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26 Nov 2018
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Abandoned Cannabis Operation Found in Denmark. I could smell the cannabis as soon as I got into the house, and knew what it was, so I wondered if I should just turn around and leave. But being me, in I went. Nothing much was left, just two rooms with the ventilation still intact and padding still on the walls. Seems like the operation stopped awhile ago, but there was still the strong smell.
27 Nov 2018
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Isolated House on the Hill ( Photo Session ), yes we have hill's here LOL. This was a great find. Found lots of family albums in the barn and could see that a happy family had once lived here. I decided to post just my photo's of this place as it was getting dark and the video footage was just a little too dark to see the gem's that this place had to offer. Hope you enjoy the video Peace
6 Dec 2018
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Here we have a Abandoned Pair of german WW2 Bunkers, just 100 meters from each other. Both bunkers were in very good condition with no graffiti or vandalism. I beleave they are called Regelbau model 621. They a shelter for 10 men, and a number of 122 of them were built in Denmark. That's not many seeing that the Germans built 7,500 bunkers in Denmark. This is where I met Kim. I knocked on the door nearest to one of the bunkers to ask permission to film. We got on so well. He remembered the German soldiers as he was 10 years old at the end of the war and most of the soldiers seemed just a little bit older than him, he was told never to talk to them. A lot of the young soldiers at the end of the war were kept by Denmark and used like slaves in undoing what Germany had built, clearing land mines was the worst, some never made it home. I had my GoPro on at the time and got the audio that went on between Kim and me. I placed some of what we said in-between the exploring of the two bunkers. I hope you don't find this too boring.
16 Jan 2019
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i love you guys allot!!!! i love you guys soo much thank you for being alive and stumbling upon this youtube channel, ps leave a comment down bellow i respond to all comments ... k bye. btw follow my social- insta- coffebeanruben snap- rubenkingdb twitter- coffebeanruben LOVE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY U BUBBLY PEOPLE ew bubly? thats cringe
9 Apr 2019
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If you have a Bentley Continental GT and you decide on going into Iraq for warfare, do what this guy did. The go-anywhere Bentley.
29 Oct 2019
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En este video les muestro como sacar la semilla del ajo elefante o gigante para que puedan reutilizarlo y sembrarlo tambien.
27 Nov 2019
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Wow, they totaly ruined the set!
4 Apr 2006
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Beware of it! It would ruin you and your life!
6 Dec 2005
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Shamu has ruined the camera
29 Mar 2006
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One can ruin the whole movie
29 Mar 2006
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The whole show is ruined and it is all the little boy's fault
4 Apr 2006
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She has totally ruined her hair. Poor girl.
3 Apr 2006
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This man decided to ruin the other's day. And he is quite good at this.
10 May 2006
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Jamie Bishop a nutty kid dat goes mellow lane skool nd dat will do anything 4 a laugh as u will soon c Producer: rthomo Music: Demah-Cnt Ruin It Actin!!! Bishop
16 May 2006
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It's perfectly ok to burn and ruin the guitar, but the fluid used to extinguish the fire... what a waste...
23 Apr 2006
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