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A W E S O M E I want a ride with that magical bus at the backseats (Galaria) eating 3 pizzas, greek galaktompoureko, thessalonikia mpouGATSA, MOUSAKA, greek traxana, a bowl of warm (from trip) keftedakia (meatshit), A LOT of TZATZIKI, 5 Cokes, 4 ntamitzanes wine, 2 ouzo on the rocks, a 5 meter marijuana cigar AND fucking a Pousti(gay). It will be the best fucking-eating trip ever(picnic trip or a school-educational trip). In the bus is the PARTY!!! Malaka odige tha kseraso. Check please!
2 Feb 2009
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This grown-up guy takes a stroll around the children’s playground in Russia and tries every ride he comes across even though they’re evidently too small for him.
22 May 2019
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