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Boat House Canoes Kayaks & Rowing *******www.talkingphonebook****/listing/108749/104611/The+Boat+House/5183935711/2855+Aqueduct+Rd/Schenectady/NY/12309
3 Dec 2008
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*******AskTheTrainer****/dumbbell-upright-rows.html Upright Rows are a standard exercise for your medial deltoids and your upper trapezius. Personal Trainer Michael Behnken, MS, NASM-CPT-PES-CES, CSCS
8 Jan 2009
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These a few of the men that helped out and supported the skid row films project, Beautiful Women of Skid Row healed at the James Wood Community Center where we had free makeup makeovers by Quick joined by General Jeff & fellow community activist OG Man. Blaze-Out
11 Dec 2008
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push-ups are a good exercise to work your chest but you can add in a light dumbbell row to really work your core to the extreme while you get your chest and back. This is not a mass building or strengthening exercise. If you are looking to functionally train your core or just try something new this a fun and challenging exercise to choose. Remember, if you are a man or woman, child or adult, your exercise program must include exercises such as squats, dead lifts, bench presses, pull-ups lat pulls, military presses, etc. to be successful. Exercises such as this are supplementary and are best used sparingly. also; In order to change your body intensity is the most important variable to monitor in your weight training program. Intensity is how high the weight you are lifting is to your 1RM. Make sure you use periodization and you will not plateau and achieve your fitness, strength and body composition goals.
3 Oct 2009
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*******AskTheTrainer**** Personal Trainer Michael Behnken, MS, NASM-CPT-PES, CSCS There are many ways to perform dumbbell rows. The most functional way is to have a wide base leg. If you are rowing with your right arm, your left knee would be on the bench, and your right leg should be out about a foot to a foot and a half. Always keep the base leg slightly bent, this ensures you will not compensate solely with your lower back. You can have a slight torso rotation while you lift the dumbbell. This is functional like many pulling activities. You can also perform the dumbbell row as a strict isolation exercise. You could also perform without the bench. San Francisco Personal Training
1 Dec 2009
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The total gym rows are a great exercise for beginners or the end of a back workout. TIP: Make sure you are not curling your wrist for this motion. If you curl your wrists, you will fatigue your forearms which will limit the work on the targeted muscles of your back and rear deltoids. Fitness Trainer Michael Behnken, MS, NASM-CPT-PES, CSCS is Personal Training in San Francisco
11 Dec 2008
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Trainer Michael Behnken, MS, NASM-CPT-PES, CSCS You can perform these on a bench or standing. They are a great alternative to dumbbell rows as they can stress slightly different muscles.
12 Dec 2008
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Michael Blaze interviews Script Supervisor in Film & Author, Ms. Jean Givan for another segment of “Voices” The Beautiful Women of Skid Row. Ms. Givan shares with us how she came to live in skid row as well as the direction she is in constant pursuit there of in and with the joy of God at her wings propelling her closer to her destiny in her chosen fields of Script Supervisor in film and as a world renowned author. Blaze-Out m.blazeskidrowfilms****
13 Dec 2008
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Celebrating Christmas 2008 on Skid Row by SRO Housing Corp at San Julian Park. SRO Housing Corporation is dedicated to building a vibrant community for homeless and low-income individuals. We pursue our mission of community revitalization by providing clean, safe, and affordable housing; managing public spaces; and administering needed supportive services. Join Michael Blaze for an interview with Anita U. Nelson Chief Executive Officer of SRO. Blaze-Out
20 Dec 2008
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overview of saints row 2
30 Dec 2008
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Lighting a row of matches.
30 Dec 2008
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*******BurnFatAtHome**** Jonas Forsberg demonstrates how to perform the Resistance Band Upright Row.
23 Jun 2010
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*******BurnFatAtHome**** Jonas Forsberg demonstrates different row variations you can perform in the comfort of your own home with only a pair of gymnastic rings.
5 Jan 2009
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To view more visit Funny Rowing Fail
14 Jan 2009
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We saw a rowing competition in Singapore, randomly enough. Here are some funny warm-up scenes.
1 Feb 2009
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Singapore rowing competition semi-finals.
1 Feb 2009
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