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Julianna Margulies (ER) stars alongside Chris Noth (Sex and the City) in the critically acclaimed courtroom drama, THE GOOD WIFE: SEASON 1 available to buy on DVD on September 20 2010 from Paramount Home Entertainment.
16 Sep 2010
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Jon R is back to rant and rave on various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week's episode, Jon rants about poor commenting etiquette. Lately, Jon has been receiving comments that start with "No offense but" and are followed by something really offensive. Stating "No offense" before saying an offensive statement doesn't make it less offensive, yet some feel like it gives them a free pass to say whatever offensive thing they want. People will still be insulted with what you are saying.
14 Nov 2013
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David Spates Video Diary 6 "Hanging With the Wifey"
14 May 2019
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Thank you to all of the real supporters of this site. I see some real crazy and rude comments. Keep your opinion to yourself if you have a negative one. Also I would like to send a special thank you to my friends, family, and those that i don't even know that support me. May the best win, and the rest get in were they fit in. This is real talk from me, T-Coa.
3 Sep 2007
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A compiled video of my and my cousin skimboarding. I know that we aren't amazing or no overly rude comments please =P
10 Oct 2007
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Just a little flying test. Please don't make rude comments because this is my first flying test.
7 Nov 2007
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You guys asked for it, you guys got it! What you see is what you get. Please, no rude comments. Rates are gladly appriciated. Thanks for Watching!
7 Apr 2008
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this is video from my page of these hakers sending rude comments then they will get deleted...
21 Mar 2008
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The perfectly LEGAL way to get tickets on M$ ClubLive. And for those of you who complain and leave rude comments because they don't have the intelligence to run these programs, get a life. Since Nuke's website is not up anymore, goto www.cheatingnetwork**** for more bots and other great stuff!
22 Apr 2008
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Here is cute dogs and cats. This is my second ever made video, that is why it isn't very good and he song is so bad for this video. My apologies. COPYRIGHT IMAGE OWNERS & RIHANNA. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE IMAGES OR THIS SONG. FULL SONG NOT USED. SONG: Rhianna - Unfaithful So please stop asking what the song is! & Please don't swear in comment either. Younger kids may watch this. NOTE ADDED: I am allowing comments so I will not allow rude comments or forwarding messages. ;] ***I personally do NOT like this video.. maybe soon I am just going to remove it..***
30 Apr 2008
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This video used to just be for people who knew someone that died from cancer and had almost no significance to me except that I knew people who knew people who died from cancer, but now this song/video has a whole new meaning for me and it is now for my best friend that died of cancer, and due to that any rude comments will NOT be tolerated and will be deleted. R.I.P Sean Just pics of MCR to the song Cancer from The Black Parade. ---------------------------------------------------------------- K, I just want to say thank you to all of the people who are commenting and saying POSITIVE things, and to all the people who aren't, if you think they're emo and don't like them what are you doing watching this video, and devoting your time to bashing them, if you don't like them then are they worth your time? Visit Us at : *******www.freewebs****/webinfo08/all_info_about_cancer.html
8 Dec 2008
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Hey so if you need help my aim is: kingofthetacos. I'll help you out step through step, but only if you sign up under my referall link. My referall links: *******www.YourFreeiPhone****/index.p... *******www.YourFreeVideoiPods****/ind... Well like I said in the video these sites are so easy and they aren't scams. But if you still don't believe me then just wait for me to upload the video of receiving my reward(Guitar hero world tour guitar bundle). Thanks for watching my video plz rate, and please no rude comments. Also The first day I signed up I did the first offer and the next day I did the other one but it took a day to credit. So this only took like 20 minutes of my time to get my prize with a "prepaid" credit card.
2 Jan 2009
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