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Baloch TUbe presents Sammo Saaz ( Balochi Music) ||| Baloch TUbe.mp4
8 Feb 2018
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Hopping corpse from Sammo Hung's Encounters of Spooky kind Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Nov 2009
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Veteran actor and producer Danny Lee speaks to SCMP film editor Clarence Tsui about his new film Fatal Move before discussing the evolution of Hong Kong's local film industry.
20 Feb 2008
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A great fight coreographed in Shaw Brothers' style.
28 Feb 2009
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A fist fight coreographed in Shaw Brothers old school kung fu style. Good entertainment!
10 Oct 2008
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ANDREW DASZ ACTOR-ARTISTA MARCIAL COREOGRAFO DE ACCION PROFESOR DE KUNG FU andrewdaszgmail**** MSN andrewdaszhotmail**** *******www.kungfugrupo**** *******www.andrewdasz.actormania****
24 Aug 2009
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Watch 14 Blades Full Lenght Movie Online Free. Go to: *******tighturl****/1q50 A kung fu thriller set during the Ming Dynasty and centered on a secret service agent (Donnie Yen) in the emperor's court who is betrayed and then hunted by his colleagues. 14 Blades 2010 Online Free Get Full Lenght Movie 100% Free
5 Mar 2010
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LUCHA ESCENICA HONG KONG STYLE La Lucha Escenica China esta relacionada con la antigüa Opera China, espectaculo que exibe diferentes artes, entre ellas canto, baile, interpretacion y movimientos de Kung Fu Tradicional. Es asi que las mayores estrellas del Cine Aisiatico provienen en su mayoria de las Escuelas Tradicionales de la Opera China. Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung o Yuen Biao reconocen su formacion en este tipo de escuelas. En España el actor normalmente complementa su formacion interpretativa con el canto y baile pero descuida el adiestrarse en lo que engloba la Lucha Escenica: Las Artes Marciales Tradicionales. FC GROUP Por ese motivo la Fight Choreographers Group presenta un programa especialmente diseñado para actores y demas artistas interesados. Este entrenamiento busca mejorar la conexion mente-cuerpo y en consecutiva aprimorar la "presencia" del artista en el palco o la pantalla. Un ejemplo de presencia ante camara fue nada menos que Bruce Lee, que con solo 4 largometrajes se convirtio en el actor chino mas conocido del mundo en tan solo 3 años de carrera artistica. El programa de entrenamiento consiste en la fusion de elementos de varias artes: - SISTEMA VING TSUN - HUNG GAR KUEN - WU SHU MODERNO - ACROBACIAS CONTACTO: ANDREW DASZ 687 253 162 WWW.KUNGFUGRUPO.COM WWW.ANDREWDASZ.ACTORMANIA.NET
7 Nov 2008
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*******www.graboider**** Ip Man 2 Trailer (2011) After escaping the Japanese occupation of his hometown of Foshan, China, Ip Man and his family have arrived in Hong Kong, which is living under the iron fist of British colonial rule. Ip wants to support his family by opening up a martial arts academy to teach his unique Wing Chun style. But a corrupt cabal of Hong Kong martial arts masters, led by Hung Chun-nam, refuses to allow Ip to teach until he proves himself - and prove himself he does, in an intense series of fights against the masters showcasing a dazzling variety of martial arts styles, culminating in a highly anticipated brawl between Ip and Hung atop a rickety table. But even after gaining the respect of the masters, Ip's troubles are far from over. Hong Kong under British rule is a world of corruption, and when a Western-style boxer named Taylor Twister Milos comes to town to entertain the British upper-class, and insults both Chinese martial arts and the native citizens in a horrifically violent way, Ip must step up and fight for the honor of both his kung fu and the Chinese people. Forced by honor to enter a brutal King of the Ring boxing match against Twister, it's East versus West in an amazing, knock-down drag-out fight to the finish Theatrical Release Date: January 28, 2011 Runtime: 108 min. Starring: Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, Huang Xiaoming, Xiong Dailin, Simon Yam Director(s): Wilson Yip MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated Genre(s): Action
3 Dec 2010
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