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Vienna is true mix of old and new, with great historical sites, but with whole new world feel. We started off at Saint Stephans Cathedral, grabbed some great sausages for lunch and then to the Hopfburg palace. Pretty sweet place! Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Jul 2008
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Hurricane Irma has caused massive floods in America but probably the most bizarre thing happened in Miami when a trio of sharks was seen swimming.
12 Sep 2017
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When this boy grows up to be a famous skateboarder when asked he will say he literally started skating when he was in his diapers.
3 Jan 2018
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The bird roams the street. Watch what happens.
7 May 2007
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Let the blood be one, and the two races join as a perfect creature; Fearless vampire brothers roam the streets of New Zealand. One causes havoc, one protects the planet.
19 Jun 2007
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Virgin Media Sport - Footylikes - Roaming the streets looking for football player lookalikes - very funny!
15 Nov 2007
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Based on actual events, 'Across Dot Ave.' is a stark, violent and brutally honest look inside the world of racist skinheads, troubled families and people who have given up on their dreams and themselves. Kevins Hearns needs to quit smoking, but it's going to be tough with the new apartment that needs a renovation, his high-pressure Wall Street job and a less than understanding wife. To make things even worse, Kevin is called home to Dorchester, a tough town south of Boston where he roamed the streets in his teen years with a gang of marauding skinheads. An alcoholic father, a hateful sister and her husband, and a beloved kid sister on the brink of trouble remind him why he got out.
14 Sep 2008
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Spoon gangs roam the street armed with big spoons, little pointy spoons and plastic un-recyclable spoons. The campaign for a cutlery free world say the crime is spreading.
25 Nov 2008
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TKV is the artist name of Sashka (1988), a Serbian street artist, living in Belgrade. Doing stencil art is a basic need for TKV: she has to go out and leave her creative marks throughout the city. It's as essential as eating or sleeping. Since graffiti -- like in most places - is prohibited in Serbia, TKV has to be very careful not to be caught by the police. That's the reason why we filmed her in a matter that makes her less recognizable. Although TKV is extremely concerned with the social situation of her country, this doesn't mean she loses herself in political slogans. On the contrary: she wants to add something beautiful to the world, she wants to surprise unsuspecting passerby's and make her fellow citizens smile. Albeit for a moment. In upgrading her hometown TKV focuses on the dirty alleys and rundown street corners. Monuments and historic buildings are left untouched. 'These have their own value', she explains. Not unlike a fairy queen she roams the streets at night using a spray can as a magic stick to transform the appearance of the city. Hence her artist name, which is an abbreviation of The Kween of Vairy. Changing the world with artistic magic, you can dismiss it as hopelessly naïve, you can also admire the persistent optimism. We hope the latter attitude will appeal to you the most. We joined Sashka on one of her nightly trips during which a strange confrontation sets her off on a passionate account about the current state of Serbia.
29 Oct 2009
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A giant, firebreathing robot dog roams the streets of London! Courtesy of our steam-punk friends Mutoid Waste Company.
18 Dec 2008
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Jaguar roams the streets to give golf lessons.
26 Dec 2008
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