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Everybody knows that Bollywood's choreographer turned director Farah khan and the king khan of bollywood Shah rukh khan who were once good friends have gone their separate ways.Farah chose not to choreograph SRK’s ‘Ra.One’ as she is too busy with her own project ‘Tees Maar Khan’
13 Oct 2010
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This video is about the adventures of a cool group I call the "KaguderZ". The KagudeZ lived their high school life the way that no group had ever done. I mean, it may have looked much like the others, but what KaguderZ have more than the others is that there's a special bond that connects each and every one of them; and the bond tightens every day. They'd made their high school years pretty cool. I mean who could ever say a big "NO" when it comes to jamming? Like "jaramming sa gitara" after each subjects, "tambay sa chippy tree tas square rooot" every vacant times in their second and third years, "pururungko sa round tire" after sir emerson's class, the "rilibakan portion" whenever you feel like, the laugh-till-you-weep events especially when it comes to tongue-twist or "chiddar", and oohh ohh! the after- school recess---the "rilinda", "tara-penta", "parawas", "parancit malabon", "irillegal sabay huthot kan sir gil". Also try if you can say "Habo ko daw!" when Friday comes, for it's time to go to Adith's house for the film-showing. They also had their out-of-school outings, and the "harouse-to-house." Yes, they have had so much adventures back those precious years, but what makes it even special is that they do it together and they now deep inside their hearts that they had fun. Imagine having a group like that. Neat huh? Yah, I know because I'm one of them. And I am very grateful not beacause I became part of KaguderZ, but mostly because KaguderZ became part of me. And they always will be.
23 Jul 2009
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Bollywood’s colored eye beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is quite worried these days!! Rumor has it that the lady is regretting her past decision. Her decision to say a big ‘No’ to the Barbie makers!!!
12 Jan 2011
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24 Jul 2011
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