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guys going mad on bikes
9 Oct 2007
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'GHOSTDRIVERS IN DISGUISE'-by song parodist Loose Bruce Kerr parodies the Vaughn Monroe hit, 'Ghostriders In the Sky.' It tells the tale of a modern day road rage incident in which both participants come face to face in a standoff reminiscent of the Wild West. Bruce lives, works, records, and performs in Silicon Valley in Northern California. Bruce is also an attorney with Sun Microsystems. His parodies are regularly featured on the Dr. Demento and Jim Bohannon Shows. In the 90's, Bruce opened for 'Weird Al' Yankovic. High res video & mp3 audio file for this and other Loose Bruce Kerr songs available at: *******loosebrucekerr.libsyn**** email Bruce at: BKerrLawaol****
25 Dec 2007
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In 1937's The Other Fellow, classic comedian Edgar Kennedy (one of the original Keystone Cops) ditches his dangerous driving (road rage aggressive driving) and learns to obey the rules of the road. Kennedy reforms his reckless driving ways through humorous lessons (like ridiculous car accident clips) that stress the importance of safe driving. Informed and cautious thanks to safe driving tips, Kennedy is no longer the other fellow causing accidents. Kennedy learns not to be The Other Fellow that everyone else can't stand on the road by learning how to drive a car properly. A great responsible driving safety video.
16 Jul 2008
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Road Rage Fights
2 Oct 2017
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The guy did not know it was going to be a gunfight. He charged with a mistake in his hand.
5 Dec 2018
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Another 2 hilarious pranks. Poor man in a wheelchair suffers at the hands of roadrage. Naughty kids sell 'special' lemonade in the second prank!
6 Oct 2007
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