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save her child from crocodile to get his life
5 Jun 2018
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There is no other force on the face of the earth as strong as a mother's instinct to protect their child at all costs. This mother lifts up the manhole cover like it was nothing to save her child.
4 Nov 2019
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Video Teaser / Trailer for Sometimes in September, a new time travel romance e-book by bestselling author Cassidy McKay...available now at www.twilightfantasies****/Sometimes_in_September.htm ..... David Chesney believes in ghosts. He's seen them...and they've seen him. When a beautiful ghost begs him to help save her child, David falls back in time to the California Gold Rush, where a life was worth less than a shiny gold nugget, and tossed away even more rapidly. As he meets the woman who has intrigued him all of his life, in her lifetime, he finds that love is more precious than gold, even when her future is in his past. Can he change history to save her? Or will history change him?
15 May 2007
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AS PART OF PUBLIC EDUCATION SERIES BRING TO YOU An initiative to raise awareness on BLOOD DONATION Tears of a Mother cannot save her child. "BUT YOUR BLOOD CAN" Medeaz Contribution Towards Encouraging Blood Donations Medeaz got an opportunity recently to support and encourage the voluntary blood donors by honoring them with our subscription plan worth INR 599/- with the theme... "YOU CARE FOR SOMEONE'S HEALTH; WE CARE FOR YOURS AND YOUR FAMILY HEALTH" Medeaz was fortunate to be a part of a mega blood donation drive at 14 locations across Hyderabad twin cities organized by the Rotary clubs of Hyderabad on the occasion of 115th Rotary foundation day. This drive attracted 400 voluntary donors in a single day. Happy to Help!
14 Mar 2019
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