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The months pass and Dick does not get any job as Vice-president in other companies. Since all their investments and pensions were invested in Globodyne shares, the family has practically been left with nothing, and with the risk of foreclosing their home for missing their Mortgage , so Jane suggests taking simpler jobs as in Super Markets. , as instructors of a gym, taking tests of cosmetics and even for various jobs with undocumented Mexicans. One by one all their jobs fail, without having to start selling their goods and furniture to stay afloat. Things get worse when Dick receives a notice from the bank with a Dismissal orderagainst them if they did not pay their debt in 24 hours, being a motive for Dick to start a criminal life, which Jane does not take seriously at first. After many failed attempts, Dick finally gets it in a store of Paraphernalia for smokers, now with Jane's help after learning of the eviction.
8 Oct 2018
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When you are too scared to rob the store, go shatter the glass because you still are causing damage. Watch this funny robbery.
8 May 2018
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The News On 6 has obtained surveillance video of a robber who was so quiet about his crime, that customers standing in line right next to him, didn't even know he'd robbed the store, until after he left and police showed up.
12 Jun 2010
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When two robbers in construction outfit came in a watch store at Walnut Creek to rob the store, the owner acted intelligently and the robbers ran away.
3 May 2017
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