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Girls and father saved after getting stuck on cable car
10 Apr 2006
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Bullets And Octane. The Song is called "Save Me Sorrow"
16 Apr 2006
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I don't know how this baby got there. Thank God they managed to save it.
27 Mar 2006
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Saving can be a bad thing if your crazy.
4 Jun 2006
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A great save from Juvey goalkeeper Buffon.
24 Apr 2006
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Goalkeeper: The most difficult but the most exciting position. Enjoy great goalkeepers doing unbelievable saves.
5 Jul 2006
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A nice ad for the 3rd generation phones where people save a stranded.
20 Sep 2006
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A cover of 'Save Your Scissors' by City & Colour (Dallas Green) of Alexisonfire. I performed this at the Horn Reborn in St Albans at one of their Blue Angel Acoustic Cafe evenings. Go get Dallas' new album 'Sometimes' now, it rocks and he sings this way better than me. If you like this track,please go check out my MySpace site at: www.myspace****/martinbradfordgago
23 Nov 2006
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This is a tutorial follow up from how to save 100. Show you how to do alot thing in your fire wall view people ip's kick people out of your games etc
4 Dec 2006
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now SAVE videos from almost any similar video sharing site to your PC, including Google Videos, YouTube, iFilm, Putfile and many many more...
4 Dec 2006
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Filenames being saved in the incorrect case. This sometime occurs when downloading files from a host server to a local hard drive. Sometimes this may also affect folder or directory names as well. It will mainly cause problems with Linux hosting because filenames with different case are seen a different files in the Linux System whereas in Windows there are seen as the same file. For example for Linux "lowercase.txt" is different to "Lowercase.txt" in Windows there are seen as the same file. Windows may attempt to adjust the capitalization of files and folders that are in all uppercase to make them more visually pleasing. For example, if you create a folder named "C:\ALLINCAPS" Windows will actually display it as "C:\Allincaps". This situation may also apply to filename. If just Windows is used then this will usually not cause a problem, except if you have two files with the same filename but different case on the host and you try to download both of these files then one could overwrite the other. Of cause a different case will affect the way the filename will look. File Names being saved in the incorrect case particularly appears the effect the filenames of images. This is due to the way Windows works with filename. *******www.acomputerportal****/uppercase_lowercase_filenames.html Made by me using Instant Video Suite:- *******www.acomputerportal****/instantvideosuite/index.html Finalised using Windows Movie Maker Good Luck www.acomputerportal****
6 Dec 2006
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In a last desperate act to save the planet from the clutches of global warming, the Santa Liberation Front (SLF) has been forced to exploit the most wholesome of children's icons: Jolly Nick himself.
8 Dec 2006
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