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******* TechCrunch awarded five jury selection prizes at the TechCrunch50 conference yesterday in addition to the top prize, which was awarded to Yammer. FitBit's discreet activity-tracking gadget, to go on sale this December exclusively on the company's Web site, earned the company one of the runner-up spots. The device, which can be carried in a pocket or clipped to clothing, tracks calories burned and sleep cycles to help its users be healthier. Its main improvement over the Nike + Ipod sensor is its wireless capacity that automatically uploads data to the FitBit Web site. The Web site's detailed data includes a food budget, calories burned, steps taken, and daily trends, CEO James Park told me after he presented on Tuesday. The device will cost $99 and earn the company its revenues, Park says. The Web site services will be free, but premium services will be introduced in the future to provide additional proceeds. Here's our post about TechCrunch 50 winner Yammer. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Prdoucer
13 Sep 2008
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RUNNER UP IN THE 2010 OCEAN OPTICS VIDEO CONTEST. Axel Emmermann and his mineral club bought the Ocean Optics USB4000 to go searching for the causes behind mineral fluorescence (successfully). In this video Axel is measuring fluorescent emission of minerals in search of their activators. For more information on Ocean Optics spectrometers, visit *******www.oceanoptics****. To learn more about the video and photo contest, visit *******www.oceanphotochallenge****
9 Dec 2010
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American Idol Lauren Alaina forgets national anthem on the same day American Idol scotty mccreery got caught lip syncing at the parade lol
25 Nov 2011
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Congratulations to Bill Hughes and his students at Park Forest Middle School for being our Runner-Up in the 2011 Video Contest. Bill and his students show how they need Ocean Optics equipment to help them perform Beer's Law measurements. If only they had an Ocean Optics spectrometer! For more information on Ocean Optics spectrometers visit *******oceanoptics****
13 Jan 2012
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Congratulations to Ocean Optics customer and friend, Axel Emmermann for being our First Runner-Up in the 2011 Video Contest In his informative video, Axel discusses the need for different slit widths for his fluorescent mineral studies. Utilizing a Jaz Spectrometer and a basic tool kit, Axel replaces his current slit with another to perform a better measurement. For more information on Jaz Spectrometers, visit *******www.oceanoptics****/products/jaz.asp
14 Jan 2012
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Situations like this make me wanna facepalm. If she could manage to go on for 3 more seconds she could have won at least the second runner-up.
15 Mar 2018
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To those super-fine ladies that always have their DIVA on from head to toe. One of my friends said ' their like fruit in a basket, with different sweet taste" I said" their like flowers in a garden, with different beauty and fragrances" Poem is from my "ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTERS" CD. runnerup for "best poetry cd of the year" New England Urband Music Awards 2009
25 Jun 2009
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