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Enjoy and share this Video Christmas card Feel free to embed it in your friends myspace, friendster, facebooks, xangas or where ever sarcastic holiday Christmas cards can be left. I hope you get a laugh at the Samproof and Paperlilies Video Xmas Card for 2007.
23 Dec 2007
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This is a casting call for quick video clips. upload your clips (upto 10MB) at ******* (hit the 'click to begin upload' link) for inspiration check out last years Halloween Collabs at: ***********/watch?v=k_nkq8uZxQg ***********/watch?v=LFE-_4fzD8A
13 Sep 2008
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For more information check out: *******proofalist.blogspot****/2009/04/poetry-collab-2-ode-by-arthur.html SamProof: *******youtube****/samproof Deadline April 30th Any Format 4:3 ratio preferred Dress up in your Willy Wonka inspired outfit - have fun! Read directly to the camera - so take it line by line. Don't worry about editing - I'll take care of it!
27 Apr 2009
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For more info: *******samproof.wordpress****/2008/05/19/upright-citizens-brigade also check out Http:// May 24th Noon to 8pm PST Http://stickam****/samproof
19 May 2008
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Sometimes an immortal Greek God needs to be on the web, that's basically the story, and I'm sticking it to it. I'd like to thank Brad for the idea of this Zeus character in the first place; you can see more of Zeus in the Kid Icarus Video on Brad's page. "Oh Child" By NautyPet *******www.myspace****/nautypet there will be more Zeus too come - this I command! *******samproof****/zeus Remember that song that goes : Zeus Zeus Zeus Zeus.. Zeus Zeus - Zeus. Zeus Zeus Zeus Zeus! I love that song. Zeus out, eat that Seacreast ya Mortal Pansy
11 Jun 2007
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That's right folks it the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, once again for your interweb amusement! When he's not being celestial god (or taken the mischievous shape of a bull), he's here on Youtube. In todays Zeusisode, something has gone horribly awry! And Chaos ensues! What's waiting next for this Master from Mount Olympus? Only Gaia knows for sure. seriously there's nothing to read here, I'm just winging this. Coming Soon *******samproof****/zeus/Index.html Another Zeusisode is coming soon! Music Created with garageband
25 Aug 2007
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The Path to Publication is back.. or here or finally starting. Follow me on my journey as I try to publish the great American novel. get the zine here - *******samproof****/proofalist.html This video Features: mememolly ***********/mememolly mypinkelephants ***********/mypinkelephants frezned ***********/frezned thewinekone ***********/thewinekone The PlayList is: ***********/view_play_list?p=B1BA17DA99C887E1
1 Nov 2007
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Hey Folks it's Nanowrimo time That's national novel writing month! For more info check: *******www.nanowrimo**** find me at : *******www.nanowrimo****/eng/user/246963 Life Casting at: ******* 2pm to 4pm or so on weekends who knows when on weekdays. PIMP your nanowrimo link, leave comments with your write out gathering info or whatever. Cheer each other on.
