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Today on our Mahaloween edition of This Week in YouTube, Jay & Silent Bob, err...Leah D'Emilio and Lon Harris bring you some fun & frightening treats from YouTube, including clips from the Friday the 13th trailer, Scary Mary Poppins, why you should Trick or Treat early, Zombies and more. It's been said that the Mahalo office is haunted...hmmm...will the hosts make it to the end of the show? Watch and beware! Remember, we're watching YouTube so you don't have to! Muuauuuuuahahahahahahahahahahaha! Be sure to RATE & SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: *******youtube****/mahalodotcom! Happy Mahaloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visit *******mahalo**** for great Halloween ideas!
31 Oct 2008
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Save your Kids
7 Jun 2011
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My dear old nanny, Scary Poppins, "drops" in for a surprise visit. She redecorates my throne room, and we do a song and dance number we like to call Puffa-Luffa-Ding-Dong. Plus, get the pure and the putrid on Assassin's Creed.
9 Apr 2009
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How To Make A Fake Ghost Picture
13 Sep 2008
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