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Reaffirming our commitment to care and serve you better, we have introduced the Signification Command Case Scheme! Under this scheme, a victim's vital information is now shared with nearby hospitals helping doctors to be ready ahead of time to treat the patient - accelerating the process of saving lives!
5 Sep 2019
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This chapter tells you about how does a mutual fund plan works, its entry & exit schemes, expense ratio, role of a fund manager, etc. followed by the key takeaways.
23 Aug 2019
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In a mutual fund investment process, every investor needs to know what exactly is a debt fund. Also termed as bond funds or fixed-income funds, debt funds invest in fixed-income schemes like corporate debt securities, money market instruments, government bonds, corporate bonds, and similar securities. Depending on the risk-averseness and portfolio of the investor, Debt mutual funds offer investments in multiple instruments. The debt fund types are Income funds, Dynamic bond funds, Liquid funds, Credit Opportunities Funds, Gilt funds, Fixed Maturity Plans, Short-term, and Ultra Short term Debt funds. Debt Mutual Funds deliver stable and low-risk returns by investing in instruments that provide a fixed rate of returns. Investors prefer this over fixed deposits as it does not put their particular investments at a great amount of risk. The benefits of investing in debt funds are High Liquidity Tax efficiency Flexibility Higher returns The primary difference between Equity Fund investment and Debt fund investment pertains to their returns. Debt funds provide you constant returns in a constant range while Equity funds are a good option to get good returns over a long period of time. Debt funds are a relevant option to invest when the market is volatile. Since debt funds invest in a range of instruments, your investments are in no way affected by equity market volatility which makes debt funds a highly stable option for anyone wishing to enter the investing domain and achieve good returns over a short period of time.
27 Aug 2019
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Introducing Electrically operated Brushing Machine for Artificial Grass manufactured by Maverick Turf. No Maintenance, Easy mobility, Nylon Brush, Portable, high torque and available with Easy Finance Scheme are the features of our Artificial grass brushing machine. For enquiries, please call on 7770077505. Distribution enquiries are also welcomed.
28 Aug 2019
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VoF (Value Of Farmers) will engage to create well-equipped Next-Gen support system to optimize farm productivity. Farmers will be able to monetize their resources and exchange them to meet their other farming needs in a peer to peer format. Unique combination of Blockchain, IoT and AI will connect users to global agricultural marketplace through VoF. KMPARDS Team is determined to bridge the gap between end-users and farmers in a Peer to Peer mode by offering solutions under one roof – VoF mobile App which is easy to use and user-friendly and utilizes emerging futuristic technologies. OBJECTIVES: Increasing farmer’s profitability and margins Government schemes penetration at grassroots level Balanced amalgamation of traditional and technological driven farming Eliminating middlemen by use of technology to provide information to increase farm yield Better and competitive market place for everyone for transparent P2P trade Ensuring optimum utilization of farm for precision farming by empowering farmers with data and analytics Skilling the farmers using accessible and user-friendly tools Adding transparency to the complete farming ecosystem benefiting everyone from farming fraternity
29 Aug 2019
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Lavish apartments with dedicated 3 stories club house, Premium office spaces with attached garden, Shops/Showrooms with 13 feet clear ceiling height. Homes, Offices & shops/Showrooms now available with daily rewarding deposit (DRD) scheme at ₹ 1037/830/1254* per day. Min. area starts with 1179/493/304* sq. ft. at Shree Balaji Skyrise, Atladra. Call 8690 915 915
30 Aug 2019
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Luxurious residential apartment with attached balcony, Shops/Showrooms with glass elevation frontal. 2/3 BHK apartments with Club house with amenities like Health clubs, sauna, swimming pool, ample parking for Shops and Showrooms. Homes & Retail spaces now available with daily rewarding deposit (DRD) scheme at ₹ 1093/939* per day. Min. size starts from 1221/312* sq. ft. Shree Balaji Wind, Sangam Char Rasta, Vadoadara. Call 8690 915 915 #Wind #ShreeBalaji #Commercial
3 Sep 2019
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Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund. (An open-ended dynamic asset allocation fund.) Be it a first-time investor, a market timer or a long-term investor, this is a fund that may help meet everyone's need. The investment objective of the scheme is to generate capital appreciation by investing in a dynamically balanced portfolio of equity & equity related securities and debt & money market securities. To know more click here: Kotak Mutual Funds
6 Sep 2019
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New Delhi Awas Yojana a comfortable and affordable living offer in Delhi by this beautiful housing scheme. 1/2/3/4 BHK Flats are available at a low price.
11 Sep 2019
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When thinking of designing your bedroom, most of the times we start with thinking about the colour schemes, the draperies, bedding fabrics, etc. More Inquiries call us on 02036015600.
17 Sep 2019
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Responsive website composition makes it simple for Google to record your site so it appears close to the top regardless of what arrangement a client is looking for. Our creative responsive designers will create a professional look for your web with graphics, website layout, color scheme, button design, and stock and/or client-provided photography.
18 Sep 2019
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Don't you want a cute dancing dinosaur as your cursor? an easy and short guide for changing your mouse scheme.
13 Dec 2006
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*******www.breakthroughtowealth****/success Get rich quick scheme and scams float all over the internet everyday. Here's step-by-step proof of how you can get rich quick without schemes and scams in your niche. We've all dreamt about getting rich quick at some point in our lives, but now there is a formula and a proven way to get rich quick without you having to worry about someone's scheme or scam. Here's 3:00 minutes of proof.
11 Dec 2007
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cash gifting is it legal? are all these gifting programs a pyramid scheme or are they actually legal? how to find the right gifting program that is actually a legal money making opportunity. will I have a sponsor when I join the gifting program or will I be left out in the cold after I have spent my money and joined? Get all your answers on the legality's of money gifting on the Internet and who is going to train you properly so i can make some real money for once in a program that requires no selling of products or other tangible items. Click the link below for more info on the newest craze of gifting for cash..
15 May 2008
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Internet Pyramid Scheme
8 Jul 2008
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*******www.ourglobalwealth**** Las Vegas, NV - Global Resorts Nework leader, Albert Garcia, discusses the difference between a pyramid scheme and a multi-level marketing company or business opportunity. Many people are wrongfully using the terms interchangeably. The main point that Albert makes is that Pyramid Schemes by definition are illegal. MLM companies or business opportunities are legal as long as a product or service is exchanged for money.
5 Aug 2008
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