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Jeremy Saville talks to the G.I. Joe Star on the Red Carpet for UltraStar
7 Aug 2009
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Jeremy Saville talks to Marlon Wayans on the Red Carpet of the G.I. Joe Movie Premiere. Watch the laughs fly.
7 Aug 2009
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Question: What is black, brown and looks nice on an estate agent? Answer: A Rottweiler. We think even at this sticky end of the property stick there is value in quality estate agents. And the most diversified of these shares we feel is Savills. Woof!
20 Aug 2009
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Compared to Dan Brown's The DA VINCI CODE, this book is no imitator! Set apart in so many ways, SILVER will bring heresy to a new level as the Disciples of Judas strike crippling blows at the very building blocks of Christianity. From London, to Berlin, to the Holy See itself, acts of unspeakable terror shall be committed making the pious fear what is the truth - have we been fed lies our whole life? SILVER will debut in the US on January 19, 2010. *******www.variancepublishing****/books/silver-by-steven-savile.html
14 Jan 2010
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Jeremy Saville is not British, but there is a reason he talks British English.
6 Feb 2010
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*******SavilleIZation**** Alec Baldwin star of NBC's 30 Rock talks about why you should support Jeremy Saville's pilot Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 May 2010
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20 May 2011
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19 Apr 2012
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They did not think it could happen...but it did.....Naive CBBC Blue Peter drawing competition winner accidentally opens the gates to hell and unleashes Jimmy Savile on poor little little mix
18 Nov 2012
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6 Jun 2017
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Jasabel Buchanan, an indentured lady’s maid to the rich Governor’s daughter, is taken prisoner when the ship on which they sail is seized by pirates led by Captain Neil Devlin. Sent into bondage because of his Jacobite loyalties, Devlin escaped to become the terror of the English colonies. When he abducts his former owner’s daughter, he doesn’t expect his reaction to her captivating lady’s maid. But amongst old injustices an evil lurks, and before she can be free, Jasabel must decide if she dares to love a pirate. Isbn: 978-1-4357-1405-2 www.SusanneSaville**** genre: Pirate Historical Romance
30 Sep 2008
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If you thought The Joker was scary then meet The Judger. *******CinemaSaville**** presents a hilarious Social/Spiritual Satire Series for the ages. Get in touch with your inner judger, and laugh your way to enlightenment.
12 Aug 2008
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As there is never a second chance on making a first impression, a perfectly fitted suit is the vital instrument for a successful gentleman. What is better than a garment which is created with only one wearer in mind? At Sartoriani we truly believe that a garment made especially for you will enhance your life as well as your wardrobe.
11 Feb 2010
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Jasmine Saville The Rainbow Cactus. This is the video for Heart "Alone". Make sure you visit****/backroomantics to see more videos of Jasmine Saville and the cast from The Rainbow Cactus. If you head to that channel there is a link to all videos Jasmine. Remember to please vote for Jasmine Saville! kisses & hugs! Thank you.
17 Jun 2008
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Another fantastic job by Jasmine. Please vote here for Jasmine Saville and check out her myspace. www.myspace****/jasminesaville or****/backroomantics Thanks for your support!
24 Jun 2008
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Another entertaining performance by Jasmine Saville! Here she is doing "Who Do U Love"! *******www.myspace****/jasminesaville ***********/backroomantics Thank you again for the support and dont forget to VOTE!
15 Jul 2008
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