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Look at this unbothered and adorable kitten suddenly perk up widening its big round eyes. This is definitely a meme material my dudes!
22 Apr 2019
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******* The 2010 NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament bracket continues. The first round of the NCAA Tournament came to a close last night and 32 teams remain in the chase for the National Championship. The second day of games featured more surprising upsets and solid showings from top-seeded teams. SHOULD THE NCAA TOURNAMENT FIELD BE EXPENDED TO 96? I dont think so. Add an extra round to the bracket and you devalue the event while also reducing the likelihood of the first-round eye-poppers that have punctuated the last 48 hours. What do you think? NCAA Basketball - the best college basketball tournament
21 Mar 2010
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One of the cutest puppies in the dog world hands down is the Malt chon puppies. The breed that you will get from the Malt chon puppies for sale store is really very cute with its cute little button nose, fluffy coat and beady round eyes. The entire things exactly force you that you can’t help but fall in love with the little lovely breed.
18 Apr 2013
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