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Latex clothing and latex bondage gear are our specialties. Since 2005, Kinky King Latex has sold latex fetish gear to thousands of people in at least 24 different countries. We offer every type of latex fetish item you can imagine, and maybe even a few items you never knew existed. Because we make everything by hand in our own workshop, we can customize every feature of every item to meet our customers' needs. Whether you need custom sizing of a latex catsuit or special placement of a zipper, or even want a something copied from a photograph, if it's made from latex - we can do it.
(ENG) BMW burning rubber (2006.07) (PT) BMW a queimar pneu (SPA) Neumático ardiente del BMW (FRE) Pneu brûlant de BMW (GER) Bmw brennender Gummireifen *******DJJ.HOME.SAPO.PT/
3 Jun 2007
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The rubber chicken gets front row at a concert...
30 Mar 2007
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A cool Rubber Band Trick! You neeed only a rubber band!
11 Apr 2007
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Rubber 55 fetish wear
2 May 2007
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Tear the rubber band and restor it again.Easy to do.Visuall and fun.eyjoy it!
14 May 2007
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A amazing rubber band magic trick that i found out, just playing with a rubber band =) When i get enough views, i will upload the solution video ;)
4 Jun 2007
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Learn by watching how to make a star inside a star with nothing but a rubber band. This is a pretty cool little trick that takes a little practice to perfect. Share it with all your friends and family.
20 Jun 2007
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This will show how to make a rubber band jump fingers.
7 Jul 2007
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heres how to make a rubber band vanish no gimmicks needed
14 Jul 2007
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lad has a rubber hands
30 Jul 2007
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Almost 3 feet long and flies the length of 2 football fields! This propeller powered Power Flyer eases effortlessly into the sky and shatters all preconceptions of what a glider should be. Flight enthusiasts of all ages will be blown away by this amazing engineering marvel. Adjust the tail fin for long distance or circular flight patterns. Set the tail fin for distance or stunts, wind the propeller, hold the propeller steady with one hand and push into the sky, and enjoy flights up to 600 ft. and 50 ft. high. Measures 30" X 23.5" X 7. Ages 8 and up. Beginner skill level. Includes: Graphite frame Rip-stop nylon kite material 4 extra rubber bands propeller and power winder
11 Aug 2007
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Make a cool rubber band gun with one of those dish stands! They have a shape of a handheld gun so you can hold it like a real handheld gun. Be careful about shooting with this (especially if you're firing a tight and small rubber band) because I shot myself and it stung! Have fun with it. Target at the worms and watch them squirm... lol... ol...
16 Aug 2007
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