5 Nov 2007
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Thanks for the pizza party Sam. Instead of all us signing a birthday card, we all made a video as his video birthday card. Happy Birthday Sam! We all care very much about you and wish you a very very happy birthday! *******youtube****/samproof *******youtube****/rebone *******youtube****/actordavidtran *******youtube****/littlepandaexpress *******youtube****/tristatube *******youtube****/zacksmovies *******youtube****/schleppy13 *******youtube****/ravenlaughs *******youtube****/goldenbluestar *******youtube****/misssarahb
25 May 2008
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Join me on Http://samproof.ning**** "CounterBlow" a 48 Hour Film Festival is coming 4 shorts from Super Zeroes on it's way. Also watch me live on stickam****/samproof Saturdays at 6pm PST for my live show FAILPIRE also look to Http://failpire.ning**** for more info
11 Jul 2008
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Help me get this featured. I don't make videos often for this channel. But this one was held back in editing for 6 and a half months to make sure it was the best it could be. I hope you like the message it sends. Please watch in high quality on Youtube. as one tolerence psa Dear YouTube: What I learn and love in this community... come directly from you. Whatever your message is... will be a part of us forever. Please... teach us to accept one another... teach us to respect one another. Please do not fill our mind... with hatred do not expose us to bigotry Do not teach us... [change camera angle] to judge each other by race... religion... sexual orientation... or the color of our skin... Teach us the concept of TOLERENCE [ have something event related in hand] Teach us... to understand one another Teach us... to accept people... of different cultures... [something in foreground. maybe faraway shot] and audio shot and persons... with different beliefs than yours. [close up, low shot] Please help us to create a world where every man... woman... and child... is treated equally Dear YouTube... Dear Youtube... Please don't teach us... words of hate, we learn from you every moment [emphasize] If you use certain words [foreground item] which may be hurtful to others... [turned over shoulder shot] We will repeat those words [shot with someone in foreground not paying attention] Please don't show...acts of hate [no bg] If you act against people...[no bg] of different faiths... we will repeat your actions. [low shot] [two people] friends [in unison] stand close or arms on shoulders dear youtube... [high shot] we are your future.[close up] We are relying on you... [held at waist shot] to help us create a world... where every person... is tolerant to one another. Appearances by: renetto thetalesend elena pinkcrusader OhCurt slider missyngthought kaauknow roxy spricket24 samproof zacksmovies honeybeeissa smpfilms bubbles michelleisscience projectblogsphere Alphacat mollyz2000 nbwulf musosf boh3m3 helpmefindparents nickynik ACTORDAVIDTRAN
8 Aug 2008
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New Projects and Sites check out *******failpire.ning**** *******stickam****/samproof ******* *******samproof.ning**** check out the sites, join up and participate! Come be a part of my new WEEKLY Video contest. and watch me live 7:30pm PST on Stickam
25 Aug 2008
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*******failpire.ning**** Short Race is a 100 hr Video challenge open to anyone! All you need is time, focus and creativity Do You Have What It Takes? Hosted by Sam Proof and Amy Vorpahl Live Sundays at 3pm at *******Samproof.TV/Live.html Video Missions ROUND 3 sept 21st - 25th Prop - Pity Pills Location - Park (bonus point for bathroom) Misc - Bill Cosby used however you like.. The Team Wild Cards are: Babies from heaven - Mccain & Obama Arnold Swarzenegger - Suicide Drinks TheOriginalKeomsabe - Sunglasses Team Phenom - A Car the Stead - "that's no couch... that's your mother" Donkey Lipz - A self addressed postcard TalkShow4Anyone - *******failpire.ning**** If you have any questions hit me up at failpirening**** for clarification.
25 Sep 2008
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Check out My Blog *******proofalist.blogspot**** Check Out the Tuberavers forums and contest *******www.tuberavers****/index.php?referredby=67 My Nanowrimo *******www.nanowrimo****/eng/user/246963 My Writing Blog *******thepathtopublication.wordpress**** My Lobster Blog *******lobstervaws.wordpress**** Check out my live show Fridays at 7:30 pm pst ******* and join the show community at *******failpire.ning**** For more info on the Short Race 100 hr video challenge check out and join *******failpire.ning****/group/shortrace oh and wth here's my Twitter *******twitter****/samproof
21 Nov 2008
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PLZ Rate/Comment & Subscribe *******youtube****/castingtube for the casting call pics from YTLive to come at Http://samproof.ning**** Follow me on *******twitter****/samproof Questions: 1) What did you think of youtube live 2) were you in SF, did you watch it live, or did you watch it in segments after it was done Look for Sugar to make guest appearances on *******youtube****/tiggertalks and follow Tigger at *******twitter****/tiggertalks In brief this is a simple vlog about my trip to San Fran and youtube live. It was pretty cool. Watch my text blog for more details about the trip at *******proofalist.blogspot****
1 Dec 2008
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