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Adam Werbach, Global CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi S., talks about integrating sustainability into business practice
19 Nov 2009
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Corporate Social Responsibility News: Campbell Soup Wins Gold Medal for CSR from International Radio and Television Society Foundation; Saatchi & Saatchi S North America Launches as New Brand and Web Site. This CSR Minute is sponsored by McKesson. For information about McKesson's corporate citizenship, please visit www.mckesson****/corporatecitizenship. Visit: *******3blmedia****/3bltv for more CSRminute podcasts.
22 Nov 2010
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When looking at the issue of sustainability, being green is just not good enough says Kevin Roberts, Global Chief Executive of Saatchi & Saatchi. In this upcoming yourBusinessChannel show, this mogul of thought leadership talks about the need for a dramatic shift in the way business people think about sustainability, and why going green is last year’s news. Due for release soon, shows featuring interviews with Kevin Roberts will be available for viewing at *******www.yourbusinesschannel**** Hear about the very latest show releases, as well as other yourBusinessChannel news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/blog.aspx
26 Jan 2010
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The Advertising Council, in partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council, U.S. Department of Justice, and Crime Prevention Coalition of America, joined today to announce the launch of a new public service advertising PSA campaign designed to educate tweens and teens about how they can play a role in ending cyberbullying. We are delighted to be joining the National Crime Prevention Council to launch this new campaign to help teenagers combat cyberbullying, said Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of The Advertising Council. This is a serious issue in our communities and we believe these PSAs will inspire young Americans to stop cyberbullying. Bullying is a widespread problem for our nations youth, and with the rapid rise in electronic communications, cyberbullying using the Internet or mobile devices to send or post harmful or cruel text or images has become a serious issue. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, 43 percent of teens 13 to 17 years old say they have experienced cyberbullying in the past year. Furthermore, studies show that teen girls are the biggest perpetrators. The study also found that nine in ten teens who had experienced cyberbullying 92 percent reported that they knew the person who was bullying them. Additionally, teens are twice as likely to talk to a friend about the incident rather than their parents or another adult. Created by volunteer ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, the multimedia campaign includes viral videos directed by Joe Pytka as well as radio and web advertising. A few of the radio and online banner PSAs feature an appearance by McGruff the Crime Dog an icon tweens welcome as a reassuring presence in the advertising telling them to delete damaging emails or text messages and not to forward them. Our work is based upon a simple insight If you wouldnt do it in person, why do it online? said Matthew Atkatz, Executive Creative Director, Interactive & Media Convergence at Saatchi & Saatchi. He added We chose to focus on the web rather than TV to speak with tweens and teens in the medium where cyberbullying takes place we hope kids will watch these hard-hitting vignettes and share them to spread the message. The PSAs direct audiences to the website www.ncpc**** to learn more about cyberbullying. The website also includes a special downloadable document for parents. NCPC has been a leader in bullying prevention education since the late 1990s, so it is fitting that we expand our efforts to address cyberbullying, said NCPC president and CEO Alfonso Lenhardt. Online bullying can have the same debilitating effects on a young person as face to face bullying depression, a drop in grades, loss of self esteem, suicide, and other violent acts. We simply must do something to stop this devastating problem. Per the Ad Councils model, the ads will air in time that is donated by the media. PSA messages from the McGruff Take A Bite Out Of Crime public service advertising campaign have been the beneficiary of more than $1 billion in donated media advertising since the campaigns inception.
6 Mar 2007
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Largest Procter & Gamble brand in North America Kicks Off Multifaceted Campaign During Super Bowl XLII Today, Tide aired an advertisement for the #1 instant stain remover, Tide to Go, during Super Bowl XLII, marking the detergent category leader's first foray into the Super Bowl and the first time for a Procter & Gamble brand since 2004. Tide to Go's 30-second spot, created by Saatchi & Saatchi of New York, provided a humorous look at the consequences of embarrassing stains, with a "talking stain" overshadowing a job candidate's interview. It was the national debut for the spot which received widespread industry recognition including a 2007 Cannes Silver Lion award. Tide to Go's Super Bowl spot served as the launching pad for a new digital campaign and microsite — www.mytalkingstain**** — where consumers are encouraged to create their own 'spoofs' of the Talking Stain spot. The winning consumer ad will air on Primetime television later this year.
