the movie to succeed. But I don’t want you to think that “The Five-Year Engagement” is nothing but a sap fest. Even though there is a lot of sweetness in this film, there are also many laugh out loud moments-some gross, some silly-many of them thanks to the superb supporting cast, including Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation, Chris Parnell from SNL, and Brian Posehn-a strange looking dude whose name probably doesn’t register, but his face will. Lots of good little character bits everywhere you look. It’s not a all fun and laughs-there are some serious relationship moments, but never so many that he film bogs down. It’s a great date movie-especially if you’ve been with your sweetie for a long time-enough wacky stuff for the guys, enough sunsets and long walks for the gals. My quibbles are one too many bare ass shot of Jason Segel, a plot that could use a tiny bit of tightening, and a little too convenient, wrapped up ending. With all that in mind, I give “The Five-Year Engagement”, directed by Nicholas Stoller, and co-written by Stoller and Jason Segel, a grade of “B”. I’m Keith Kelly. Are you an entrepreneur, or business leader that would like to connect more with your audience, sell more product, or motivate your employees? Let Keith Kelly, Business Story Coach of Innovative Communications give you a hand telling YOUR story in a short film. For more info, go to: *******
1 May 2012
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There is a difference between a motorcycle and a truck and this man here was not ready to simply accept it. The wheelie fail served him the right “turn-over”.
25 Jan 2019
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This guy here totally misjudged his cornering skills when he came in full-speed for a right turn & ended up going off the highway.
14 Jun 2019
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