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A music video I created using clips from Sailor Moon set to the song Once Upon A December from Disney's Anistasia...
10 Sep 2006
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A music video I created using clips from Sailor Moon set to the song Tokyo Girl... It features most of her transformations and attacks...
18 Sep 2006
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A video for a Christmas song by Sailor Martin, a pierced and tattooed sailor puppet. The song, "(A Glass of) Christmas Cheer," consists of new lyrics sung over the public domain recording "Too Much Mustard" from 1913. The video is composed of various public domain cartoons. The song, in the meanwhile, details Sailor Martin's misapprehension that Christmas is a time of epic drunkenness.
18 Dec 2006
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want to just play around with your kids and act like a sailor (sailor hate and boat) all you need is a 8.5 by 11 paper and just watch. And you will be sailing away! ;)
12 Feb 2007
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british sailor released by iran and will comeback to their country oh good i am so happy
5 Apr 2007
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here's a sailor moon slideshow i've made with the song suddenly by ashley tisdale hope you enjoy! ^^
1 May 2007
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here's another cool video i've made with a crossover of sailor moon and harry potter hope you enjoy! :)
16 May 2007
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It's not my best work, but hey! It's the first Sailor Moon video I ever made, so don't be to harsh.
10 Jun 2007
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(゚∀゚)o彡 W/Lyrics Lucky☆Star - Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Aya Hirano - Emiri Katou - Kaori Fukuhara - Aya Endo) Opening para Lucky☆Star/Muuuy hipnotizante. LYRICS -------- Aimai 3 cm sore PUNI tte koto kai? chou! na kyuubunka seifuku na furitte koto nai? BOON! ganbacchau? yacchacchau? son tokkya KYACCHI ANDO RIRI-SU yo! I SAY! WHOO! I SAY! WHOO! no tanima ni DARLING! DARLING! PLEASE! nan kataru nanka deru aishiteru! are? ikko ga chigatterun run! nayaminbo, koutetsubo, oishinbo! iikagen ni shinasai! tondetta aisu mo moteru ka na, datte iwayuru futsuu no onna no ko! odoroita! atashi dake! tonkotsu, harigane, okawari! DA-DA-DA-DA-DA! BON! BON! ouendan! LET'S GET CHERRY PIE! RAN! RAN! kangeikai! YOU'VE GOT A SENSATION! HIGH! sonzaikai, tenten shouwakusei! butsukatte! tokemashita! bouzen! ooi ni utatte! SING AND DANCE! motteike, saigo ni waracchau no wa atashi no hazu! SE-RA- fuku dakara desu ketsuron! getsuyoubi na no ni kigen warui no, dou suru yo? natsufuku ga ii no desu! KAWAII! seifuku in 3 PI-SU! sorya matette chuucho da! YAN! ganbatte! YEAH! harikitte! YEAH! MY DARLING! DARLING! PLEASE! *******iimouto****/goaikora mx --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
17 Aug 2007
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This is a very simple magic trick about seven sailors. It's usually done with a new deck of cards but I didnt have one.
4 Oct 2007
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Martin Atwell (driving) and Graeme Finlayson on Rally Barbados 2007. The night run through the Sailor Gulley stage in the Mitsubishi Evo RS (Group N). Posting the fastest Group N time through the stage on their way to 2nd overall in Group N.
17 Nov 2007
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*******Myfunybreak**** There is pretty aged but colored episode of popeye the sailor man. Termites - insects- eating everything in poeyes house.Those insects hurts.I love all popaye the sailor man cartoons as well as videos and clips which is same
23 Feb 2008
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