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Here is a press release on WFLA in Tampa for a new alcohol free hand sanitizer.
17 Aug 2009
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As the Swine Flu pandemic races across the county, Q-Based Healthcare covers topic of hand sanitizer shortages in retail stores. *******shop.qbased****
8 May 2009
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*******www.microarmorinc****/ Hi Guys. We all want clean hands with no dirt on it. Check out this website for some hand sanitizer products!
17 Sep 2009
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*******purellhandsanitizerdispenser****/ Recently our son was born and had to spend some time in the NICU. Doctors and nurses in the NICU were continually washing their hands with hand sanitizer. This was at the best women's Hospital on the East Coast. So if they are using hand sanitizer then it must work, right? So, how does this hand sanitizer work? It works by using alcohol to kill all of the germs and bacteria on hands. Hand sanitizer's kills germs by using ethyl alcohol. However, unless the alcohol content is at least 63%, the sanitizer will not be effective at all. It's hard to believe that any company would be selling sanitizer that was ineffective. However, this happens so you need to read the label and make sure that the alcohol content is at least 63%. It's important that you wash your hands correctly if you want a hand sanitizer to have the desired effect. First, dispense a liberal amount of the gel in the palm of your hand. It may take a few washings to experiment and find the ideal amount of gel used for your hands. Then, rub your hands together spreading the gel over every area of your hand and the back of your hands. Then, spread your fingers on both hands and interlock them. Then, rub your fingers back and forth rubbing the gel in between your fingers. Then grab on to the thumb with the opposite hand, rubbing up and down to make sure the gel spreads all over. Do the same for each finger on each hand. Hand sanitizer is very useful when there is no soap and water available. But the fact still remains, using warm soap and water is the most effective way to rid your hands of all germs and bacteria. In order to limit the spread of colds and flu it's important to wash your hands frequently. The more you can wash your hands the better. More importantly, if you work or spend your day at a school or an office building, wash your hands after every time you touch a door knob. Or, carry around a handkerchief and use it to grasp the doorknobs rather than touching them with your own hands. This can minimize the chance that you will catch the flu as well as minimizing the chance that you will spread it to others. Make recommendations to management at your school or place of work to install hand sanitizer dispeners in the hallways and each room of the school. The more people that was their hands with greater frequency, the better we can limit the spread of the flu, including the H1N1 strain.
21 Nov 2009
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*******swburl****/b1692 Toothbrush Sanitizer Unit small sleek dental gear sanitizer Easy to Use, Safe and Effective *******www.ShopWatchBuy****
16 Feb 2010
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About The Book At one point I felt unlovable, hopeless, chaotic, and undeserving of anything good. The pain and despair nearly killed me. No drug, drink, meeting, woman, money, fame, or power could ever have fixed me. It has been my personal relationship with Christ that has healed those wounds. As you read what God has placed on my heart, please know that without Him, I am nothing; but because of Him I can share with you How God Sanitized My Soul. Born and raised in a Christian home, Jonathan Okinaga had plenty of biblical knowledge, but what he didn't have was a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How God Sanitized My Soul is a personal account of Jonathan’s journey from the depths of drug addiction to his physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration. Jonathan started and now leads a recovery ministry at his church in Hawaii, a transformation for which he gives all the glory to Christ alone.
7 Jul 2010
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he lotus Chemical Free Sanitizing System - LBU100 infuses water with ozone, in the all-purpose sanitizing bowl included with the system, to neutralize up to 99.9% of bacteria and pesticides on foods. You can also use the lotus Chemical Free Sanitizing System to infuse water in the included spray bottle attachment and sanitize surfaces with one of the lotus microfiber cleaning cloths also included with the system. Among many other things, the lotus Chemical Free Sanitizing System activated water also removes stains, removes mold and mildew and deodorizes.
27 Feb 2011
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Jen Adams shares a "Quick Tip" for sanitizing your kitchen sponges.
5 Aug 2011
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For more information about food plant sanitation services visit our website: *******www.foodsafetysanitation****/
30 Jan 2012
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For more information about food plant sanitation services visit our website *******www.foodsafetysanitation****.
6 Feb 2012
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Hot Spring® Spas, the world’s leading spa brand, congratulated Don Benecke, of Osage Beach, Missouri, as the winner in the June Hot Spring Salt Water Hot Tub Giveway. Benecke won the Hot Spring spa model of his choice – complete with the revolutionary ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System, the proprietary CoverCradle® cover lifter, and a matching Everwood® step. To enter the Giveaway, contestants were encouraged to “Like” the Hot Spring Spas Facebook page and then watch a fun, animated video to find out why ‘diamonds are a hot tub’s best friend’. To increase their chances of winning, contestants were encouraged to share the video with friends. To view Multimedia News Release, go to ********www.multivu****/mnr/57463-hot-spring-spas-awards-salt-water-hot-tub-to-long-time-fan
1 Aug 2012
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Toilet seat sanitizer spray ensure your protection from toilet germs, cleanse public toilets, avoid UTI's and deodrise toilets. Visit ******* and read more about how to use a toilet seat sanitizer, how to clean a public toilet, how a toilet seat sanitizer works and the toilet seat sanitizer spray uses.
25 Oct 2016
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IP toilet intelligent public sanitation and self cleaning public toilet manufacturer have high-tech facilities portable, electronic, smart and automated public toilet.
17 Jan 2017
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Peesafe is toilet seat sanitizer which help to prevent the toilet borne diseases such as UTI.
24 Jan 2017
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