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Chris drove his truck over my camera
19 Mar 2009
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23 Apr 2010
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Detroit Lions safety Louis Delmas was a little too excited about playing in a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns on Saturday. During the pregame introductions, Delmas exited the tunnel and greeted the crowd like it was a regular season game. But the professional defensive back accidentally ran over a couple kids who were set to congratulate the players as they were introduced. Any kid that I hit, I will tell him I apologize and if they want me to sign something I will go ahead and sign
3 Sep 2010
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Surveillance video shows a man trying to run down a woman with his pickup truck in Nashville, Tennessee, but instead collides with a shop store owner Subscribe to my channel ***********/user/freshvideosnow
16 Dec 2011
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This accident caught on cam is horrific and terrifying. Its hard to believe he is alive after this and was walking immediately after the crash.
29 Oct 2017
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On Friday or Saturday nights when I have time, I post up in Times Square to film the nice cars that pass through for my Instagram stories while I longboard. So I saw some nice cars passing by and I jumped out of Starbucks for theĀ 4th time and skated after them. I went up ahead to get some nice footage which is when a random Mercedes came out of nowhere and started a rolling burnout. I turned my camera on him and that's the video footage started. Afterwards, I followed the police, but they couldn't stop the car as he drifted down 42nd and got away.
16 Jan 2018
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This guy here is amazing and he runs on the floaty thing over water and he made it look so simple. Great work man.
13 Mar 2019
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This you may take as a warning, never try to step on another man's Lamborghini. That man will f*cking kill you if you do.
5 Apr 2019
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Elmo Shropshire - a.k.a DR. ELMO - is best-known for his recording of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," the Christmas classic which has sold more than 10 million copies since it was first broadcast by a San Francisco radio station in 1979. Consistently the most requested holiday song of the past two decades, "Grandma" has secured its place in American pop culture and made Dr. Elmo the king of comedy carols. Each December, radio stations throughout the country call Dr. Elmo for his Christmas commentary and live on-air renditions of "that Grandma song." With the quirky sing-a-long as centerpiece, a radio visit from Dr. Elmo has become part of the nation's holiday tradition. As a whole new generation sings along, Dr. Elmo continues to spread good cheer in his chats with disc jockeys and their listeners all across America. Along the way, he has released two CDs of seasonal satire, appeared on many television programs and been the subject of numerous magazine and newspaper articles.
18 Dec 2006
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This driver is an absolute psychopath. After side swiping another car he looks like he's gonna take off but instead he sticks around and tries to run over the other driver. This guy is friggin insane I hope he goes to jail.
29 May 2007
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A brief description of what happened the day I got run over by a midget.
11 Jun 2007
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This woman was run over during a race by a 300lb bike.
22 Jun 2007
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