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Thanks for the pizza party Sam. Instead of all us signing a birthday card, we all made a video as his video birthday card. Happy Birthday Sam! We all care very much about you and wish you a very very happy birthday! *******youtube****/samproof *******youtube****/rebone *******youtube****/actordavidtran *******youtube****/littlepandaexpress *******youtube****/tristatube *******youtube****/zacksmovies *******youtube****/schleppy13 *******youtube****/ravenlaughs *******youtube****/goldenbluestar *******youtube****/misssarahb
25 May 2008
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******* *******samproof.wordpress**** Included in this video: Guest Starring - ***********/misssarahb Additional clips provided by the Prelinger Archives from the educational film 'Age 13' (public domain) by Sid Davis
7 Jun 2008
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Check out *******samproof.ning****/group/zine I've made a group on my community to discussion variations, used, mods, and where I'll answer questions when possible This is a DIY I did on how to make a one sheet Zine. D-I-Y - a real American Hero! Remember Kids, Folding is Half the Battle you'll need: One piece of paper Scissors and a Pen featuring the voice of *******youtube****/crazymikala US & International orders for the zine here: ******* This is a DIY I did on how to make a one sheet Zine. D-I-Y - a real American Hero! Remember Kids, Folding is Half the Battle you'll need: One piece of paper Scissors and a Pen featuring the voice of *******youtube****/crazymikala CHECK THIS OUT: I just found photo tutorial on the process as well at Flickr ***********/photos/elizabethgenco/sets/72157594276405114 Her layout actually puts the cover and back cover in the center. So just goes to show you how mailable this design is :D PhotoShop Zine guides *******bandhosting****/proof/Zine/ZINEguides.jpg MS Word Zine guide template coming soon
21 Jun 2009
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This is a video I shot at Sam's birthday party
25 May 2009
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just need someone to play with. btw stay strong. Yup just a little skit with some walkie talkies. Man that's a good time. All you need is a couple of walkie talkies and a shite load of down time at work and there you go folks, another short from Sam Proof is on the interweb. No Animals were injured in the making of this film. not to be confused with thecrabcakeman
12 Dec 2007
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The Video Too Wild for Youtube Sketchies Contest Look for more info at: *******samproof.wordpress****/ Somethings aren't meant to be tamed. Something are just wild. Starring: Sam Proof Brian Fischer Tourists: Matt Taylor Renee Dorian Ben Harding And Introducing: Ryan Musante Special Thanks to Jen for photographs and moral support. AND GO VOTE for me at ***********/ytawards07 (click 'instructional')
14 Mar 2008
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For more check out my Blog at *******samproof.wordpress****/ Music used with Permission 'Polite' by The Unnormals *******www.myspace****/unnormals & *******www.unnormals****/ Footage and Pics by Sam Proof from the Anti War protest held in Hollywood California on March 15th 2008.
16 Mar 2008
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*******failpire.ning**** Short Race is a 100 hr Video challenge open to anyone! All you need is time, focus and creativity Do You Have What It Takes? Hosted by Sam Proof and Amy Vorpahl Live Sundays at 3pm at *******Samproof.TV/Live.html Video Missions ROUND 3 sept 21st - 25th Prop - Pity Pills Location - Park (bonus point for bathroom) Misc - Bill Cosby used however you like.. The Team Wild Cards are: Babies from heaven - Mccain & Obama Arnold Swarzenegger - Suicide Drinks TheOriginalKeomsabe - Sunglasses Team Phenom - A Car the Stead - "that's no couch... that's your mother" Donkey Lipz - A self addressed postcard TalkShow4Anyone - *******failpire.ning**** If you have any questions hit me up at failpirening**** for clarification.
25 Sep 2008
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for full list of credits Performed by Amy Vorpahl Directed by Sam Proof Edited by Joe Coover Thanks to everyone from Upright Citizens Brigade, all the great actors that helped out, the fight coordinator, The amazing crew and everyone we parodied. btw - if you're in the video, send me you're URL and I'll add it to the list
19 Dec 2008
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It's finally begun! They came by to drop off the new car today, though I was met with some odd resistance! Check out everything we've got going on over at *******www.fiestamovement2****/los-angeles/team-profile/team-la You don't have to be in LA to participate in the fun and events we're planning! This Thursday super cool event for artists and graphic designers - 'follow team' on the link above to find out the details! and follow me on twitter at *******twitter****/samproof More to Come! Delivery Guy : James Ross Sam : Sam Proof Camera : Ed Spangler (and Sam) Music : Sam Proof Racoon Wrangler : Mephisto Chin
2 Mar 2010
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*******tinyurl****/gonebysamproof --facebook fanpage *******thepathtopublication - blog if you don't trust tinyurl's here's the full facebook url *******www.facebook****/pages/Gone/102610669778268?ref=mf This is a vlog about my novel Gone. follow the links above to find out more about it. Thanks! Stay Strong -Sam Proof
27 Mar 2010
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Watch Part One here - ***********/watch?v=X_1QvlYsQ4A The Continued Story of Fiesta Movement Agent SamProof and his new Fiesta. When an emotional Car Delivery guy drops off a car he's lived in for hundreds of miles he finds separation is harder then he thought. Starring SamProof & James Ross Shot by Ed Spangler Then Check out the Team LA Fiesta Page (and follow us!) *******www.fiestamovement2****/los-angeles/team-profile/team-la or *******tinyurl****/teamla For More SamProof Check out: Twitter *******twitter****/samproof Community *******samproof.ning**** Facebook *******www.facebook****/pages/Sam-Proof/82425582283?ref=mf Homepage *******
3 Apr 2010
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