12 Nov 2008
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to see more viral videos like this go to *******dropkickmonkey**** High Life's delivery guy breaks down the Super Bowl. Client: Miller High Life Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
7 Sep 2008
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go to *******dropkickmonkey**** to see more commercials like this Product: Carlsberg Lite Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Simko Art Director: Lisa Crudginton Copywriter: Fred Bry Agency Producer: Stuart Speechly Director: David Denneen Prod. Co.: Filmgraphics Productions Country: Switzerland
26 Apr 2008
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Kevin Roberts has a long pedigree in business, having worked with many of the world’s most recognisable brands. Now Global Chief Executive of Saatchi & Saatchi, he captivated the audience when speaking at the Institute of Directors Annual Convention, 2008. In this excerpt from that speech, he talks about how the consumer has risen to be the boss – and why you’d better listen to his demands. See more of this amazingly insightful speech in Kevin Roberts’ upcoming show on *******www.yourbusinesschannel****
4 Dec 2008
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Traditional marketing methods are over. Based as they were on interruption, simply screaming for attention, they have finally died the death they deserve. Even whole marketing departments may go the way of the dinosaur. But what happens now? That’s exactly what we asked experts from The Million Dollar Team. Find out what Kevin Roberts, Global Chief Executive of Saatchi & Saatchi, David Meerman Scott, online thought leadership and viral marketing strategist, and Shel Israel, blogging guru and bestselling author say about connecting with your customers in today’s world. To find out what the Million Dollar Team is offering and how they can help you - watch the show or visit *******www.yourbusinesschannel****
6 Jun 2008
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Kevin Roberts, Global Chief Executive of Saatchi & Saatchi talks about a key mistake many of today’s companies are making with their research – a mistake that is clouding their insight and monkeying with their planning. See this show to find out what Kevin says about breaking your research free from the zoo and back to the real market habitat. Due for release soon, shows featuring interviews with Kevin Roberts will be available for viewing at *******www.yourbusinesschannel**** Hear about the very latest show releases, as well as other yourBusinessChannel news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/blog.aspx
3 Jul 2008
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Expert business advice from Kevin Roberts, Global Chief Executive of Saatchi & Saatchi, as he explains the core thinking of Lovemarks, and how it can even be applied to US presidential candidates. See more business news television shows from experts like Kevin Roberts, as he gives his top expert business advice at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/section.aspx?section=sales Find out more about the very latest show releases, as well as other yourBusinessChannel news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/blog.aspx
1 Aug 2008
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We know you want to attract more customers, so we've pulled together a team of marketing and PR experts to reveal top business building tips and show you the best ways to do it. For the last year we’ve travelled around the world, interviewing the top marketing and PR experts to gather their most successful business tips and to bring their knowledge together in one place. This Free To View video is the first instalment in the Million Dollar Team’s Marketing and PR series, and features advice and know how from Kevin Roberts, Global Chief Executive of Saatchi & Saatchi, David Meerman Scott, sales blogging legend and bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, and Shel Israel, the man at the very centre of the blogosphere. By getting the best expert advice and marketing tips for small business, over the coming weeks you'll see how to create buzz and excitement about what you sell, without spending a stack on advertising! Have you got a great business, idea, product or service, but you just can't get the revenue growth you are looking for? If you'd like your business to be considered for the Million Dollar Challenge click here *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/SyndicatorShow.aspx?spk=295 Find out more about the very latest in Million Dollar team developments and news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/ResourceCentre/Snap/blog.aspx
26 May 2009
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