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Pro Formula Drift driver, Samuel Hubinette, aka "The Crazy Swede", and his Brian Crower sponsored Dodge Viper.
2 Jul 2008
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an outtake from footage shot at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. watch Samuel Hubinette stop on a dime in the Mopar Viper!
16 Jan 2009
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Professional driver and drifter Samuel Hubinette takes the StreetFire staff through his 360 Performance Driving Academy. This is just a teaser. Make sure you check back to StreetFire**** for the full video.
29 Oct 2009
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We went to ES Motorsports in Riverside, CA to get a sneak peak of Samuel Hubinette's 2010 Drift Challenger being built for the 2010 Formula Drift season.
25 Mar 2010
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This is most definitely NOT Samuel Hubinette talking about his 2010 Formula Drift Dodge Challenger in order to promote StreetFire's upcoming Weekly Video Shootout.
31 Mar 2010
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Formula Drift Round 2 Road Atlanta Top 32 Samuel Hubinette vs. Doug Van Den Brink *******driftstream2010****
26 May 2010
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Samuel hubinette
31 May 2010
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A first look at the new Samuel Hubinette Racing Drift Challenger for 2011 testing for the first time in its new colors at the 6th annual Festival of Lxs<br><br />
3 Apr 2012
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. The DVD covers driving techniques, Includes the latest in D1 Grand Prix Series, street and circuit racing action and useful set-ups and more.
2 Feb 2008
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Incredible exclusive footage on the car of Sam Hubinette- stunt driver for Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. Catch unique on-car angles as Sam hits double 360's in his Mopar modified Viper.
10 Nov 2008
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*******www.madskillsdvd**** Champion drifter Rhys Millen revisits the exhilaration and intensity of the 2005 Formula D Season in the action packed documentary Mad Skills. Coming off a potentially disastrous crash in Chicago, Millen and his crew have less than a week to get his GTO for the finals in Irwindale. Complicating matters, the RX8 Rhys built for his father, the legendary rally driver Rod Millen, may not be able to compete in the final race. Battling mechanical difficulties, crew troubles and formidable competitors including his good friends Samuel Hubinette and Tanner Foust, Rhys must remain sharply focused to ensure his victory and win the championship. Filled with explosive door-on-door action, tire smoke and out control spins Mad Skills offers a never-before-seen look into the art of driving sideways. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never look at motor sports in the same way. Buy it now on DVD! Check out the extended trailer: ***********/watch?v=3Y3Djx5rALw
31 Jan 2009
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Top professional drivers compete to see who can execute the best 180 spin turn (aka flipping a bitch) to park the car in a small designated grid. Performance will be judged based on precision and showmanship. The first contest was held in April 2008 crowing Tanner Foust, 07 X Games Rally champ and 07 Formula D Series champion as the winner. This time, Flip a Bitch 2 entrants are Scion Racing driver Ken Gushi, Bridgestone/RMR driver Daijiro Yoshihara and two time Formula D series champion Samuel Hubinette. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Nov 2008
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