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The pilot got just a little toomclose and the rotors clip the building and bring the Hekicopter ride to a quick end. Nobody gets hurt thankfully.
29 Apr 2007
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That's my trailer /animation/ made for open-air party Rotor Jelenec - Slovakia
8 Aug 2007
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New Horizon Colibri,Ragwing, Loehle Sport Parasol, Raven Rotor
14 Mar 2008
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Se muestra el principio basico de como funciona el motor de engranaje interno conocido como G rotor. Se puede apreciar como se varia el tamano de las camaras de trabajo. Para mas informacion visire: www.hidraulicapractica****
24 Jul 2008
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Installing sprinkler nozzles on a Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor sprinkler explained by Sean Stefan of Sprinkler Daddy at ******* Sprinkler Daddy provides professionally designed do it yourself sprinkler systems delivered right to your door.
13 Jun 2008
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Super Remote Control Dual Rotors Helicopter Airplane from sourcingmap****...
24 Nov 2008
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We’ve got a three quarter inch barbed elbow screwed into our head and then we just install that into the end of the Funny Pipe, place it in the trench at ground level and then secure it with a little soil. You don’t want to cover up your trenches quite yet at this point, but you do want to secure your head so you can test the system. And you can always cut a little extra of the flex pipe or as we call it, Funny Pipe, off if you need to adjust where the head is exactly. Each one of these has a certain gallon per minute indicator. This one says 2.0 on it. They also have like a 2.0 low which will have 2.0A which means it just shoots lower. We don’t want those. You want to put a 2.0 on this head. On this particular type of rotor you have a tool that you can stick down in the rotor, turn it sideways and it helps you pull the rotor out. And then you put your proper nozzle and get it lined up. This particular screw has a screw in here that tightens it and needs to be loosened up and it will slide down in. Secure it and then put your screw back. You’ll see the screw to hold it in place right there. And then you take your number 2.0 indicator and you just stick it right there. Now you know that this is a 2.0 head. And then you’ll put some of them 3.0, 4.0 depending on the range of openness that you have. One will use 2.0’s for 190 degrees, 3.0’s for three quarters of a circle and 4.0’s for 360 degrees.
18 Jun 2009
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RayGun Technology make some of the best motorcycle brake rotors ever created for Harley Davidson and other types of motorcycles. RayGun Rotors are guaranteed for the the life of your motorcycle if used with their brake pads. RayGun uses a proprietary Atomic-Forging process to create unprecedented levels of hardness and wear resistance.
12 Feb 2009
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RayGun Technology make the best motorcycle brake rotors ever created for Harley Davidson and soon, other types of motorcycles as well. RayGun Technology guarantees the surface finish of their rotors for the life of your motorcycle when used with their brake pads. A proprietary Atomic-Forging process creates unprecedented levels of hardness and wear resistance keeps chrome looking like chrome, with no flaking, scuffing or wear.
14 Mar 2009
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Hubschrauber ohne Rotor
18 Oct 2009
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Vividracing**** carries Rotora oem slotted replacement rotors for over a 100 different car and trucks.
29 Jan 2010
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Vividracing**** is a Porsche specialist in products from performance, handling, and braking components. These Brembo 2pc replacement rotors are drilled 330mm floating design. They include patented McLaren hardware to give you 3 time the longevity over stock rotors.
29 Jan 2010
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Stories from It'll Never Work take a lighter took at some of the bizarre, amazing and more radical ideas and inventions that are becoming possible in today's hi-tech world. In this clip we the team investigates a new mode of transport, the tilt rotor.
11 Feb 2010
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Planet Suzuki Charlotte NC services brakes 7 rotors of all makes & models of cars, trucks, vans & suvs. Planet Suzuki, Charlotte North Carolina, fixes, repairs & services your cars brakes & rotors, transmission & drive train, wheels, tires, heating & cooling system, electrical systems, motor & engine, oil & filter changes, and all parts of most cars. Planet Suzuki obviously services all brakes & rotors on new & used / pre owned suzuki cars, including grand vitara, sx4 sedan & crossover, kizashi, & equator trucks, but we also service, repair and fix brakes on all makes & models of cars on the road today. We service brakes & rotors on all highline, luxury, imports, trucks, vans & suvs sold in America. Call Planet Suzuki for all your car, truck, van transmission 7 brake & rotor service & repair needs right now: 704.597.7827
11 Mar 2010
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Ask the Auto Expert with Ricky Ratchets Auto Repair shop owner Rick McMullin. Rick talks about a vehicle that needs a brake rotor replaced, and the fact that Ricky Ratchets offers a 24 month warranty on all brake rotors. Stop in and see us! Ricky Ratchets Auto Repair London Ontario *******www.rickyratchets**** 519-455-5351 140 Clarke Road London Ontario
7 Dec 2010
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*******www.MyHonestMechanic**** does your car have warped brake rotors? What are the common symptoms and what should you do about it?
4 Mar 2011
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