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All crashes in these videos are non-fatal. We Upload this video as learning tool and for educational purposes that you should drive slowly and safely because with car crash death can be accrue so be careful on the road while you driving. Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. So Please Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. Please be careful on the roads! Never consume alcoholic beverages before driving. This is the most frequent cause of serious accidents. If you drink, use a non-drinking designated driver, a taxi, or sleep over. Follow street signs and traffic lights, but use your judgment too. Don't try to beat red lights. And expect others to try to do so, so give them time to go through, particularly trucks that have trouble slowing down. Always stay at a safe distance from other vehicles. A general rule is the farther you are from them, the safer you are> A car accident, also referred to as a “traffic collision,” or a “motor v
Ultimate Russian Car Crashes.
23 Feb 2017
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Russian Car Crashes.
27 Feb 2017
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Russian Car Crashes.
16 Mar 2017
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Russian Car Crash Compilation.
28 Mar 2017
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Russian car crash compilation from february 2018 #1
10 Feb 2018
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Russian car crash compilation from february 2018 #2
23 Feb 2018
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Russian car crash compilation from february 2018 #3
23 Feb 2018
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Accident happened at unexpected situation. This is one of the sample. Live your life happily. Thanks for Watching GobMedia
3 Mar 2017
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18 Jun 2013
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