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An enthusiastic beagle chases sunlight in a freshly mowed back yard.
8 Aug 2007
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You too will remember God if you see a Florida Panther running at full speed towards you. The place is Corkscrew Swamp.
28 Mar 2018
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A man pushes away a tiger when a lion comes running toward him to give him the mist adorable hug on Earth. And you call life is full of risks? Bleh.
18 Apr 2019
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and all the while you have to look like you're not really trying at all. Story of my life. Fail. Hope you guys are all well and taking care of yourselves. Will see you soon! x n
21 Feb 2009
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our contribution to the first EpsilonLab DVD. filmed where I grew up, next to the antenna that inspired so many dreams now true. There is no fiction, there is only now. Josha, son of Moment Factory founder Sakchin Bessette, directed the shots of himself running towards the cam. Must be in his blood. .j.
18 Dec 2006
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*******www****videotv.blogspot**** Fast paced short action movie, written, directed and performed by Nash Edgerton. A man is stuck in the trunk of a car that is running towards nowhere on a deserted road. Will he be lucky enough to set free and eventually stop the car?
13 Nov 2007
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Fast paced short action movie, written, directed and performed by Nash Edgerton. man is stuck in the trunk of a car that is running towards nowhere on a deserted road. Will he be lucky enough to set free and eventually stop the car?
9 Feb 2008
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An action movie I made where an alien is firing at me. It includes a scene like the one in james bond where he is running towards the camera with bombs and stuff going off behind him! by Corey J Smith
20 Nov 2008
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When a mob comes running towards you, will you run? Is that you in the video?
31 Mar 2008
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I spent so much time on this video... Trying so hard to perfect it and make the story behind it perfectly clear. Avenged Sevenfold is one of my favorite bands of all time. and Seize The Day has always been a song to put tears in my eyes. it took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I've been planning this video in my head for a while now, and I'm so relieved that it's finally finished. Here's the story.. The first few seconds is just to let watchers know it's pure SasuSaku. The "Sasukekun" comes from episode 31, The, "Sakura" comes from episode 109. It starts off with Sasuke, surrounded by darkness which shows that this AMV is incredibly depressing. Sasuke sad faces, and then it shows him thinking about Sakura. It shows Sakura being pushed away with blood pouring from her mouth, then Itachi. By now, the watcher should have guessed that Sakura was either hurt badly or has been killed. And then it shows both Sakura and Sasuke standing together and smiling, on the last beat, it's Sasuke standing alone and he turns around to see nothing. It instantly cuts to sad eyes. It shows a memory he has of Sakura and himself, and then more images of his sad eyes. Rain starts, Sasuke walks down the rainy path slowly and a big image of Sakura shows up and then more of Sad Sasuke. Now the transition means that this is all flashback. Sasuke thinks back to meeting Sakura. Sasuke turns around to see Sakura's smiling face; And then it shows them walking together and just hanging out. Just letting the watcher know that they got close. Tsunade says that Itachi has been spotted, and Sasuke surprised face. it shows Sakura's worried face looking at him. Sasuke runs out and looks at a picture of Sakura, and the picture turns into Itachi. This lets the watcher know that Sasuke's biggest goal is killing Itachi, and Sakura, for now, is being pushed aside. The picture of Sasuke and Sakura that Sasuke flattens down, is a drawing by Samurai PET. Sakura knows that Sasuke is leaving, but before he does, she goes to tell him to think twice about going and that she loves him. Sasuke tells her not to follow. Sakura watches him walk away, and she stands alone. Sasuke stands on top of the hill by himself, behind him are images of Sakura. This is symbolizing that his happy life with Sakura is behind him. Sakura is at home thinking of Sasuke. The image of him turning to tell her not to follow appears, and she realizes that's just what she's going to do. Sasuke stands behind Itachi. Sakura is at home packing and the lyrics are, "Will you, take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death." This is pretty much foreshadowing that Sakura is going after him and is probably going to die herself. Sasuke is pretty much getting his ass handed to him by Itachi, and then Sakura shows up. Itachi uses Mangekyo Sharingan to make Sakura see Sasuke being killed. She cries and falls to her knees. Sasuke see's this, gets up and attacks Itachi, but he once more gets his ass handed to him. Before Sasuke passes out completely, he hears Sakura calling for him. When he wakes up, it's too late. He picks up Sakura's injured body, and takes her to the hospital. It's probably noticeable but since the song was so long I had to cut some off there. Sasuke stands in Sakura's hospital room thinking of their past together. It then shows him running, and he thinks of when Tsunade told him that she's in a coma and she might never come out. It then shows Sakura sleeping, and Sasuke looking down at her. He's going after Itachi. Sasuke thinks about Sakura opening her eyes. suddenly Itachi is standing behind him. Sasuke thinks of how hurt Sakura was when he found her, and that gives him the courage to run towards Itachi. at the last second, Itachi uses Mangekyo Sharingan, and Sasuke now sees Sakura being injured by Itachi. he still fights. He powers up his Chidori, and Itachi runs towards him. Blood pours, and Sasuke wins. He runs to the hospital room, but when he gets there, he sees an empty bed. The nurse tells Sasuke that Sakura is dead, and her last words were asking for him. During this scene, it's a faint image of Sakura's hand falling. Which showed her letting go. When the nurse is telling Sasuke what her last words were, Sasuke looks up into the sky Like he's looking for her. Sasuke is suddenly walking down a path to her funeral, and during the walk he sees Sakura twice. Sasuke lays a flower on her casket, He looks up into the sky. And that's when the flashback finally finishes. Sasuke is still looking into the sky, and then when he puts his head down, Sakura shows up in the distance. When he turns, she's already gone. look close enough, you can see a faint "SasukeKun" floating across the bottom, which is like her voice was light but still there. That's where it ends. Ending credits are a scene I liked from episode 131. The song is from Sasuke's VA.
25 Dec 2008
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You got to feel for the lion. Although aware of the hunters he is minding his own business when these hunters all of a sudden shoot at him. The lion gets pissed off and runs towards one of them jumping and knocking the man over.
3 Aug 2008
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Lt. Robert Medairos, from the Arlington Police, one of the first to arrive to the scene did not see any piece of "a plane". Is he the one driving the car that arrived early to the Pentagon, the one that reaches the place of the supposed "plane impact" and crosses it with no evidence whatsoever of any plane there? See the reaction of the secretive operations agents behind Medairos after he declared he saw no "plane debris", also how one imbecile secretive agent running towards the helicopter loses his phone on the ground... lots of information may be gathered from those secretive agents' phones, was that and many other compromising things something that "the evidence-hiders' under Chertoff were trying to retrieve? more facts
4 Dec 2008
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